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Subject: Multiplayer games played with 2 rss

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Josiah Davoli
United States
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This in a way could be put in the BGG forums, but I mention Cry Havoc a lot, so here it goes.

Also it's my first post on BGG, so any comments, additions, edit point outs, & THUMBS are appreciated.

First an Introduction

I really like playing games Multiplayer, but I just don't get to play very often, so instead I play with my older brother and we played Chess (a lot) then he discovered Catan and we played with our Siblings, (they got bored with it after 15 games or so, hence I'm back to being a 2 player only guy)

I started looking at games on BGG with a 'Recommended with 2' in the player count polls. I found out quickly that that just meant it was OK (not fantastic) with 2. So I started to look for games that were BEST with 2, (I had a low budget, so I wanted to get the best games) I've since found out that there are multiple types of Multiplayer games that can be played 2 player.

------------------1. The Variants---------------
Almost always left me unsatisfied, based on below information.

------------------2. 2 Player games that can be played Multiplayer------
This one was easy to figure out, does the game say 'Best with 2, Recommended with 3-4' If so, It's going to fall under Summoner Wars, Neuroshima Hex, Rum and Bones, LOTR LCG Etc. Etc.

-----------------3. The Dummy Player------------
I personally HATE Dummy players, the first one I tried was in Rook, it was cumbersome and I didn't like it, but that doesn't mean everybody hates them, you might love them. (Rahdo will tell you something different because he likes 7 wonders as a 2 player game)

-4. Controlling multiple players (Armies, Heroes, hands of cards Etc.)-
This is Different than a Dummy Player in that you have more control than normal. (but I personally still don't like them as much)
Cyclades with Titans Exp., Mission Red Planet, and some Team vs Team games are good examples.

-------------------5. Euro games as a whole---------------
I don't play Euro games much, but the ones I do, I kind of get frustrated with how close scores can be, and how many ways of getting points there are, (I heard Tom Vassel say 'Point Salad' once and it sort of stuck with me as to the reason I hate certain Euro games)
there's also less conflict over goods and things like that, so it might be to easy to get what you want, (Going back to Rahdo, he doesn't like conflict, so this works well for him.)

------------------6 X minutes per player-----------------
Most games have the game lasting less rounds with more players, (Carcassonne has this rule because when the Tiles run out game ends)
Others Say 'X min per player' (Aggricola, Caverna, Trajan, and most 4X games, of these latter, games I personally would rather play them 2 player because I like shorter games.

----------------------7. Area control games as a whole-----------
This is the whole reason for the post really, one of the main components in Area Control games is Negotiation/Gang Up, towards the end of the game around 3 players gang up on the Lead player in order to prolong the game, (or in Small World's case, just make him have less points, it's harder in that game because nobody KNOWS how much points people have.

This negotiation/Gang Up is Impossible to do in a 2 player game, but it doesn't make the game WORSE because it's missing, it makes the game DIFFERENT. one of my favorite Area control games, (that doesn't get talked about much) is Quantum, in 2 player it plays more Chess-like I enjoy this, but others don't (Indeed I wouldn't enjoy it if I played with a new player, because I'd whoop him.)

Another is Blood Rage (which I haven't tried with 2) I think it'll play well with 2 because according to the designer it plays 'very Chess-like'

One more is Cry Havoc.
Cry havoc is a game that plays VERY well with 2 if you like the following:
Fast playing (60< minutes), Asymmetric, Chess-like, Area Control, Wargame.

I've looked at a lot of reviews, for Area control games trying to find the perfect 2 player Area control game, and I always find somebody that HATES area control games with 2, and for the most part find I agree with them, but for Small World, Quantum, & Cry Havoc, I find I can't agree with them, and it makes me frustrated that somebody won't just say 'I don't recommend this game for 2' but sometimes blatantly say 'This game is Horrible with 2'

Hence I come to the reason for this whole post, If you play 2 player games most of the time, and want to play multiplayer games 2 player, than first watch this top ten:

Then look at my list for a game that you haven't tried and see if it has any mechanics you like, based on these 7 points.

Edited title.
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Jon Snow
United States
New York City
New York
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arrrh WELCOME! Post away.
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