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Subject: Reign of Cthulhu in Japan Game 02: Unstoppable rss

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Angry Augury
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Having an open block of time before a meeting, myself and two others from the game group got together to squeeze in a quick game of Reign of Cthulhu. It would be the first time playing for one of us, but I trusted her to know her way around a world on the brink of the apocalypse.

*NOTE* As this is the Japanese version, forgive me if some terminology/names is incorrect.


Detective - (me)
Driver - (Lolai)
Doctor - (Leanne)

Although the rules state that the person who last read a horror story goes first, we decided to let Lolai go first so that Leanne would be last in sitting order so she could see a couple turns played out before her chance.

Innsmouth and, especially, Kingsport were hit hard with cultists from the starting draws so Lolai decided to head out that way to try to cut the numbers down.

Just as in the first game, I spent my first turn moving to the Shoggoth that spawned at the Cafe in Dunwich and used all my actions to kill it. I had two Arkham cards and only needed four to seal but wasn't lucky enough to get them.

Leanne decided to take out some cultists in Arkham that she could get to and, hopefully, make her way over to Kingsport and Innsmouth.

Lolai was doing well to travel around and take care of the largest concentration of cultists. Now, with three Arkham cards and Dunwich cards in hand, I was hanging around the area killing cultists waiting for the one more of either to get our first Gate closed. Meanwhile Leanne moved into Dunwich to take care of the problems there.

After Leanne drew a couple yellow cards, I knew I had enough actions on my next turn that I could get to her, take a card, then go seal the Gate in Dunwich. Sadly, at the end of her turn, we got our first Evil Stirs card and it revealed Ithaqua. Now with two cultists on Leanne's location, I wouldn't be able to get a one turn close since I would have to fight at least one of the two cultists before moving.

After two turns, I did get to close the Gate in Dunwich but things started to go down hill from there. We got another Evil Stirs soon, which revealed Dagon, pushing more cultists out into the board. Then we got an overflow of cultists and a Shoggoth made it into a Gate, causing two more Ancient Ones to be revealed. The next two were Atlach-Nacha and Nyarlathotep. Not the worst, but we were dismayed at how fast they were getting revealed.

Lolai was racing between Kingsport and Innsmouth, where Leanne took her Doctor to join him, and tried to get the huge number of cultists down. I remained in Arkham desperately waiting for one more card to seal Arkham. Finally, at the end of my turn, I drew a fourth Arkham card and knew I could get to the Gate for our second close on my next turn.

Lolai was one space away from getting to the theater in Kingsport before a fourth cultist showed up, triggering yet another Ancient One to appear. The newest arrival was Hastur, causing a Shoggoth to appear. The monstrosity appeared at the Hospital in Innsmouth- the location of the Innsmouth Gate. Hastur's ability also causes all Shoggoths to move, which meant it entered the Gate revealing the next to last Ancient One: Yig.

Now we needed one extra card to close meaning I couldn't close Arkham on the next turn as I had planned. As no other player was close to getting enough cards to close Kingsport or Innsmouth, the writing was on the wall.

Before my next turn, the third Evil Stirs card came out and Cthulhu awakened. With barely a dent in the schemes of the evil doers, we were defeated.


This was a completely different experience than the first game. Although it looked like we had a strong crew to save the world, the cards didn't work out in our favor and we were buried by the reveal of Ancient Ones. Even though it was a horrible loss, it was still a fun game and the difficulty is what I expect from a Cthulhu Mythos-themed experience.


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