Usman 'Uzzi' Naeem
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Conkuest Overall Story:

In the make believe world of Conkuest. The land has been divided and alliances have been broken. Resources have depleted. There is only one mountain that has the green emerald which has the power to revive the land and act on the will of anyone who possess it.
The emerald farm on the mountain is the most precious commodity in Asia. For many centuries, many legions have tried to find and cultivate its power but have failed. Those that have been gotten close to it are the Mughals, Persians, Sikhs and the Mongols.
These powerful legions throughout history have left their names in history through their conquests, romances and adventures but have never been able to get to the emerald farms mostly because of their aim to control the land and go beyond their homeland.
All the legions failed because the emerald farms have been watched over and guarded by the ancient civilization older than the mystics of the Hindu faith.
The 4 legions are very prosperous in their own way living their lives in history (actual historical snippets).

Conkuest Gameplay

Rules of the TableTop Game version v1.5

Setting up the game:

1. Choose form one of the 3 legions provided in Conkuest
2. Take all the cards in your deck, shuffle them and place them on your side
3. Pick a side on the game mat and place all 5 tokens on the first square of your legion down.
4. Use the 2 dice provided in Conkuest to control the movement of your legion and control the outcome of your battles.
5. There are 6 sets of cards in each legion's deck, warrior cards, action cards, battle cards and wild cards and your objective cards
6. Pick 6 cards on your deck and separate them in front of you into 3 decks. Warrior cards, action cards and battle cards.
7. Each legion should have the scorecard sheet as well to track how weak your warriors become during the game

Playing the game:
1. Battle cards and action cards must only be played if your token will come on their square on the game mat.
2. If you do not get an objective card then ask the player on your left to give you 2 of their objective cards. Pick 2 cards from the top of their objective cards.
3. You can choose to play an action card and battle card only when faced with the warrior of the other legion on the battle square of Conkuest.

How to use objective cards and battle:
1. If your token comes in contact with the other player on a battle square then look at your objective cards.
2. When you are in a battle with your opponent use the number dice to determine the number of moves you can do in battle.
4. Use the action dice to determine which action you will use on each of the 6 turns of yur battle.
3. Pick an action card from your action card pile to fight with the opponent. Use the note sheets to track how many points your warrior (token) has lost and move on after weakening the opponent.

Winning the game:
1. You can either win by achieving the goal set in the objective card that is based on actual history snippets.
2. Get to the opponents (other legion’s) home base and weaken their tokens as a plus, on the way.

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