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Subject: Mission 1 - Victory [Spoilers] rss

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Cdr Jameson
United Kingdom
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Newly promoted Sergeant Adams was given a mission to establish control of the St. Michaux road. An earlier attempt by another squad had been pushed back by German fire, Sgt Adams was adamant that wasn't going to happen on his first patrol.

Having intelligence of the earlier action, Sgt Adams split his squad into two, leaving Corporal Brown in charge of the second unit. Cpl Brown and the Sgt had gone through basic together and Adams trusted him with his life.

Adams' target was the larger of the two buildings and he would be approaching from the west of the river. Brown would be attempting to capture the second building and establish a recce point on the high ground just beyond.

Both squads crept through the trees as far as possible. Browns advance was halted when the point man Private Hughes stumbled onto a wasps nest of enemy. Three popped up simultaneously but fortunately Brown had the advantage.

Pvt Doyle took a superb shot at a crouching enemy in the woods, nothing more was seen of him, although initially there were some very chilling noises coming from that thicket of trees. It was assumed that he was incapacitated by Doyle's opening salvo.

The other enemy start to return fire on Browns squad; Hughes, the same trooper that stumbled upon the nest to start with panicked. It was his first time in combat, as green as they come.

Adam's realised that Brown was under fire and started suppressing fire into the tree line where he saw muzzle flashes, his fire had little effect but one of the enemy routed away. Just one left for Brown's squad to deal with.

Private Fisher took a shot at the sole enemy that bothered to trade any fire with Brown's squad and got lucky, wounding the enemy who appeared quite important. Doyle was ordered to assault to capture, maybe he will have valuable intelligence. The remaining active enemy was still running for the distant buildings.

Brown steadied his aim and took a long shot- miss, again- miss, again- hit; fortunately his weapon skill was sufficient to wound the retreating enemy just as he entered the treeline. Any further and he would have escaped.

A British Typhoon aircraft was seen coming over the distant hills, very low and belching smoke. The plane crashed in the fields just beyond the building that was Brown's objective.

After pilfering the kit of the nearby enemy the advance of both squads continued, staying under cover or the tree line as much as possible. Brown's squad has to cross a large open field to get to the house, he sends Private Hughes partly as punishment for panicking earlier partly to give him more confidence in combat. Unfortunately that plan back-fired when Hughes stepped on a mine, however he was still moving, so not dead yet.

Adams squad used the bocage to advance as close as possible to their building objective unfortunately Pvt Gordon got wounded as soon as he stepped into open ground to cross to the building. Seeing his mission disintegrating, Sgt Adams resolves himself to charge the building, falling prone just under a window. After recovering his breath a quick grenade toss inside seemed to quiet things down a bit. The rest of his squad advance up and take control of the stone building, although Pvt Clarke notices an enemy retreating across the stream just on the other side of the building.

The flames from the aircraft suddenly caught, the fuel tanks must have ruptured. It wasn't long after that it exploded, any efforts to rescue that poor airman would have been in vain.

New contact is discovered by Brown's squad, it appeared to be two more enemy in the trees. In order to get a better angle on them, Doyle charges through another minefield to attempt to flank them. Fortunately he avoids the mines and reached the smaller wooden building, he jumped through the window to relative safety.

Adams has LOS to the new enemy, despite being a long range shot he managed to incapacitate one. Just one more, Brown should be thankful for that.

Brown and Fisher are pinned down in cover from the remaining enemy and trade fire for several minutes. Suddenly the enemy leave their position, their ammo must have run out, and Doyle's attempts to take them both out with his grenades fail miserably.

Doyle attempts a further attack with his main weapon but that too jams, maybe all his luck was used up running through the minefield. With no grenades and a jammed weapon his last chance is to charge assault the wounded enemy. His luck holds and he kills the last belligerent.

Pvts Clarke and Ellis, meanwhile start to follow the retreating enemy from the larger building and cross the stream. If they cant find him then they'll advance up into the high ground.

With little action happening Brown decides to enter the minefield and drag the incapacitated Hughes to the nearest building. Carefully stepping and choosing an escape path saw them both to safety. The last action of the mission was to dispatch Fisher to capture the important looking enemy that was incapacitated at the beginning. Fisher reached him without any further action and after that Adam's squad occupied their entire building.

Mission accomplished. 1 wound, 1 incapacitated 13 VPs = Victory.
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Nik Verheyen
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More than 25 years ago I was addicted to the game. Nice to read this and have that "feeling" once more! Great game
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