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Episode 78 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Monday, October 24th (since Thursday, October 20th).

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Bluebeard’s Bride! A horror tabletop RPG in which you play aspects of the Bride's psyche investigating your husband's haunted manor. On Kickstarter until November 21st and the reviews are raving! Check it out!

Alright, Let’s Go! If you happen to have listened to the Final Roll for today, you’ll know that this is going to be big! I am going to take some more time for the stuff I really like and then make a quick rundown of what’s left in each category. Sorry about those projects, but else writing this stuff will take way too long. So here they are, the games that are new on kickstarter since Thursday, October 20th.


Dark Skies 1942:
First Dark Skies 1942. A pretty cool-looking miniatures game about sky-battles in an alternative reality version of World War II. 3D dogfight battles on your tabletop with very nice dieselpunk miniatures. Take the available factions (and Cthulhu?) to war on different altitudes with Dark Skies 1942… Awesomeness if you ask me!
Ends 01-15

Brigadier General Commands:
The Next projects is set in a far more realistic WWII is Brigadier General Commands: a 6mm scale tabletop wargame for land battles. PDF pledges for the rules start at 20 USD and the printed game comes at 50.
Ends 11-21

Furthermore there are some terrain-campaigns on Kickstarter right now:

Battle Systems Sci-fi II Terrain:
Battle Systems Sci-Fi II Terrain is an already very successful campaign for 28-32mm battle terrain. It looks pretty good, admittedly. The Main pledge is 78 GBP.
Ends 11-20

Table full of awesome:
Table full of awesome brings an entire range of 28mm terrain, albeit in a much more ‘realistic’ setting. Ok, that’s a bit overdone, but it’s not sci-fi. Pledges that include buildings start at 15 USD, but there’s a boatload of stuff available.
Ends 11-20

Precinct 187:
And finally the precinct 187 terrain campaign is bringing 28mm 3d-printable urban terrain. Using the Z1-modular tile system, you can basically build whatever you please in a very cool New-Yorkish setting. I really need to get myself a 3d printer… Pledges start at 17 GBP.
Ends 11-22


Gnomes and Associates:
Board Games! The First one is Gnomes & Associates: a miniature boardgame for the ntire family. Control one of Marveland’s Guilds and tries to become the most influential guild in the kingdom. simple rules system, featuring a wide variety of powers and objectives to attract all players. It offers a very colorful, cute game to boot! Gnomes and Associates is 49 EUR.
Ends 11-09

Ascended Kings:
In the game of Ascended Kings®, you have been set with an ultimatum; face each King in combat to the death or let Empyrnea and all you hold dear, fall. A high fantasy battle royale game with no player elimination where if you die, you’ll return as a powerful Creature called a Revenant. With walls closing in, battle to the finish! Ascended Kings is 75 USD.
Ends 11-21

Two Other boardgames are:

Hero Adventurer:
Hero Adventurer. Be your own hero, Adventure through the path battling minions on your way to beat the ferocious evil kings of this world! It’s 45 USD.
Ends 11-20

Asylum of the Doomed:
And Asylum of the Doomed. You’re trapped in an "abandoned" insane asylum. You must do what you came here to do; kill your friends, escape with booze, or worse… because that is what you were planning on apparently.. It’s 25 USD.
Ends 11-21

Card Games:

Top Hats & Treachery:
Card Games! Top Hats and Treachery is a fast-paced and fun Victorian card game of intrigue, backstabbing and prestige! A game of ego-boosting and character defamation for which I am working on a review as we speak! Top Hats & Treachery is 17 GBP.
Ends 11-20

Another card game is Havenfall = The 8 bit Adventure Deckbuilder. The Djiran have opened a rift, corrupting the land, inhabitants, while destroying everything in their path. As survivors, players flee to the city of Havenfall and meet with the Council to stop the invasion. Off to an 8-bit adventure it is! Havenfall is 40 USD.
Ends 11-21

I am dropping the party / miscellaneous category from the show. Most of the time they’re not my cup of tea, a lot of the concepts are overused so really… If the game is really worth talking about from my perspective, I’ll find a way to cover it in one of the other categories.

