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I've read a couple of the campaigns in these forums, and they're excellent and very detailed. Amazing job, guys.

My group and I have come up with a simpler campaign that makes full use of the Randomizer, allows for any expansions you may or may not have, and does not alter any of the official rules. It also works no matter how many players you have (we constantly go back and forth between 2 and 3 players, and have played one 4-player game). Here's how we play:

The Object of the campaign is simply to defeat all of the Masterminds in your collection.

1. Make two lists (I use Excel to make it easy to keep things organized), one list of all Masterminds you have in your collection, and one list for all Schemes.

2. Use a Randomizer to pick the elements of your game. (I prefer this because you never know who's going to answer the call to help, and you never know in which direction a game will be balanced.)

3. Play the game as per the rules of whatever expansions you are using. (We haven't altered any official rules. We have almost all expansions, so we're also using Sidekicks and Unique Bystanders at this point.)

4. If you beat the Mastermind, mark him as Defeated and the Scheme as Stopped.

5. As the official rules state, if you run out of either Hero (Ally) cards or Villain (Adversary) cards, the game is a draw. You have stopped the Mastermind's scheme, so mark that Scheme as Stopped, but the Mastermind has escaped to fight you another day.

6. When you randomize for your next game, if a Mastermind you've defeated or a Scheme you've stopped comes up, randomize again. In other words, randomize until you get both a Mastermind and Scheme you haven't won against yet. (Also randomize again if an Out of Commission hero comes up. SEE BELOW for Penalties.)

7. Whoever achieved the most Victory Points in the previous game goes first in the next game.

Penalties for Losing:

If a Mastermind defeats you, there are two penalties.

1. First, play your next game(s) on Heroic difficulty (add 1 extra Scheme Twist to the Villain deck) to reflect the hurt the Mastermind put on you. Play on Heroic difficulty until you win a game, at which point play at Normal difficulty again. If you are already playing on Heroic difficulty or higher, simply up the difficulty from whatever level you're playing. Do NOT keep upping the difficulty if you lose consecutive games. Just keep playing at the same higher level of difficulty until you win another game.

2. Place a hero Out of Commission. After a loss, the player who received the least amount of Victory Points randomly chooses one of the heroes who aided you during that game. That chosen hero goes on the Out of Commission list. When randomizing games at this point, if any Out of Commission heroes come up, randomize again. Only up to 6 heroes are placed Out of Commission at a time. If there are 6 heroes Out of Commission and you suffer another loss, randomly choose one of the already Out of Commission heroes to become available again (we roll a 6-sided die to choose), before replacing him/her with the newly Out of Commission hero. (Alternatively, you can replace the term 'Out of Commission' with 'Dead', and simply never allow these heroes to become available again. This allows you to play against a clock of sorts, forcing you to defeat all the Masterminds before all of your heroes are defeated.)

3. One other alternate penalty: For every 6 heroes that are put out of commission, one of the defeated Masterminds, randomly chosen, returns. My group just started playing with this campaign rule tonight, although we have yet to lose 6 heroes.

That's basically it. We're having a lot of fun with this campaign, especially as I've added expansions to the collection. In fact, we're now playing with all expansions except Civil War (it's the final expansion left for me to buy). And we won't be adding the Villains set, although we've found it easy enough to incorporate the Fear Itself expansion.

Please feel free to throw out any questions, comments, or suggestions. I'd love to hear any thoughts you all have.

Thanks for reading!

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