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Space Junkyard game be pause when I first sat down to play it. The space theme isn't a favorite of mine and the game just seemed bland to me. The components, while very nice, appear to be very out dated. The rules made it seem like an abstract game and everything pretty much lived up to my expectations.

The game is really an abstract. I never felt like I was piloting a ship. All the ships move the same and do the same things, you never battle for a space, and when you upgrade your ship it doesn't change anything about your ship. It doesn't feel like you are actually doing anything but scoring points. Whenever a theme strips away while I'm playing a game and I'm just scoring points, then I know I'm playing an abstract game.

Who wins this game? You have control of which tiles stay on the board, but being around more valuable tiles (or one that luckily help your strategy) will help you win the game. Furthermore, I'm not sure strategy plays a huge part in this game. Instead, this is more about using what is around you to the best of your ability. You are very limited in how many resources you can hold, so you are constantly getting resources (and throwing a lot away because you cannot store it) and then buying a single tile only to start all over again.

Overall, this is not a strong game. It might fill a hole in your collection for an abstract game with a space theme. Making the connections is actually really fun. Too bad they do nothing for game play purposes.



The components have aged; that is sort of obvious when you see the game. The use of plastic ships (hard plastic) is a huge difference than the minis we see today. The tiles are thick but the icons used are too similar and the same colors are used for all the icons (despite what they do). It made teaching the game a little hard to explain. While I found the game colorful and pleasant, I just find the space theme to be pretty bland.

Rule Book:

The rule book is fairly clear. Overall, the rule does a pretty good job but a numbering system would have helped. I would have liked a player aid to go over the turn order. The rules are pretty clear and I really didn't have any huge issues.

Flow of the Game:

The flow of the game is rather easy and flows nicely. On a turn, you move your ship 0-3 spaces (and up to another 3 by giving up a yellow token/energy). Then, you can cash in two asteroids you flew over (or landed on), recycle the tile you landed on for goods, or use your resources to add on to your ship.

The scoring is what makes or breaks this game. You are trying to get connections (and most have multiple connections) to close connections to score points. These tiles have a VP number listed on them. You lose a point if you did not connect all the connections for a tile and then minus an additional point for each connection not make.

The flow of the game is your ship flying around picking up junk to add to your ship and/or getting rid of junk for the resources.

Should I buy this game?:

This is a hard sell for me. This game has aged badly. Even the plastic ships are something from another era (despite being nice). I would highly recommend trying this before you buy it. This is a nice enough "move some ships and see what happens", but it isn't a brain burner or a strategic game. That's the best I can do. Its blah. Not great, not terrible, but it just sits there for me.

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