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Episode 68 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Friday, October 21st.

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Ok, podcast number 2 for today! (out of 3 or 4… Long day, not quite sure how many I’ll be able to get to finish because I do have a pool tournament later today and I need to clean up a bit as well, my house as well as myself.. I could use a shave).


The Boardgame that ends is far from a new one. It’s Shogi! A Japanese strategy abstract boardgame (and I hope I use abstract right) but this set has markers on the pieces which explain you how to use them! Quite handy! Imagine a chess-like game in a language you don’t understand, but with the same strategic components. That’s Shogi. Pledges for the sets start at 270 DKK.

Card Games:

The End is Nigh:
Straight over to card games! The End is Nigh is performing very well! The Pre-Apocalyptic deduction game which puts you in the position of having to exclude someone from your shelter when the apocalypse is coming. There is a traitor amongst you so better choose him, if only you knew who that was? It’s 1 USD for a PNP and 15 for a physical copy.

Hockey on Cards:
Next, Hockey on Cards. A title that needs no explanation really. Match your opponent's card to pass and match a second card to score a goal. The team that scores the most goals during the 3 periods wins the game. Hockey on Cards is 20 CAD.

Movable Type:
And the final card game is Movable Type. It’s a word-building card-drafting game - think of it as Scrabble mixed with Sushi Go! Make words with the cards you're dealt and the common cards in the middle and make the highest scoring word! Movable Type is 1 EUR for a PNP and 14 for a physical copy.

Party / Misc. Games:

Think Deck:

Think Deck is a toolkit for self-exploration and discovery with the help of thought-provoking questions and a journaling exercise. It helps you reframe problems, revisit old ideas, and think more deeply about your career, environment, and relationships. So There! It’s also 25 USD.

Role Playing Games:

Summoner’s Compendium:
The only RPG related item and the final Project of this show is the Summoner’s Compendium for 3.5 and Pathfinder. It Contains Over 240 Modified Summons By The Way Of Augmented Summoning Bonuses, Celestial & Fiendish Template Additions, And Much, More. It’s 12 USD for one of the system’s Editions in PDF or 35 for one of those in Softcover.
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