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Subject: Israel Long War: Complete - Enemy on the run! rss

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J. Atkinson
United States
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Day 6,7,8

The enemy was hanging back some, so I decided to spend the day resting my pilots and getting some of the aircraft damage back in order. There were only 3 assault battalions at the front line, so I wasn't too worried about them. One had broken through by the end of the day.

When the next day arrived, we had gotten word that some of our navy buddies had reduced most of the enemy air cover. I wanted to take advantage of it real quick, because there would be less enemy helo's out there. I looked at the recon and decided to hit the anti-aircraft battalion, since they had move past the front lines.

I sent Flash and Genius in their Apache and Harrier respectively after the AAA and SAM air defense battalion. It took us a while how to figure out the best approach, but with Genius coming from the southwest and Flash from the north center we figured we could catch them off guard with a low level approach. Flash would hit the southeast SAM site before the other one could get a bead on him. Genius would surprise the AAA site on the southwest with a couple of cluster bombs.

Everything went off without a hitch until Genius pulled up over the AAA in the northwest corner. An enemy helicopter sneaked in from the north and hit Flash pretty hard on his exit vector. He was wounded and shaken up by the who ordeal, but got out alive in time with some damage to the engines. I had them get out of there, since they really weren't equipped to take out the helicopter before running out of fuel. The helicopter must have gotten past those naval air raids from the night before.

With the enemy air cover down, I also decided I would send in my most skilled pilots to take out the enemy headquarters: Shadow, Divot, and Dart. The elimination of the HQ would definitely sow confusion among the enemy ranks and lessen their effectiveness to coordinate attacks on our air base. There were so many targets begging to be taken out that I had to make sure my pilots could carry enough ordinance to complete the mission. That's why I scheduled some refueling along the way. I also sent all my scouts to ensure my pilots could properly plan the best approach on target and increase their attack effectiveness.

Things probably would have gone better had Divot not had to pull up on the way and come in high due to some turbulence. Enemy AAA and SAM's lit up the sky on his way in from the northwest. How he survived, I have no idea. Shadow and Dart were able to divert some of the fire there way, and things were "hot" and "heavy" coming in. Divot drop a GBU 12 on the northwest AAA and sent a maverick into the southeast SAM after dodging all the fire and soaking in some damage. Dart (picture incorrect) took out the AAA in the southwest along with everything else except a slight miss on the building. Shadow punched out SAM and the building in the north central. He continued to evade as much AAA site fire afterwards, as Genius joined him. They both still took on more damage.

Dart proceeded to circle around the targets to the west while staying out of their attack range popping them off one by one. Shadow and Genius proceeded southeast dodging AAA fire as best they could and took out the sites while hovering. We almost had enough to consider the battalion destroyed, but the plans had to change with Dart missing the building and a truck headed into cover. Instead of leaving the APC's alone and focusing east, I decided to have them focus more west and south and get all those buildings there leaving the infantry and building alone to the east. Dart continued his circles taking out two buildings and an APC. Genius hoped up over the ridge to take out the two southern buildings, and Shadow circled back around and headed home.

I was glad to have them home in one piece, but Divot was pretty shook up with the whole ordeal coming into the target zone. I doubt I would be able to fly him or Flash the next day. Divot's plane was beat up pretty bad, and even though Shadow is fairly nimble in his Apache, he didn't come out unscathed either. Even Dart took a hit to his cannons. I just shook my head at the amount of work it would take to get these aircraft airworthy again. But at least the headquarters was down for the count, and it looks like they were in disarray by the end of the day. One lone scout force darted past the front lines, but everyone else was in full retreat.

So, the next day, Dart was ready to report for duty after than harrowing mission. How nice.. is it my birthday or is he ready to just get home with this tour almost up. I dunno, but we could use his ability to take out those helo's in the scout group. The battalion looked like it was begging for a beating after being left to itself. I called in Genius to back him up just in case things went south.

An MLRS bombardment chewed up the battalion some before they got there. I didn't mind. Just means they'd get home faster. They had plenty of time available over the target zone with the scouts there. Genius and Dart came in from the north behind the ridges to avoid the helos. Dart took out the truck while Genius headed around the ridge to east and took out the helo around the corner.

Genius hovered for a bit in the middle giving the APC to the southeast and the tank to the northeast some grief with this hellfires and mavericks. He then headed home to leave Dart flying down the canyon in the southwest popping the helo with sidewinders and dropping payloads on the cluster of targets in the south. Dart drew the attention of some newly arriving infantry in the northeast, but he was too fast for them to do anything as he left the area.

That was a smoother last mission to finish our tour. The Israel base was safe and sound, and the enemy battalions were on the run with their headquarters gone. We came out pretty good, and all my pilots made it home safe. I couldn't ask for anything more.

P.S. Sorry for the few bad photos :/
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Gerald Reston
United States
New Mexico
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Well done! The Land of Zion and Jerusalem is safe for another day from Arabic/Islamic aggression. Congratulations on a job well done!
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