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Originz: The Superpowered Card Game, is more than just a superpowered card game... It is a game of strategy. A game of wits. It is a game that after playing once, you will want to play again. The best part is, when you play again, even if you play the same Super Power, your character can change from Hero to Villain (which also changes the special ability for that game.)

My first game I used the Weather Control deck as a Hero and I was fighting the green thumbed Plant Mastery villain... Of course, I control the weather and could make sure no plants could out grow my power!
The game works like this...
You choose your super power and decide if you want the Character associated with that power to be a Hero or a Villain.
Then, you draw 5 cards.
Your deck of cards, represents your life. As your deck dwindles so does your life. You must properly balance your deck and what you use and how frequently you "Restore" your Stockpile (discard pile) back into your deck.

You have your hand and each turn start with 3 energy. The battery symbols on the cards represent how much energy it costs to bring them to the combat field, as well as activate them, once in the combat field.
(Example, I have 3 energy, spend 1 to bring a 1 energy card into combat, use another 1 energy to activate that same card. It "taps for you MTG players" and at the end of the turn, returns to the bottom of your deck. I have 1 energy left... ENERGY DOES NOT CARRY-OVER TO FOLLOWING TURNS)
You can bring weapons to the field (each superpower deck contains 1 weapon)Minions, Tactics, Assaults... All sorts of mayhem. But your ultimate goal is to be the last hero/villain standing.

Each SuperPower deck is pretty well balanced. I played with nearly all of them and although, I liked some better than other, all of them were fun to play and learn. And they all interact with each other in drastically different ways. This game is massively Replayable. Especially considering I only talked about 1 of the multiple different game modes. You can customize your deck with multiple super powers. There are so many options.
Game modes allow up to 8 players. I've done the straight-forward combat like mentioned above in a team style (Heroes VS. Villains) and I've done a free-for-all where every one is just fighting every one.
Again, massive replay-ability. A ton of fun. The art work is incredible. The story and theme is dripping!! It's not just a pasted on theme.
If you like theme, get it. If you like card combat, get it. If you like super heros, get it. If you like mtg, get it. If you like easy to teach but fun to play games, get it... point is, get this game. You won't be disappointed. And if you are... hit me up, I'll take your copy!

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