Alison Mandible
United States
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FORTRESSFACE - A full-body dexterity microgame

I have lots of half-finished games. Maybe a microgame contest will be
enough motivation to finish one! Making it a silly one might help.

The game is the cards, more or less. Can I come up with 16 different things for each player to do? I guess there could be repeats, but that's not as fun.


Concept: One player is trying to touch the other one's face with an attack card.


One player is the FORTRESS FOE, one is the FORTRESS FRIEND. Pick roles, then shuffle and deal out all 16 cards. All of the cards have a red (Foe) side and a blue (Friend) side; each player turns their 8 cards to the appropriate side.

The players start at opposite ends of a large-ish (4x6 feet?) flat surface. Friend's face should be a foot or two above the surface (sitting, if playing at a table; maybe crouched sphinx-like if on the floor?)

Foe turns her back and puts her cards in a fixed ORDER. Meanwhile,
Friend arranges her cards in POSITION.

Foe uses her 8 cards in order, trying to touch Friend's face with a
card. If Foe does so before running out of cards, she wins; otherwise,
Friend wins.

The players do not take turns; in general, anything Friend
is allowed to do, she can do at any time, and Foe may do things at any
speed as long as she uses her cards in order.
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Alison Mandible
United States
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Red cards:

Hold this card between the two weakest fingers of your off hand. You may
throw it. AFTERWARD: You may use cards with your elbow touching
this card.

Place this card flat on the table and push or flick it with one finger.
AFTERWARD: You may use a card with any part of your hand touching
this card, then remove this card from play.

Hold opposite edges of this card with your thumb and forefinger and throw
it like a dart.

Hold this card however you like and inhale. You may propel the card by
blowing until the next time you breathe in. AFTERWARD: You may use cards with your mouth touching this card.

Hold this card and drop it. AFTERWARD: Once this card is played, you MUST have one knee touching this card whenever you use another card.

Place this card on the back of your hand with that hand raised as high as you can. You may flick it with your other hand.

Other ideas:

- Swing a card like a blade? (This seems always worse than throwing it.)
- Do something with your eyes closed
- Hold card in off hand and flick its edge

Blue cards:

While this card is balanced on your body, you can move by 'scooting'
(shifting your weight without hands or feet touching a flat surface).

Put this card in your mouth. You can propel it with your mouth
(lips/teeth/breath). WHILE IN MOTION: If this card touches Attack,
destroy all red cards Attack is touching.

If this card is touching your body when Attack touches any part of you with a red card, you may discard this card and close your eyes. The card Attack touched you with is discarded with no effect; if you open your eyes you lose the game.

If this card is not touching your foot, or the foot it is touching touches the ground, discard this card immediately. Until that happens: if you are in midair (nothing is holding your body up), destroy any red cards your hands touch.

If this card is touching your body and at least half of it is visible (see line), then Foe wins by touching this card with an attack and does not win by touching your face.
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