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Episode 76 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Wednesday, October 19th (since Monday, October 17th).

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The Games that are new on Kickstarter since Monday, October 17th. Since this covers two days instead of one, it will be rather lengthy.


Sleepy Sentries & Sleazy Merchant:
The First one is the Sleepy Sentries & Sleazy Merchant from Alex Bates. A 28mm scale, sort of egyptian looking trader and his 6 guards of which some are not doing their job very well. Unlike the sculptor. 7 USD each and get cheaper by the bunch. You can also have them painted.
Ends 11-05

Moonstone - Fantasy Skirmish Game:
The campaign for the base game of Moonstone is there. A fantasy skirmisher of which I backed the pilot campaign a while back (and coincidentally received my miniatures yesterday, and boy are they GOOD!) is now there with their full game and brings all kinds of extraordinary figures! Pug-riding knights, the Return of Baron von Fancyhat and all kinds of fantastic(al) creatures. Troupe boxes start at 18GBP and the two player starter set is 58.
Ends 11-09

Corporation Set:
Collateral Studios is bringing a set of futuristic wargaming terrain for 28 to 32mm scale which fit inside each other so it’s easy to store. 4 pieces of the terrain that take the place of one! Pledges start at 29 EUR for two of those sets.

Kung Fu Miniatures:
Staying the same scale but a completely different theme, Atomico is bringing its eighth campaign, and it’s a set of Kung Fu Miniatures, sculpted by Jose Torres. A set of 10 martial artists can be yours for 40 USD.
Ends 10-31

The Daemon Canon:
Next, Old School Miniatures presents the Deamon Cannon: four dwarves and a deamon who shoots stuff out of one of its orifices, guess which one. You can get whatever pieces you want from the campiagn so check it out!
Ends 11-01

Frazettas Masterpieces - Death Dealer:
And the final Miniature project is Frazettas Masterpieces - Death Dealer, and no word of that is a lie because damn… it looks magnificent. Based on a 1973 painting by Frank Frazetta, the death dealer is a very well sculpted Mounted warrior which should look good in any display case. It is there in 35mm and 75mm scale, starting at respectively 36 and 100 EUR.
Ends 11-16

Board Games:

World Control:
Board games then! First, World Control. It’s like (and I quote) Monopoly, Risk & Catan having a threesome in a box. The complete wealth of the planet is the hands of a select few, who have one drive: To WIN & be the single owner of the world! Makes Sense. Human Dignity is irrelevant in World Control! It’s 60 EUR.
Ends 11-09

Upstart - The Board Game:
Next, Upstart is a board game that simulates the ups and down of starting, running and sustaining a business. Get yourself prepared for disappearing partners, Dealing with Suppliers and parents complaining about what you’re doing with your life! Upstart is 68USD for the New Print run.
Ends 11-19

Smiths of Winterforge:
Smiths of Winterforge by Table Tyrant Games. A euro-style, management game for 2-5 players where you control one of the six dwarven guilds of Winterforge. Get the royal contract which will guarantee you work for the next 100 years. Smiths of Winterforge is 5 AUD for a PnP or 49 for a boxed copy.
Ends 11-15

Chariot Race:
Eagle Gryphon Games is bringing Matt Leacock’s Chariot Race to Kickstarter. It’s a perilous contest in Antiquity. Take a trip through time as a chariot racer during the age of Rome. The competition is fierce and all contestants will stop at nothing to win the day! Tactical movement and combat is used to great effect in Chariot Race, but be warned there are many ways to wreck, so only the most cunning and tenacious will see the finish line! May Fortuna smile upon you. Chariot Race is 24 USD.
Ends 11-05

Peacekeepers is a 4X Inspired MIniature board game Set in a Near-Future World. A *Peace-Em-Up* Preventing Civilian Deaths, by Restraint with Mechs. It tells the story of 5 factions seeking to bring peace and stability to a war torn nation. Peace must be created without using the factions greatest assets, overwhelming fire-power and military strength. Peacekeepers thus is a delicate balance of strategy, public relations and manoeuvring. Peacekeepers is 59 GBP
Ends 11-16

No Masters:
And finally, No Masters is a Board / Collectible Card game about being the royal joker and being fed up with the cruelties your masters have been putting forth. Release the citizens under rule to total sovereignty (though one ca doubt that’s a proper way to go, but that’s a discussion for another time and place). No Masters is 55 USD.
Ends 11-14


Card games! Clades is an animal-matching game based on evolutionary relationships, for kids and adults, brought to you by the Grandmother Fish team. Spot matches of three cards among the cards that are face-up on the table, combine it with you personal clade card and get some evolutionary points! Clades is 20 USD.
Ends 12-07