Role Playing Games:

City of Mist:
RPG’s! First, City of Mist. It’s a Noir RPG of Modern day Legends about ordinary people in a modern city becoming incarnations of myths and legends. From a plumber in whom a mythological primordial lizard resides to a hipster girl with a mercurial ability to bend time, space, and information, City of Mist is rife with legends awakening inside average Janes and Joes. City of Mist is 15 USD for a PDF and Prints start at 42.
Ends 11-25

Aventuria Almanac:
Ulisses Spiele brings you the Aventuria Almanac. It’s 30 years of living in the world of the Dark Eye RPG all wrapped up in one book! The campiagn is doing very well already, so if The Dark Eye is your thing, check this out. It’s 20 USD for Digital and 50 for physical copies.
Ends 11-21

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea:
The Next Project is (and it is a mouthful) Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. The Premier Swords and Sorcery game is getting a second edition print run and it combines volume 1 to 6 into one hardcover adventure book. Same game, Same Rules, Waaaay more content! 15 USD for a PDF and the hardcover one is 59 USD.
Ends 11-21

Leagues of Cthulhu:
Leagues of Cthulhu allows you to Explore the mind-bending world of Ubiquity-powered Victorian Cthulhu! It’s an expansion to Leagues of Adventure, the RPG of Victorian Exploration, derring-do and steampunk weird science. In any case, you’ll need the Leagues of Gothic Horror book. 12 GBP for digital or 17 for a hardcover.
Ends 11-14

Other RPG’s are:

Four Corners - Thieves of Sovereignity:
Four Corners: Thieves of Sovereignty is a tabletop roleplaying game for highly able heroes making consequential choices in a land of deep faiths. 25 CAD for the EBook.
Ends 12-02

Star Ascension:
Star Ascension is a gritty sci-fi RPG of exploration, adventure, danger and interstellar war in Open D6. 25 USD for the COre rulebook in PDF and 50 for print.
Ends 11-20

Heroes Cove:
Also Sort of an RPG: Heroes Cove is a tabletop adventure game that’s fast-paced, family-friendly and plays in about 30 minutes or all night if you please. 60 Quests await you sir! It’s 50 USD.
Ends 11-20

Panic at the Dojo:
And the final project is another tabletop adventure, but set in a dojo. It’s Panic at the Dojo! Create a fighter with unique stances and fight styles and battle through this tactical, grid-based adventure! It’s 12 USD for Digital or 20 for a Print on Demand ticket.
Ends 11-21

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Out Last - Westbrooke (Relaunch):
Psychocat is back with the relaunch of Out Last - Westbrooke. An intense 2-5 player survival tabletop game set in a zombie infested city doomed for nuclear explosion. It has a very gritty look to it which I dig. Take on the Zombies or take out the survivors: Your choice. Out Last - Westbrooke is 35 USD for the standard or 43 for the deluxe version.
Ends 11-09

Holdfast - Eastfront 1941-45:
The Holdfast system is getting an Eastfront campaign added to it. Refight one of the greatest military campaigns in history. Play as the German or Russian army from 1941-1945. The campaign is 65 USD.
Ends 11-05

8 Bit Werewolf and Mafia:
A reprint of sorts is the 8 Bit version of Werewolf and Mafia. The well known party games are getting a pixelated overhaul on tiny, tiny cards. Both can be yours for 5 USD!
Ends 11-21

Survive the Horde (Relaunch):
The final game is Survive the Horde. A pretty-cool looking game that features ridiculous zombies and uncooperative survival. Attack the zombies with your dice or complete the challenge ahead. Survive the Horde is 25 USD for a standard version and 30 if you want the Adult expansion as well.
Ends 11-23
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