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Subject: My collection of variants rss

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I love the game (a cool adventure with a lot of flavor texts, a simple system, a race to get the gems , few or lets say indirect PVP interation, some randomness to add a bit of unpredictability and tension) but unfortunately like Talisman its grandfather , I think is too long for what it is.

Surprisingly, although i usually hate to house rule games ( like eurogames), for runebound i have no problem at all with that. Our group (3 players) came with some house rules (inspired from BGG) that i would like to share here.

I would like to known if other players in the community have used the same variants or different ones and how the game goes with them.

The goal is to share collective experience of the game with different variant rules in order to improve the game for maximum awesomeness.

1- Heroes selection : Divide hero deck by the number of players and give one to each player.
Rationale: With more choice they can at the beginning think of a strategy ( e.g. built a strong mage, warrior ....).
Question: Do i need to remove some heroes for balance ?

2- Movement: We used no variants !!. I really like the system as it is, because it add some tensions (how many dice to rolls ?) and a bit of frustration (yes sometimes you lose a turn but it is an adventure game so it feels thematic). Some people say it increases the game duration drastically but i dont think so as you usually have an objective and not to much options.
Wanted variants: However , if someone has a variant to move a little faster on the map form bottom to top (maybe using some kind of road variants it will be welcomed)

3-Set up
A) 5 gold instead of 3: Boost a bit the beginning of the adventure which tend to drag a lot.

B) 1 weapon/armour,1 Ally and 1 item card FACE DOWN on each city market except for talamir (0 cards)
Rationale: Each city has potentially one good object/Ally. Incentive for city exploration as cards are facedown.

4- Market step
At the beginning of each full turn (all players have played) add 1 market card to a selected city. We start with the top city and move down one step each turn. Limit cities market stacks to 5 cards to keep it managable. When a player takes a market phase draw one card as usual.
Rationale: Allow more choices and easier hero/party development.

5- XP You start level 0 and each level upgrade costs the level number in XP. level 1 =1 XP; level2 =2 Xp level 5 =5XP level 6= 5 XP
We cap it at 5 XP !!!
Rationale: You can go earlier for difficult challenges. Make sense as it is a race game.

6- Double GOLD rewards: The most important rule for me.
Rationale: In this game gold is very scarse especially at the beginning when you fight green challenges. As a result in order to collect gold the game drags too much with no fun (it is very tedious as you usually gain just one or two gold with green encounters). Double gold and you will be able to equip and enroll allies.
Question: I am thinking of just doubling the gold for green encounters as when i used the variant for yellow/blue it became too easy to get gold. Any experience ?

7- Softer but fair knockouts: Just lose your best object/allies or all you gold. Trust me this will still slow you down.
Rationale:: Gold is too scarse and knockout are too devastating with official rules. I just dont want to waste one more hour to reequip with i get Ko

8- Healing: In a city instead of taking the market phase visit the healer and heal all your damages for 1 gold per heroes/allies
Rationale:: Same problem Gold is so scarse that paying one gold per damage was to harsh. Also because you dont take a market phase, it seems fair as you already lost a turn to heal.

we played with all these variants simultaneouly and had great fun

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