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Subject: Custom Hero - Dawnguard rss

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This one's barely presentable, but since I'm dumping everything else... Anyway, I'm not proud of this one. I ran out of material and ended up filling in the difference with stuff off the Ennead and Tomb of Anubis decks.

Costume's a historically inaccurate and hilariously racist Egyptian-themed archer-ish thingy.

Bio: Kamilah Akhnaten chosen by the gods blah blah placeholder backstory.


Guiding Light
(Power) Draw a card.

- One Hero regains 2 HP.
- One player may draw a card now.
- One target deals itself 1 Radiant damage.

Equipment (11)

Amulet of Isis (2): (Equipment, Relic, Limited) (Power) Play a card.

Arch of Neith (3): (Equipment, Relic, Limited) (Power) Dawnguard deals one target 2 Projectile damage.

Blades of Sekhmet (2): (Equipment, Relic) (Power) Dawnguard deals one target 2 Melee damage.

Chariot of Ra (2): (Equipment, Relic, Limited) Dawnguard is immune to Environment damage. (Power) One player may draw two cards.

Symbol of Life (2): (Equipment, Relic, Limited) When this card enters play, one Hero target regains 2 HP. (Power) Dawnguard and the Hero with the lowest HP each regain 1 HP.

One-Shot (20)

Breath of Osiris (2): (One-Shot) Each player may either place a card other than Breath of Osiris from their trash into their hand, or regain 2 HP.

Divine Panoply (3): (One-Shot) Reveal cards from the top of your deck until 2 Relics are revealed. Put one of the Relics into play or into your hand. Shuffle the other revealed cards into your deck.

Elemental Storm (3): (One-Shot) Dawnguard deals one target 1 Lightning, 1 Fire, and 1 Cold damage.

Homing Arrow (3): (One-Shot) Dawnguard deals one target 3 irreducible Radiant damage.

Judgement of Anubis (2): (One-Shot) Dawnguard deals each non-Hero target 2 Infernal damage.

Swarm of Scarabs (2): (One-Shot) Dawnguard deals one target 2 Toxic damage. Until the start of your next turn, that target cannot deal damage.

Word of Ptah (2): (One-Shot) Destroy 1 Ongoing or Environment card. Draw a card.

Wrath of Atum (3): (One-Shot) Dawnguard deals each non-Hero target 2 Radiant damage.

Ongoing (9)

Eye of Horus (2): (Ongoing, Limited) When you play a card, the Hero with the lowest HP regains 1 HP.

Eye of Thoth (2): (Ongoing, Limited) Draw 1 additional card during your draw phase.

Flash of Light (3): (Ongoing, Limited) The first time you use a power each turn, Dawnguard may deal one target 2 Radiant damage.

Trance of Unhesitating Speed (2): (Ongoing, Limited) You may use an additional power during your power phase. You may not draw cards. At the end of your turn, you may destroy this card.
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Take Walker
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For as slapdash a hero as this honestly feels, I would play her. <.< That last card is pretty cool, if you ask me. But yes, if nothing else, changing up card titles so they aren't exactly the same as official cards is a good idea, for numerous reasons.
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