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Chenier La Salle
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Strategy Guide

Because so much will be dictated by the circumstances (the number of players, their experience, the bonuses in play and, of course, the luck of the draw) it’s practically impossible to have a fool-proof plan that insures you victory. But then again, it’s always good to start out with some kind of strategy. Here are some basic approaches you might consider using. There are many more strategies to be discovered...

Generation King

Generation King is an All-or-Nothing bonus that rewards with 5 points each player who has the most Bronze, Silver and Gold buildings on the board at the end of the game.
The fact that it’s an ‘All-or-Nothing’ bonus is one of the reasons that the reward is relatively small; that’s to avoid that bonus alone becomes the sole way to determine the winner. The points are there to give players options on how they approach the game. Let’s have a look at a few basic approaches you might choose…

Strategy 1 – ‘Gotcha’

Many players will be tempted to accumulate many Bronze or Silver skyscrapers on the board and will be reluctant to demolish them for fear of losing out on the bonus points for these two majorities. This can be a mistake since having 5 or 6 Bronze or Silver skyscrapers on the board at the end of the game will only deliver 5 points. However, when we demolish some of these Bronze and Silver skyscrapers to replace them, we can easily make many more points. But not everybody will notice the first time.

OK so we’ll build 4 or 5 of our Bronze and Silver skyscrapers to see if the other players follow our lead. We’ll also make sure to build a few of them next to each other. We’ll be laying the groundwork for later demolitions but we’re careful not to let it show too much. 3 or 4 turns before the end of the game, we start a wave of demolitions. At first, our opponents might not realize what is about to happen. They might actually be relieved to see us demolishing since they’ll think we letting them get the majority in Bronze and Silver (truth is we actually are!).
The next turn we continue on our demolition spree and we rack up points. They might not realize what’s happening until it’s too late. Even if our opponents share the Bronze and Silver they might not be able to catch up with us, especially if we score the majority for Gold buildings…

Strategy 2 – The unloved Bronze

With more experienced opponents, it’ll be harder to surprise them. You’ll need a more subtle approach. The Silver and Gold majorities will likely be more popular since they allow a better exploitation of the demolition-rebuilding cycle to rack up points. The result will be fewer Bronze skyscrapers on the board by the end of the game and the Bronze majority could be easier to get. OK, one of the advantages of the Bronze skyscrapers is that most of them are smaller size buildings that are easier to place on the board. This is useful late in the game when space becomes more scarce. We’ll use that to or advantage.

First we’ll build the ‘Z’ shaped Bronze building for 5 points. Then, we’ll build one of the 3 square Bronze buildings (there are 2 of them) for another 3 points; we’ll keep the remaining Bronze skyscrapers for later. We already have 8 points in total, so we’ve passed the Silver threshold. We’ll eventually rack up some points by demolishing our ‘Z’ shaped Bronze building and replacing it with Silver and eventually we’ll demolish the Silver to build Gold, a legendary Gold if we can. We’ll need to accumulate space in a few more locations so we can rack up points with big Silver and Gold. Near the end of the game, we’ll use our small Silver and Bronze skyscrapers to try and control 2 streets and hinder opponents’ efforts at accumulating space and controlling streets. If we take a lot of land, we might be able to force a quicker than usual end to the game which may surprise our opponents and keep them from completing their plans. If we can hinder our opponents with our small buildings; AND surprise them with a quick ending; AND get the majority on 2 streets; AND get the majority for Bronze buildings, our odds of winning look good.

Strategy 3 – Silver or Gold?

As I mentioned earlier, majorities in Silver and Gold will be more popular since they make it easier to rack up points by exploiting the demolition and reconstruction cycle. The result could well be a highly contested majority for Gold, the first step of which will be a lot of Silver on the board. We’ll need to keep a close eye on how the board evolves. Those who target the Gold Majority will eventually demolish their Silver building to make room for Gold buildings. The ideal situation is when more than one of our opponents target the majority in Gold buildings. If that’s the case, there should be a Gold Rush at some point in the game. Often this can lead to an easy majority in Silver buildings and 4 or even 3 Silver buildings might be enough for the majority. We’ll need to stay back somewhat and observe. Our opponents wholesale demolitions of their Silver buildings could well allow us to do a few nice demolitions with our own Silver buildings without fear of losing our majority. We’ll use some of that leeway to build a few smaller Gold buildings that will allow us to take control of a street. The ‘L’ shaped Gold skyscraper is handy as well. It’s worth a nice 5 points and can allow to place a second building on a street we’re targeting. If we can get a majority on one street; AND get the majority for Silver; AND make a few high scoring demolitions and reconstructions, we might pull off a win.
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