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Subject: Settlers of Catan and Zombies rss

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Christian Busch

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Over the past few Halloween seasons, my game group and I have developed a quick little zombie variant for Catan. I saw that there were a few zombie variants already out there but hopefully this one is unique enough to also be enjoyed.

This variant is simple to implement in that you only need the rules (file upload pending), and 50 or so tokens to represent the zombies. These tokens can be anything from cubes (preferably black), bingo tokens (I've used red), or grab a "Bag o Zombies!!!" (which is what we currently use).

At a high-level, the variant replaces the Robber rules with placing zombies on the board and attacking the existing settlements and cities.

To place zombies on the board, every turn when a player rolls the dice, players gain resources like normal but then the current player places one zombie token on one hex of the number rolled. Play continues normally as the zombies wait to attack players when a seven is rolled.

If you try to place a zombie in a hex that already contains three zombies, the hex "explodes" like Pandemic's virus rules and zombies are instead added to each adjacent hex. Unlike Pandemic, this explosion only happens once per turn (so it won't chain if you have to add zombies to another hex with three zombies already in it).

When a seven is rolled, zombies attack settlements and cities. All players check each of their settlements and lose one resource for every hex connected to a settlement with two or more zombies. Then players check their Cities for each hex with three zombies and lose a resource per hex. Total up all the resources you will lose for the round and pay accordingly.

If you don't have enough resources in hand, you'll have to start removing pieces from the board like roads, downgrading cities to settlements, or settlements themselves. Each piece is worth the same amount of resources it cost to build (road=2, Settlement=4, etc) but you don't get "change" back if you have to destroy a piece to pay for the zombie attack and the piece is worth more.

For example, a player is surrounded by zombie infested hexes and a seven is rolled. The player totals up the attack and needs to lose 3 resources. Since she no resource in her hand, she'll need to destroy some of her pieces. The player decides to lose 2 roads (worth 2 resources each) for a total of 4 resources. Since she only needs 3, this covers the attack but the extra resource spent is lost.

Soldier cards are used to remove all zombies in a single hex and all Development cards are cheaper, costing only two of the original three resources to buy.

The game ends when either a player has 10 VPs or if a zombie is in every available hex on the board (except the desert and sea hexes).

You can download the rules Here.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

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