Witch Slapped:
Next, Witch Slapped. You are a witch looking to set up your Gingerbread House in a dark forest and start gobbling up local children. Upon arrival you discover some other witches have had the same idea. Now it is time to throw down and do a little magic to claim the forest as your own. If those other witches won’t leave they are going to get Witch SLAPPED! Love it!
Ends 11-16

Knights of Camelot:
In Knights of Camelot, you are in a battle for the succession of King Arthur. Try getting the Knights of the round table (and other influential people) on your side and claim the Throne for yourself with pretty artwork to boot! Knights of Camelot is 10 GBP but only available in limited quantities.
Ends 11-15

Medici - The Card Game:
Grail Games is bringing Medici - The Card Game to the tables. It’s a sister game to the well-known Medici. A set collection game with some push-your-luck elements that looks very good due to the artwork of Vincent Dutrait. Medici - The Card Game is 26 AUD.
Ends 11-04

Next, Spires. Build a tower as high as you can, but not too high or else you might overshadow the royal palace. Nevermore Games brings a T.C. Petty III Game to You! Spires is 15 USd for the standard and 20 for a Deluxe version!
Ends 11-16

Godforsaken Scavengers:
Godforsaken Scavengers is a deaddly adventure where you must make the most of a dire situation. A game of improvisation and survival agfainst the odds. Create meaningful storiesusing the lore pieces on the cards with pretty wicked artwork to boot! It’s 15 USD.
Ends 11-16

Tiny Swords Tactics:
Next, Tiny Swords Tactics. A cute tactical game where must try to push your opponent’s tiles of the table, literally. A Smash Bros Style game where you will lead your team of tiles into battle, so stay close to the heart. Tiny Swords Tactics is 15 USD for a PNP or 30 for a boxed copy.
Ends 11-19

Starcade is a retro inspired arcade microgame with solo, pvp and coop modes which looks alike scrolling shooters from days before. It’s 1 USD for a PNP or 10 for a full version.
Ends 11-12

Bears vs. Babies:
The creators of Exploding Kittens is back with a new card game that has already raised over 810K in the first day. It’s ridiculous. The game is called Bears vs Babies and you must build handsome, incredible monsters to go to war with awful babies. It’s easy to learn and belive it or not, kid-friendly. It’s also 25 USD or 35 if you want the NSFW booster pack as well.
Ends 11-18

Dodgy Dealers:
Next Up, Dodgy Dealers. It’s a deception / collection games set in the Black Market of Art. Finish your collection as fast as you can, by all means necessary. It’s 5 EUR for a PNP or 12 for a physical copy
Ends 11-17

Drawing Dead:
Drawing Dead is a card game where you assume the role of a saloon patron from the wild west in order to lie, cheat, and steal your way through a game of stud for the highest stakes imaginable: your soul. The characters in the world are doomed to walk the land of both the living and the dead, hoping to win this game in order to buy themselves a restful sleep - six feet under. It’s 5 USD for a PNP and 20 for a boxed copy.
Ends 11-22

Until the End:
Next, Until the End. Ninjas. Sloths. Officer Doge. Gangster Raccoons. Period. It’s 20 USD.
Ends 11-23

Artana is bringing Einstein, a game where you explore fascinating details of the life of the famous genius! A tile laying game with unique shapes where everyone plays einstein! It’s 24 USD.
Ends 11-18

Venture Party:
Next, Venture Party. A colorfully violent hand management game that's as easy to learn as it is fun. Fantasy themes and RPG tropes are turned on their heads in this game full of clumsy and unfortunate heroes. The land is ripe with opportunity, and only one Venture Party will come out on top. Will it be yours? Venture Party is 20 USD.
Ends 11-18

And finally in card games, there’s Ghoulash. You're the last hope for survival in a world infested with giant, deadly monsters known as Ghouls! Ghouls have no brains, no souls. They exist only to kill any living thing within their reach. They can be destroyed only by the miraculous purple substance known as Ghoo, which is delivered to its target by the unique weapon called a Ghoo gun. An easy to learn card game for the whole family! Ghoulash is 10 USD for a PNP or 30 for a physical copy.
Ends 11-17

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Quadrum is a pocket-sized, abstract microgame by Veldi Games. It’s like dominoes but with more strategy involved (though whomever saw a game of dominoes played by some caribbean people on a street corner know that there’s plenty of strategy that goes into dominoes, but I digress). Anyway, Que is played with square cards with 4 symbols. Match up the symbols to win!
Ends 11-08

Kinksters is a a very adult party game which combines elements of Truth or Dare with ‘Fill in the Blank’ to create a naughty party game for all the pervs! Life is like a box of Kinksters - at some point you may end up naked (no clue why I quoted that!) Kinksters is 30 for a ‘standard’ (??) version and 50 for a DNSFW Extreme version.
Ends 12-04

