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Episode 69 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Saturday, October 22nd to Monday, October 24th

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Boy, does technology hate me today. My computer took ages to quit (yes, quit) Pro Tools, Soundcloud did not want to process my Essen Spiel Recap Podcast and Patreon seems to be down for the time being. So this final roll is late, which means I’ll have to postpone the First Roll to tomorrow (I hate it when that happens, because it gives me a LOT of work on one day and it’s derby weekend (a thing only football fans will understand) so It’s incredibly hectic) I really want to work away the backlog of work, but I seem to have my Karma against me, even though I’ve been working really hard to clear it lately…

Anyway, here are the games that will end their Kickstarter over the weekend and on Monday, October 24th.


The Black Toofed Rebellion Airship Krew:
Minis! First: The Black Toofed Rebellion Airship Krew. The 28mm scale bomber crew, which looks very good in my opinion is getting funded so if you need a sci-fi goblin crew (not necessarily for a space-ship) these might be the goblins you’re looking for (and that was not a Star Wars reference). You can get this crew for 35 NZD.

Girl’s Quest Party:
And the other set of minis is the Girl’s Quest Party! Every female protagonist you’d ever need for your D&d campaign (or, well… at least four of them). The Barbarian, Rogue, Mage and Paladin can be yours for 6 EUR each or 20 for all 4.


Star Saga:
The first boardgame on today’s show is Star Saga. The New Miniature board game from Mantic is raising close to 400K! A tactical, story driven Sci-fi dungeon crawler with over 90 miniatures! They made the campaign an easy one when it comes to pledging, it’s 100 USD.

Hope City:
The other Boardgame then! Do you believe in hope? Rob Mattox, designer of Hope City does! He was a guest on my show a while ago ( and his game is still just a little short on funding. The game is about rebuilding your city to make it a prosperous one and from what I’ve heard from him has quite a few interesting things to it! Make Hope City happen, but be sure you don’t break bad! Hope City is 39 USD.


Unreal Estate:
Another former guest on my show was Marc Specter, ( publisher of the first and only card game in this episode, namely Unreal Estate. A very pretty looking drafting, set-collecting game where it all comes down on the timing of your final play! Fantastical Real estate with Unreal Estate. It’s 18 USD.

Role Playing Games:

Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (Relaunch):
RPGs! Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom is A systemless, soulsian-inspired book of NPCs and creatures to take your games into dark new worlds. And I’m sorry for making it easy on myself because I have a very busy day. Anyway, the supported systems so far are: D&D 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Shadow of the Demon Lord, OSR/AD&D, Cypher System , Dungeon World , FATE, Savage Worlds & 13th Age. Pledges start at 17 USD.

Next is the second edition of Scion and this one is raising over 300K! The first two books are featured in this campaign (Origins & Hero) and they can / will keep you busy for quite some time if you look at the contents. Scion is a game about gods, humanity, and everything in between. It’s a game about mythic deeds and the legends those deeds engender. PDF pledges start at 10 USD and physical ones at 40

Eternity Dungeon Stones:
And the final project of the day are the Eternity Dungeon stones. Carved out of Mt. Vesuvius, these stones will help you create a dungeon on the fly! It is a relaunch, so it makes me glad that it’s successful this time around. The small set of stones is 38 EUR and the big one is 70! They come in both Light and Dark colors as well!
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