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Episode 77 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Thursday, October 20th (since Wednesday, October 19th).

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Alright, here we go again. I spent way too much time working on a new format yesterday that I ended up not using. It’s good the way it is! Finally recovering a bit though I still sleep like ^&*%, but whatever, life goes on! And so does Kickstarter, so here are the games that are new since Yesterday!


Robert E. Howard Miniatures:

The Miniature campaign is the Robert E. Howard inspired miniature line, sculpted by Rykar Jove (I have no clue how to pronounce that). 30mm fantasy miniatures that look very good, including a model of the novelist himself. 10 EUR each, 3 for 27, 6 for 50 and the complete set of 13 (12 humans and a dog) can be yours for 100.
Ends 12-17


Boardgames! Doctor Finn’s Games brings you C.O.G. or Cabinet of Gadgetry. This Cabinet appeals for your help in acquiring the items required to construct The Great Apparatus – an automated machine for transporting her majesty's citizens safely and quickly through the increasingly crowded streets of London. Will you answer the call and perform your service dutifully? It’s a game that turns worker placement mechanics into a word game in which you must lay down predetermined words on your player board. Can you construct the machine? C.O.G. is 45 USD.
Ends 11-09

And the other boardgame is Hexmaze. A tile-based abstract strategy game where you must build a road from your house to the middle of the board. It’s never as easy as it sounds because there’s block tiles, chainsaw tiles, bomb tiles and all sorts of obstacles to make your road a hard one. Hexmaze is 25 EUR.
Ends 11-18

Card games:

Windup War:
Card Games! Or actually just one (unlike yesterday). It’s Windup War - The cutest COmbat card game where your toys are taking it to battle while you are asleep. Pick a toy, wind it up and let it go! Hope to survive the onslaught until the next morning! Windup War is 16 USD.
Ends 11-15

Party / Misc. Games:

Pull Santa’s Beard:
Pull Santa’s Beard is an Adult Christmassy Themed Party game (Surprise!). Take a card from the ‘Pull Santa’s Beard’ pile. If it’s a nice card, good for you! If it’s a Naughty card, grab a card from ‘The Beard’ pile and execute what’s on it. Spice up your christmas with Pull Santa’s Beard. It’s 20 USD.
Ends 11-18

The Next party game is Jumandrink. A laser-engraved wooden board that combines like jumanji with a drinking game, i believe. Page is a bit vague. It does look very pretty though! There’s two sizes of board available: The Medium one which will cost you 60 CAD and the Huge one, which is 100 CAD.
Ends 11-20

Rules Twist:
Rules Twist are two sets of easy to add house rules to any game you’re playing. Make any game different with either dice or cards. The set of both decks is 20 USD.
Ends 11-19

Role Playing Games:

Dungeon of Bricks:
Role Playing Games next! Dungeon of bricks is really something different though! Still got your box of legos lying around? Use them for this truly modular adventure tabletop RPG where both your adventurers and your dungeon are fully made of lego! The rules for this game (there’s no bricks in this campaign) can be yours for 75 DKK for pdf, 150 for softcover and 250 for a hardcover.
Ends 11-18

Perseverant is a story about desperate survival in a harsh land. A game about struggleing to survive in a brutal wilderness. Create a wilderness, no matter which one. It can be a snow-covered tundra, dense dungeon or even outer-space. The only thing that matters after that is to survive and persevere. 10 USD for a PDF and 20 for a Black and White softcover version.
Ends 11-20

Home by Dark:
And the final RPG is Home by Dark - A story game of hope and fear. A lost innocent with fantastic powers needs your protection, sinister pursuers search for it, and danger threatens everyone. How do they tie together? It’s a collaborative storytelling game so it doesn’t need a GM to run the game. 10 USD for PDF and 30 for a softbound version.
Ends 11-19

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Tiki Island (Relaunch):

Tiki Island is back! A family oriented race from destruction. Try getting away from the terrible things that are happening on your island. Move your islanders (over a very pretty map), construct skip-jump islands and use runes to gain strategic adventures. Tiki Island is 38 USD.
Ends 11-18

Buccaneer (Relaunch):
The other relaunch is Buccaneer! A card game for people who are into pirates, treasure maps, storms, monkeys and treasure! Combine your cards to reach eleven to be able to play an action card against one of your mateys. Be the first to gain three booty piles and win the game of Buccaneers! It’s 20 USD.
Ends 11-19
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