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Subject: What constitute an action? rss

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j y
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Case 1) For playing intrigue cards like accelerate plans, manipulate, sample wares, do i get 1 action or 2 actions since i am assigning 2 meeples, 1 for playing the spell, and the assignment of the second meeple?

Case 2) How about intrigue cards like bribe agent or doppleganger and buildings like zoroaster, do i get an additional action for the 2nd copy action?

For me, it seems to be that Case 2 should give only 1 action since the effect of that one action is the effect of another action, but Case 1 is ambigious here since i am using up 2 of my meeple, shouldnt 1 meeple assignment = 1 action?

the iOS app rules a little differently it seems, that it treats both cases as additional actions for purpose of plot quest triggering but not for completing questions

For example:

The Study in the Librarium (Arcana) Plot Quest reward is: After you take an action that allows you to play any Intrigue card, draw an Intrigue card . You can play that card immediately without taking an action.

I may have misremembered, i seems to have a situation in which i play accelerate plans on waterdeep habour and assigning both meeple back into waterdeep habour, The Study in the Librarium triggered thrice, likewise for manipulate

I also have another instance in which i assigned an agent to the habour, only to play bribe agent on a agent in the habour, so that i can play sample ware, so that i can assign to zoroaster, copying yet again the habour to play another card (the reason for the convoluted scheme is that i have spare intrigue cards to burn in the last round and i also have the +2VP every intrigue played plot quest)

i do not recall how many times the librarium triggered but definitely more than once

yet the iOS game do not let me complete more than 1 quest but triggered the "take an action" multiple times

i am rather confused

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Dan Regs
United States
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My interpretation:

Case 1: If you are somehow able to place 2 agents a turn, that's definitely two actions.

Case 2: You assigned 1 agent, but are taking two actions. If you copy a meeple in an occupied building, the owner gets the benefit, So I don't see why you wouldn't also get any 'whenever you take an action that does X, collect Y' plot quest triggers off of the copied building as well.

I don't have the rules in front of me, but I believe you are able to only complete one quest per agent (not per action). So based on your description of events, it appears as if the IOS is correct.

I await some more resourceful geek to support or refute my claims.
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