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Subject: [Spoilers: Ship and Buildings chests] Log of our second game rss

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Joseph Neville
United States
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We wrapped up our second game with me tied in first with the winner of the second game. Enough milestones were completed for us to open our second chest:
Spoiler (click to reveal)
The one that gets opened after selling 4 of the same type of goods.
I actually placed last in this game at 4 glory, but due to my major lead last game, I am tied for first and still hold the prince title.

I am still enjoying the game and am excited to open more boxes, as well as play another game!

Due to the nature of the game, I cannot avoid spoilers, so I will not be using spoiler boxes. Consider yourself warned.

In the previous game, I won by completing two milestones and opening the first box. This game, I started with the prince title and had to give 1 enmity to the 3 lowest titles in my group. Due to the massive lead I had, the other players got to start with additional bonuses. Most picked gold, but one took an extra fortune.

The game started out peacefully with everyone rushing to buy goods off the first few islands. The player who went first, gray, chose to instead raid the docks I discovered in the prologue. She picked an upgrade to her hold.

I decided to go to the second island with my faster ship and explore the 6 defense site there. I had 5 dice, so I was expecting to take a couple damage, but instead rolled no successes, failing the endeavor and sinking my ship. Not quite the start I was hoping for...

Gray took her second turn and immediately sailed to the second island and attacked blue's isolated ship, sinking it and claiming a 4 glory milestone. The entry told us to put sticker A in the spot where the ship sank, but gave no indication what it was for. We opened the event card and added it to the deck without looking at it, preferring to be surprised.

After repairing my ship, Highwind, I sailed it and Weatherlight toward uncharted waters in attempt to be the first to discover a new island. My hopes of being the first were soon dashed by Blue sailing into uncharted waters and succeeding on his explore endeavor (he also spied a ship out there, but opted to ignore it). Being the first to discover the island, he named it Elsindor.

Not to be outdone, I sailed to a spot adjacent to it and hoped that I wouldn't sink from the unknown waters. Fortunately, I discovered a current which swept me further west. I searched the area and discovered an island of my own! I named it Lorule (I named my province Hyrule and my leader is named Link).

Blue and I each attempted endeavors at the two new islands and discovered a few sites that produce spice or iron. One time, I got brave and attempted to explore one of the more difficult sites (defense 7). I was successful, but barely, sustaining 2 damage. The site proved to be a spice market!

Now that the island has been opened up a bit, gray decided to explore them also, but playing it safe on easier sites.

While this was happening, purple and red were competing over completion of the milestone that will unlock the chest. They both had stockpiles of 4 resources, but we're unable to sell them at once and claim the milestone due to none of the advisors that have been revealed providing +2 sell.

It took until after winter, when the forum gets refreshed before the only advisor with +2 sell showed up. The astrolabe jumped to purple, so red got the advantage in buying the advisor and claiming the milestone before purple.

Purple changed his strategy and started stockpiling gold so he can gain glory from building and buying treasure. He bought his second building and then the event that causes the ship that was sunk to appear and raid the nearest ship showed up.

I had sailed back to my province to repair my damage and was in the process of sailing right past the mark on my way back to the new islands when the event showed up. There was no way I was going to be able to get far enough away, so I stayed and took the attack, taking 2 damage on my ship. I sailed back home to repair, but it was too late to get back out...

Purple bought his third building and claimed the milestone, giving him the 12 glory he needed. I spent my last turn drawing a research card to save for the next game. I took dead last at 4 points.

After doing final scoring, it turns out I was tied with purple now, so I get to be prince again. I upgraded Weatherlight's explore to 4 in effort to explore the difficult sites more successfully...

We opened the box after the game was completed and are looking forward to working with colonies next game.
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