Show or Tell:
Show or Tell is a fast-paced group party game that pushes the boundaries of decency… Get ready to laugh yourself silly as you witness your friends showcase their ‘creative’ abilities - in a bid to act out or describe an eclectic mix of modern cultural references. Show and Tell is 20 GBP.
Ends 11-12

Role Playing Games:

Fantasy Renaissance Modules II - Toad God Series:
RPG’s Then! Cut to the Chase games is bringing a new trilogy of the Fantasy Renaissance Modules to Kickstarter called ‘Memories of the Toad God’ for basically every system you can imagine. Pick up sword and spell and toss the dice, OLD SCHOOL STYLE! The modules are 15 USD for digital copies of all three and printed copies start at 50 USD.
Ends 11-17

In Follow you must work together to fulfil your Quest. The quest you pick decides the kind of game you'll play. You could start a rebellion, cure a disease, slay a dragon (or a cat), or get your candidate elected. If it's something people can work together to accomplish, it could be a quest. Follow is 10 USD for a PDF
Ends 11-17

Open Legend:
Matthew Mercer & Ed Greenwood bring the Open Legend System and the Amaureas Dawn Setting. Open Legend is Open: Open Dice, Open Source, Open Narrative, Open Genre, Open Everything. To set you on your way the creators aso bring you a Amaureas Dawn setting! Pledges start at 20 USD.

Bluebeard’s Bride:
Next, Bluebeard’s Bride. In this game you and your friends explore Bluebeard’s home as the Bride, creating your own beautifully tragic version of the dark fairy tale. Investigate rooms, discover the truth of what happened, experience the nightmarish phantasmagoria of this broken place, and decide whether or not you are a faithful or disloyal bride.
Ends 11-21

The Powder Mage:
The Powder Mage RPG is a steampunk game for Savage Worlds. It will immerse players in a world of muskets, intrigue, sorcery, and revolution set against the backdrop of an industrializing fantasy world that is fully realized through three (soon to be four) full novels, multiple novellas and now, this role-playing game/world-book! It’s 15 USD for a PDF and physical pledges start at 25.
Ends 11-22

Darren Watts’s Golden Age Champions:
Darren Watt’s Golden Age Champions brings you the era of the creation of superheroes (which is from 1938 to 1950) as a supplement for the RPG system of Champions. A complete description and history of the Golden Dawn of superheroes awaits you now! 20 USD for a PDF and 50 for a physical copy!
Ends 11-17

Systems Malfunction:
And the final RPG is Systems Malfunction. It’s a standalone RPG set inthe year 556 of the Republic Timeline, where humanity has fled the earth (because we probably messed up) and now has to survive in a newly created world where Great Houses are continously at each other’s throat. Systems malfunction is 30 for a PDF and 45 for a physical copy.
Ends 11-18

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Relicblade - Bone & Darkness:
Sean Sutter is back to bring new expansions to his Relicblade tabletop Skirmisher. Two new factions make their way to the table: Bone and Darkness & The Lone Guard Faction. Pretty miniatures, new rules and all kinds of cool stuff so go check it out! Pledges start at 5 USD for the digital content!
Ends 11-15

Super Powered Smash Masters (Relaunch):
The Super Powered Smash Masters are back in a tongue-in-cheek card game for the whole family! A game that takes the superhero universe not too seriously and I can appreciate that! Fun characters, great artwork and awful puns, all in one box! SPSM is 30 USD!
Ends 11-19

Valeria Card Kingdoms - Flames and Frost:
Daily Magic Games is bringing an expansion to the Valeria Card Kingdom called Flames & Frost. New Citizens, New Monsters and New Domains and a New expansion pack called Agents! There is a 12 USD pledge for ALL the premium PNP files (including the original card kingdoms), the expansion is 24 USD for a Deluxe and 36 for a Delue plus version and combine it with the base game for 79 and up, though the people of daily Magic Games urge you to but the base at your local games store to support them as well!
Ends 11-04

Soldurios & Nanotech Warriors (Relaunch):
The Final Project is Another relaunch project: it’s 6mm scaled Soldurios & Nanotech Warriors by Lonnie Jones. Original Miniatures for an upcoming original Sci-Fi game with incredible detailing for 6mm figures. Pledges start at 15 USD for 4 packs of 8.
Ends 11-15

Sad Kickstarter Story - Ludicreations:

Alright, so the Sad Kickstarter Story makes its (temporary) return because I want you all to pay attention to the following. Some / Most of you already may have heard this story but on the Saturday of last week’s SPIEL event, the cashbox of Ludicreations was stolen. For a small publisher this is hell, as you might be able to imagine. Thanks to the wonderful community we have, designers sprung to the rescue and designed a micro game in one night called ‘Steal This Game’, which is about that very robbery. Don’t ask Questions, just back it!
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