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Subject: [SPOILERS] The Province of Mainframe: Game 2 rss

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After last week I was counting down the hours to play Seafall again. Everyone else seemed to be as excited as I was.

TLDR: I just missed winning again, but I got to unlock a chest! Also, pay closer attention to which inset lines up with which island! Also also, make sure players know that retired advisor stickers stack with printed bonuses!

As before, I will NOT BE HIDING SPOILERS, but that doesn't mean I'll lay everything out either. Also, I'm just going to recount my experience, trying to track all 5 players' stuff would be a nightmare! They are invited to add their experiences here or post their own threads :)

I've known since last week what my first action was going to be this game: sail out to the Treasure Island with Quirk, the Advanced Scout to raid a site with Defense 6. Spending two fortune, I was able to claim the milestone, improve my reputation, and set aside a chest to be unlocked at the end of the game. Following this, we sailed home and repaired the Saucy Mare, after which Welman (Renowned Builder) was able upgrade the Saucy Mare (Enduring), and to build a Gun Tower on the +1 glory build site I stickered last game. However, a band of pirates had formed and kidnapped an advisor (Ben the Carpenter).

While this turn of events had earned me quite a bit of glory, I was now completely spent of resources and the nearest islands hated me! So I began sailing for farther shores and raising some taxes. On the following turn, I was able to reach Tor Island and raid its weakest site with the help of Elton (the Madman). I then closed out the year with a raid and tax action.

At the start of year 2, the astrolabe shifted so that I was going third instead of last. This would prove to be problematic for me! Welman attempted to close out the game by building with nothing but gold, but ships came from the neighboring Province of R'lyeh (yes, really) to destroy our Gun Tower (I think we forgot to give this player her spoils for destroying the building) which cost me two glory and blocked off that build site! I sailed home and built a Port with Megabyte (the Convict) providing a discount.

At this point I needed one more glory* to cross the finish line so I went back out and attempted a raid with 2 dice** (against a defense of 2) - no luck! I got one more turn and attempted again with only 1 die this time. I did get the success and cross the target glory, but the Province of Prenderthale had also reached the target claimed victory for their Duchess, Talina!

*Running back through my actions as written in my notes, it looks like I should have one more glory than was recorded in the book. But that total assumes the Madman took no damage in his raid, which I can't say for sure, so we will not take any retroactive steps.
**I should have rolled an extra die here, because I was calculating penalties based on a different island. Again, we won't be applying any retroactive adjustments.

At the game's end, I had no fortune or reputation remaining, and had to leave a lot of enmity stickers on the board. R'lyeh only left two stickers on my province. I kept Welman (Renowned Builder) and improved the Saucy Mare's explore value.

And then we unlocked the first chest! Research cards! Uncharted Waters! Explore the Sea! Raid Ships! New Advisors! New Title Cards! New Milestones! New bagged events! New Structures and Upgrades!

We didn't look at any of the new cards with two exceptions: I flipped up one Research card and one Uncharted Waters card to ensure that we knew which was which, and also to give people a hint of what might be coming.

There's a bunch of new rules that we went over as we stickered them in, and will go over again the next time we play (probably two weeks this time). I've made a list (in my journal!) of stuff we need to go over before the next game. I've also drawn sharper lines connecting the island insets to the island spaces at sea, to help people see them better (I'm not the only one who's gotten confused).
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