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Subject: Tunnel Fever - solo - normal difficulty - Mole rss

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Czech Republic
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I play as Mutant this time.


1. Codes: 3, 2, 2, 1
2. Items: I draw 3 mutant items and 3 human items. There is cool mutant stuff on the market so I will play as mutant. I keep Acid Slime, Bacterial Spores and Chitin Armor. I pay 12 supplies.
3. Character selection: I want to increase the chance to avoid contamination. That”s why I choose Mole.
To sum things up: bright future of human kind is in hands (or what?) of mutated mole producing acid slime, spreading bacterial spores, equipped with chitin armor. Good luck mankind!


Tunnel Phase
I draw Trade Routes, Handcar and Secret Passages.
I play Secret Passages with Mutation effect of course. There is not much choice. Let’s get some stuff in the settlement. It’s Rat Farm. Fresh rat always comes in handy.

Map Phase
I encouter outpost as soon as I enter tunnels. I don’t see what is coming but there is nothing to wait for. Infector! Mutant like me. I’m not alone. But Infector infected me somehow - I’ve got some sort of Tail. What the hell?
There is Anomaly in front of me but I’m not rushing into that.

Infection Phase

Mutation: I draw 1. No change.

End of Turn
Codes are 3, 2, 2, 1 - same like at the beginning.. Population reduced by 2.


Tunnel Phase
Local Guide, Shelter Map and Freelancer. That is easy decision: Local Guide.
Thanks to guide I know now what to expect in Anomaly in front of me. It’s Radioactive Contamination. I’m well equipped for that. I survive with no harm and take samples (1). I dare deeper into Anomaly and get Net.

Map Phase
Further in the tunnels I encounter hostile outpost. I have to deal entire expedition and it costs something. But, you know: what doesn’t kill you… Double Cardiac System increases my defensive effectiveness.
Why not to encounter another Anomaly? I’m facing man-eating (mutated mole-eating) plants. I receive two strikes. I take sample (3) and getting stronger - Digestive Acid.

Infection Phase
Outbreak: I draw 3. No change again. 3 goes on 3. Too bad.

End of Turn
Codes are 3, 2, 2, 1, same like at the beginning. Population reduced by 2.


Tunnel Phase

Caravan, Warning Sign and Handcar. I prefer to avoid Mutation. Outbreak could help. So Caravan it is.

Map Phase
I need some allies. Any luck in next outpost. It’s hostile. luckily I’m well equipped to fight Incinerators. Fight makes me stronger and stronger and my nervous system mutates into double one. So no allies but this is also something.
Going deeper into tunnels I meet group of refugees (Settlement 1). There is a doctor. I give him some supplies and we are able to get rid of some infection (slot with 1 is freed)
I share my rat with refugees. They are decided to follow me. Perhaps we can find some better place to stay for them.
We will not get much further today with all these people today.

Infection Phase
Outbreak: I draw 2 and put it on 3.

End of Turn
Codes are 2, 2, 2, 0. Population still reduced by 2.


Tunnel Phase
Secret Passage, Shelter Map, Handcar. My hope is in exploration. Handcar.

Map Phase
I can visit settlers in Mausoleum thanks to Handcar. I get 5 supplies from locals and another 12 from refugees for bringing them here. It comes in handy. I give all to local doctor. We can deal with soem infection (two slots with 2 are clear now).
I have nothing more to do here. Let’s encounter another Anomaly. Rat Hordes are no threat. I take samples from dead bodies (1).

Infection Phase
Mutation: I draw 2 - no mutation.

End of Turn
Codes are 2, 0, 0, 0. Extinction has been stopped.


Tunnel Phase
Secret Passage, Caravan, Warning Signs.
Mutations and the outbreak may help or hurt. It’s 50/50. I need both codes and allies. Codes are more needed though. I play Warning Signs and encounter Anomaly. Reptiloids have no chance in fight. I take the sample (2)

Map Phase
Another tunnel and another settlement (4). Local Microbiologist has knowledge, I have sample from reptiloid. That’s all we need. Mankind is safe now. Remaining Population: 6
Mission accomplished. Mole did it!

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