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Subject: The Great Spanish Deception 6: USA shows up rss

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Steven Bensdorp
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1942 July/August

Allies win initiative: Weather 4

CW and USA take a navel and send out their fleets to the Med. Hamburg is bombed for 2 points. The lack of fighters becomes painfully clear.
USSR establishes a new line near Saratov.
France brings fresh troops to the frond and ground strike a stack of Germans but only hit one inf corps. In Liege the anti tank is also ground strike once more. No attacks in the West.

Axis 1: Germany tries to ground strike a few Russians and lose 2 Stuka's. They attack despite this failure and shoot down a Russian fighter and abort 2 of the three bombers for 1 aborted German bomber. The 2-1 +1 Blitz sees a German armored division lost, later it will turn out that this was the turning point in the East. Germany will not make any gains in the central or Southern front from this point onward and only very marginal gains in the North.

Italy sends out the remaining fleet to face the USA however they must be content with shooting down a Baffin. The Impero and a cruiser are aborted at the cost of an Allied fighter being aborted.

Searches fail after that.

Japan invades next to Aden to secure the perimeter around India. The Colombo who tried to prevent it sees the bottom of the sea.

Allies 2: Weather 1

USSR attack a German inf corps and blitz it in a 4-1 +1 attack */B. The flipped Germans in the center are a juicy target, since Rommel could only flip back 3 units.
The USA sends a division to Athens. Clark and an armored corps go to Alexandria. France sees the arrival of Eisenhower, a motorized corps, inf corps, engineer and anti air divisions.
CW ground strike a Garrison in the West and lose a good fighter with pilot against a German fighter without pilot. France attacks and scores an R.
USA and CW attack near Suez with a 2-1 +2 blitz shooting down the Turkish bomber but a 1 sees the loss of a nice mechanized corps from the CW.

Axis 2: Italy and Germany attack the flipped Allies near Suez and pay the price with 2 militia. Germany flips lots of corpses and planes back in the West and attack Novgord with a 4-1 killing one corps but getting flipped in the process.

Japan captures Aden with a 7-1 attack while also capturing the most Northern port city in India with a 20-2 attack with para's and navel/air support.

Allies 3: Weather 6

USA sends its troops forward in France. USSR advances a bit around Saratov. CW on a combined try to send convoys through the Western Med but they are found twice and stay in the Western med not risking a battle.

In the Navel combat the splits go 4/10 and a surface battle in the 15/20 column with both sides having 5-7 ships ensures. The Italians however have enough surprise points to pick a target and bring the CW a column down. The ranger will sink but an 8 sees it only damaged. Still a decent result since the Italians only have a cruiser damaged.

Axis 3:
Germany takes a combined and they send out the Bismark and Deutschland. They find the convoys and sink the Courageous which was not as lucky as the Ranger, 3 convoys are aborted.

Italy passes.

Japan advances on Bombay restores oil pipe line to Persia and fails to find 2 CW cruisers with the Yamato group.

Allies 4: Weather 7
CW take a navel to restore the convoy line to Murmansk. Also restoring supply in the Eastern Med with a third attempt to get convoys through the Western Med.

In the Western Med the allies find the Italians with a 1/9 split. This results in the loss of the Magno and Caio Dulio while the CW only loses the Manchester.

Other Allies pass.

Axis 4: Japan has Bombay surrounded and flips units back with transports.
The Kriegsmarine sets sail and they sink 2 cruisers damage another and chase away all battleships. Only having 1 cruiser of their own damaged. No convoys sunk but it was a good trade.
In the Bay of Biscay the subs were less lucky and the last sub is damaged. No more Germany subs on the board.

Allies 5: Weather 8 and they all pass to let the turn end.
No partisans and the USA play fleet to Pearl.

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