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Nicholas Jost
United States
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I tried adding this twice, looks like it finally worked for somebody. Does anyone know of a PDF version of the rules floating around? I know there's a redone 2nd Edition of Interceptor (which I'll get around to adding to the geek sometime in the far future) but I've been unable to find a PDF of Centurion.
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Cassandra Project
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The Cassandra Automatic Vote Tally System

Your Moderator has enabled the Cassandra Automatic Vote Tally system
for this game. In order for it to function correctly, your votes will
need to be formatted correctly. The following rules will explain what
you will need to do:

1. All votes must be bolded

2. The entire vote statement must be bolded and enclosed in bracekts: [vote jmilum]

3. Only one vote per post.

4. If you [vote nightfall] your vote will be locked (voting
nightfall is allowed in the same post as a vote for a player, but it
must come after it, this does not violate Rule #3)

5. Vote tallies will be automatically posted to the game thread hourly
if the tally has changed. The Tally and Vote Logs (for each game day)
are also available on the Cassandra game page.

6. If your vote is not counted be sure to check the Vote Log page and
see if it was marked invalid and why.

7. Case does not matter and simple typos will not cause the vote to fail.

8. You may [vote no lynch] if your game allows it.

9. Non voting players will be listed in the tallies. This will only be
correct if the Moderator notes which players have been killed (see below)

10. Editing a vote post will invalidate the vote and it will not be counted.

1. The moderator will need to post [Dawn] when the day begins
(after the night results are posted) and [Dusk] when the lynch
deadline has passed and the day is over. Votes will not be counted
after [Dusk] has been posted. They will be registered again
after [Dawn] is next posted.

2. You may include a day number in the dawn and dusk post for
informational purposes, but it will not be used by the system.
Cassandra will increment an internal counter each time it sees
[Dawn] no matter what day is shown in a dawn post (i.e.
[Dawn 3] the three is allowed but ignored)

3. After dusk has been posted, the Moderator may go to the game page
on Cassandra to request a Final Tally to be posted before the normal
scan period has elapsed (i.e. Game Y gets scanned at 45 min. after the
hour, if it lynches at 7pm the moderator may request a tally to be
posted from the game page before 7:45pm. it will also be posted
regardless of whether or not it has been changed since the last
posting) - Do this by clicking on the 'Retrieve Final Lynch Time Vote' link.

4. You will need to note which players were killed via the lynch or at night by
either posting [killed jmilum] in the thread, or by going to the game
page and editing the player list. When posting in the thread, be sure to post
[dusk] before posting the lynch kill, and post [dawn] before
posting the night kill.
A. lynch time has passed so post [dusk]
B. goto the game page and select a final tally to be posted
C. check the final tally and post [killed melsana]
D. after the night deadline has passed post [dawn]
E. post the night kill with [killed kima]

Your Moderator has chosen to use the Longest Held Last Vote method for a tiebreaker - This is just for Cassandra system, and there may be a different tiebreaker specified by your Moderator in the ruleset.

Vote Log Page:
Vote Tally Page:
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