Hilde A
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Set: Basic Tragedy
Days: 6
Loops: 4

Day 2: Murder
Day 3. Increasing Unease
Day 5. Missing Person

It's summer in Trondheim, and the Saint Olav Festival has just started. The students at Trondheim Cathedral School are discussing the week's concerts. One of them has a part time job as a tourist guide at the cathedral. In the city center, a journalist is trying to get an interview with one of the visiting musicians, and at the hospital, a doctor is treating his patients. But the protagonists know that under the cheerful facade, something sinister is going on...

This scenario is for a game convention, so I'm expecting inexperienced players.

Any comments?

I've playtested another version, but that turned out to be too easy, so I've changed it a bit after that.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Script Title: The Festival of Saint Olav

Author: hildea
Main plot: The Sealed Item
Subplot 1: Paranoia Virus
Subplot 2: A Love Affair

Class Rep: Brain
Shrine Maiden: Cultist
Informer: Conspiracy Theorist
Patient: Lover
Pop Idol: Loved One
Doctor: Person
Boy Student: Person
Rich Man's Daughter: Person

Day 2: Murder (Doctor)
Day 3. Increasing Unease (Informer)
Day 5. Missing Person (Boy Student)

Story: A star student at Trondheim Cathedral School has planned a necromantic ritual to raise king Olav from the dead. She has recruited another student, who works part time as a tourist guide at the cathedral, to help her.
Meanwhile, a doctor at St.Olav's hospital is experimenting with a cure for the common cold which, unfortunately, has some side effects...
And one of the visiting musicians is wildly in love with a young man who's currently under the gentle care of our brilliant doctor.

Hints to Mastermind:
First loop: Give the Pop Idol Intrigue + lots of Paranoia, so she kills the protagonists (maybe by killing the Patient using the Doctor's Murder incident). (The reason to do this early is to make it easier for the players to understand the game -- you don't really understand it until you've lost the first loop.)
Later loops: If the players prevent the Murder incident, kill off the Patient with a Paranoia Virus serial killer. Also, spread Intrigue around on several locations, so the players can't be sure if it's Intrigue at the Shrine or somewhere else that triggers loss.
In general: Try to kill the Shrine Maiden early (with Murder incident or a Paranoia Virus serial killer), so that the players don't have time to notice that she has goodwill refusal.
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