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Episode 79 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Tuesday, October 25th (since Monday, October 24th).

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Alright! First Roll time! Still tired as $%^& but whatever, on we go! The New games on Kickstarter since yesterday!


Robit Riddle:
In Robit Riddle - Storybook Adventures you and your friends Have adventures, tell stories and save the day in this narrative 5 to 45 minute cooperative board game set in a world where robots are the only life-form (robots? Lifeform?.. Whatever…) Find out what happened to all the pet robits through the eyes of your personal robot in a cute looking game called Robit Riddle. It’s 40 USD.
Ends 11-19

The Edge - Dawnfall:
The Next boardgame is The Edge - Dawnfall: The Next Level miniatures board game from the creators of Neuroshima Hex & Cry Havoc. Take one of the six factions to the battlefield (each with very good looking miniatures) in competitive or even solo play! Conflict boxes (containing everything you need for a 2 player battle are 85 GBP, while faction boxes are 45 GBP.
Ends 11-14

Card games:

Card Games! Accelerate is a family and party card game about throwing a bomb to each other and hope it doesn’t blow up in your face. Like that water balloon game, but with cards… and bombs.. Accelerate is 20 USD.
Ends 11-23

Ultimate Horse Race Party Game:
And the other card game is the ‘Ultimate Horse Race Party Game’! A delightfully silly looking, easy to learn party card game that supports an unlimited amount of players. Make the track, appoint an announcer and place your bets and watch the crazy race that follows. It’s 5 USD for a PNP and 18 for a physical copy.
Ends 11-23

Role Playing Games:

Castles & Crusades - Adventurer’s Backpack:
RPGs! The adventurer’s backpack is A hard-hitting addition for the fast paced, bare-knuckles, easy-to-learn, fun for all ages, RPG that is Castles & Crusades! It contains basically everything you need to expand your C&C campiagn beyond your imagination. 20 USD for a PDF and 40 for a hardcover version.
Ends 11-23

The other RPG is Soulbound. A tabletop role-playing game in which players design unique and powerful weapons that grow alongside their characters. Travel through the six nations of the World of Solum while you dream up the most ridiculously awesome weapons.
Ends 11-24

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

100 Swords - Season 2:
And the final project of the day is the second season of 100 Swords. A micro Deck-builder which is now expanded with 2 new dungeons and a multiplayer expansion. The decks are 14 USD each and if you missed out on the first season, they will make it somehow available, though they’re not quite sure how.
Ends 11-19
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