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rocket toad
United Kingdom
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Hi everyone, this is my first thread at BGG even though I've been reading posts here for quite a while.
Up to now I haven't had anything in aprticular that I wanted to share with the members until now...
well we did it last weekend and it was a blast.
Armies of Arcana is an alternative Ranked up system of Fantasy combat.

All the long months of Intro Gaming, and travelling, to develop interest in this system that has almost no retail presence paid off as we held our first European tournament.
Twelve chaps gathered for some serious Armies of Arcana gaming and after 3 rounds we had a few players who had a lot more knowledge of the system than when they walked through the door in the morning.

We had two chaps who travelled some considerable distance from the south coast of England up to London and they both took away the silver ware.
Warhound came in clearly second place in the tournament and picked a brand new rulebook for his efforts and he also scooped the Best Painted prize with his lovely Empire of Marr (Roman) Army with three large Reaper Giants in Roman outfits, which earned him a VERY limited edition Samurai model courtesy of London Gamers.

Warhounds protege, the very quick learning Rhys came in First place with a superb performance in all three games with a very balanced High Elf list. This was Rhys first gaming tournament and I think he had a great time.
Yes Elves won a tournament.

Steve Kennedy picked up best Sportsman award (with his Dwarves) only just ahead of everybody else in the room.

Peter 'Damage' Doyle came through with the prize for the Wooden Spoon which was a massive Balrog model from Weta games kindly donated by London Gamers. In coming last 'Damage' needed a big new monster for his army so he can hopefully garner a few better results next time.

Elvenblade had a very unlucky mid table finish with his Goblins in his first tournament after a cracking start against an Orc army and a huge victory he went on to differing results as he vaulted up to the the top of the table and mixed it with his fellow heavyweights.

Shoreboy rarely fails to gain a prize from a tourney and this one was no different.

Dr Moreau aka Chris Bennett saw his Goblin King run away to the hills only 1 week after he lost his crown to John Shanahan. The Goblin King is gone long live the new Hobgoblin Lord.

Apart from Warhound, Rhys and 'Damage' Doyle the rest of us were all linked together in a bunch in the middle and our scores were all very close which made for an excellent tourney. There were many hard fought draws and close battles played out.
The first two matches were pitched battle on the terrain heavy tables but the last game was a double objective match and it seemed to carry favour with the players.

A special mention needs to be made here as ElvenBlade travelled some distance to the tourney from the far dark corner of Essex,(a county in east England that is really not very far in American spatial terms but it's reasonably far in london terms) and EB is the chap who is ultimately responsible for the tourney occurring. He introduced me to Armies of Arcana on another Forum and without that introduction I never would have got the gaming steamroller going so for all of those who have been bugged by me on text, phone email, on forums and in person, please feel free to blame ElvenBlade.

Special thanks to John Wall who stepped in at the last minute as a ringer with nary a game of AoA to his name and came in a very creditable 5th place. Without John covering for the absent Mawdslio I would not have been able to play.

More thanks to Swiss Tony who ran the scoring and new opponent system on his laptop for the tourney. Swiss came in for third place in a strong finish against the luckless 'Damage'' Doyle.

Thanks also to 'Damage' Doyle for helping me dress the tables etc. at the club on the Saturday in preparation for the Sunday gaming.
We had a terrain heavy approach to the tournament, there was plenty of terrain on all of the tables that had to be interacted with, not that Saddam and his Ratmen would know because he sat in the same place at the same table lurking in his rat lair for the whole tourney... until he was flushed out and his vile cabal were sent packing in his last game... by the Mighty Pigmies of Doom and the Unstoppable Kong.

Thanks to 'London Gamers' in Richmond for the opportunity to put the event on and for the access to tables and terrain etc and of course the prizes that Soapy found after ferreting about in the closet.

We sold another couple of rulebooks and hopefully garnered more favour with other potential players in the locale. It's difficult to attract players to a new game system with no retail presence.
You have think global, and act local.

I did not see, hear or encounter one single rules argument, raised voice or disagreement in 18 separate 4000 point games across 12 people all day long.
Average age of gamers present was 32 years.

The feeling among the players and toward each other was superb.
Congratulations to everyone involved.This was a relatively small Armies of Arcana Tournament but it was played in great spirit and everyone had a fun experience. There were no rules debates or arguments and none of the armies were cheesed out or one trick Pony's etc.
The AoA system clamps down on the option to build those kinds of lists.

Check out all that lovely terrain, this table shows it up really well.

I guess by now we are all aware that GW are in dire straits and the outlook is looking grim for them but all of those GW models do not need to be put on eBay. There is a happy home for them to go to...
There are other systems out there that you can use them in and the 'Armies of Arcana' system welcomes all fantasy and historical models with open arms. These guys pictured below have been using mostly GW models and they are getting value for money from those models on the table top with a better ruleset that includes all the army lists for free.

Planning was fairly straight forward once the venue was secured.
It was the development of players reaching critical mass in a new rule set that took the time. When enough people were interested in playing in an Armies of Arcana Tournament then it all kind of fell into place.

We played objective based games and a scenario, pitched battles will be replaced with objective based games in all our Tournaments.
We will keep the terrain heavy approach to ensure players have to think about their deployment and planning before executing their tactics.
The next AoA tourney looks like it will be in June, then we are off to Britcon in Manchester for a 3 day tourney as Armies of Arcana makes it debut at a major tourney.
Then another London based Tourney in October where we are expecting International players from North America.

Because AoA allows RaF units to break into skirmish when necessary and reform into RaF the next it means that terrain features like woods and ponds etc. are not 'No Go Zones' as they are in Warhammer. This means although they slow movement for Infantry those terrain features can be negotiated successfully within the timeframe of the game allowance.

Here are some more pictures from the tourney.
The Romans are coming, this army won Best painted and Themed... a largely Foundry Miniatures Roman Army with some monsters and characters from Reaper...

Here it is in combat with a Westwind Miniatures Dwarf army... at the lower part of the photo you can see the Roman Character (Reaper model of Scorpion King style) surrounded by Westwind Dwarf Berserkers on Boars.

Here is part of the Elf Army that won the tournament.

This shot is of part of the Pigmy Army used and it shows the Kallistra models that have been heavily converted to make Pigmy Centaurs on the right and Fenryll model that is a Witch Doctor. The King Kong model is metal from Reaper and the RaF Pigmies are Kallistra.

Here is a heavily converted Undead army exhibiting some lovely old Grenadier Undead monsters.
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Rajpreet Dhillon
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Awesome tournament shots. That must have been a great event.

I discovered Armies of Arcana about a year ago and I'm really glad I did. It's an excellent fantasy battle game.

Planning any new tournaments in the near future? Please do keep us posted.
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