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Subject: Coldsnap Time Spiral Ravnica Sealed Mayhem Bonzanza! rss

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Garcian Smith
United States
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Ok so mtg has slowly but surely been crouching upon my friends and I. My friend has a billion boosters from long ago.

My other friend has gotten into it a bit with 6 boosters from Time Spiral and Ravnica as well.

I'm... well I have 2 coldsnap boosters.

We do have a lot of theme decks though. I have for instance 1 from coldsnap, and 1 from ravnica, 1 guildpact and 2 diseenssion (curses thy speling).

So because this was an unfriendly environemtn, we decided to break against the molds of society and did a sealed within seperate blocks. Friend 1 had 4 Time Spirals and 1 Future sight booster.

Friend 2 had 1 guildpact and 4 ravnica boosters.

As for myself, I bought 3 more coldsnap buddies for my 2 ones I had.

So it was on!

I looked at my packs. O boy 5 rares! Well I got 2 of the same. It was a card called thrumming stone. This card gives every spell I have ripple 4. Ripple or ripple 4 to be specific works like this: I play a spell, then I can CHOOSE to use ripply 4. If I do, I reveal the top 4 cards in my deck. If it's the same as the card I played, then it gets to be played for free.

UNFROTUNATELY!!! this is sealed, meaning 4 ofs are hard, but somehow I managed to get 2 of these trhumming stones.. grr..

My other rare was a black cowman who steals lands, a red dude who flips a coin to see if it damages me or not and finally an enchantment that i have to keep paying that stops damage from hitting me.

Ok to more exciting stuff...

Well, I first seperated the cards into the red black whatever piles. Blues I think aren't great in limited. They have very few creatures and I think timing those counterspells is a lot harder. So I passed on that.

I actually had a lot of white cards. Butt they are so boring! Skip.

Green... good amount of creatures, low costs, a dual red-green snowland YES TAKE!

Black... deathmark (costs 1 black to destroy target green or white creature). Some creatures here and a snowswamp. OK TAKE!

Red... Some cheap guys here. What's this!!!! Skred! 1, 2, 3... FOUR! For those that don't know, skred is a 1 red mana cost instant that does damage to a target creature equal to the number of snow permanents (could be a snowland or a snow creature) that I have. Amazing, 1 costing spell that can remove a lot of threats... AND I HAVE 4 of them!

Black Red and Green it was decided.

My time friend used some deck with all the same colors as me... well he threw in white as well.

My ravnica friend went black green and blue. Luckily he had a number of black and green cards.

I don't remember losing that day. I can't remember the specifics as of now unfortunately. I do remember a great game that was played... in 3 player. I attacked ravnica, ravnica attacked time spiral and time attacked me. I had the ravnica to 4 hp. Then an amazing play occured.

He used a card called tunnel vision. This card lets you choose a player. Then you name a card. You then go through his deck from the top for that card. If you find the card, you destroy whatever you revealed and put that into the graveyard.

So ravnica names swamp. He goes through time spirals deck. He goes through a third, seems unlikely. Goes through half, yea, it's not going to happen. the last fourth... nothing. 3 cards left. 2 cards left. 1 card left... It's a... SWAMP!

He just decked time spiral! And the way we play, if you beat, or rather if the player you are attacking loses, you win.

Sealed is definitely a fun way to go. I'm not so sure about draft... I'm probably the better magic player in my group, so I don't want them to get bad cards...

I'll make sure to tell them to stick with the same block next time.
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Gilion Goudsmit
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In 5 coldsnap boosters, you should probably be able to get 2 or 3 copies of a common that already has ripple. If you then play one of your thrumming stones in turn 4 or 5, followed by a ripple card, you'll ripple TWICE, so you'll get to reveal 8 cards out of the 28 remaining cards which gives you a decent chance to trigger...

If you play again, I recommend coldsnap draft; coldsnap is relatively easy (compared to timespiral or ravnica block). It was also specifically designed to be fun for draft; you can pick up more then 4 of the same ripples for instance (in limited formates, the four-of rule doesn't apply). And it will allow you to get more snow lands and ripple cards to complement your snow-ripple deck...

Anyway, enjoy!
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