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Jack Darwid
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I come late to the party (the KS is already over). I read and read and then download the pnp then print it, then play a few matches.

What I like:
- each super hero is just 22 cards, and there are 10 decks to choose from. I have tried 3 different heroes out of 4 in the pnp file, each one feels different.
- I love the 'only cards' concept, no tokens.
- Your deck is your HP and all used (tapped) cards are put at the bottom of the deck. Very clever!
- Different ways to play (only tried 1 vs 1 so far). 1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, 2 vs 2, draft, sealed etc... whew!
- this game is about combos and quite easy to teach.
- artwork has a different style than SotM. I like it.

Don't like:
- the Big Box stretch goal has just unlocked via Backerkit, means the box will be twice the size to make room for the expansion. Means without the expansion I will have a half empty box. The Big Box should be an add-on or stretch goal for the expansion KS. But the original box is small from the first place, so....

Result: back the game through Backerkit.

Some gameplay questions:
1. On the Weapon card (example: Iron Chain): if I have 2 cards in Combat other than the ready Ability card, X is 2 or 3? I mean, the Ability card is counted or not? I assume yes since there's a symbol on the top left corner of the Ability card too.
2. If I use a Character's ability, I will purge the card. I read on one of the card on the publisher's website that there's an effect that can take a card from the Purge area, can I choose the Ability card again?

My suggestion: since cards will go to the Purge area (in Mtg: remove from the game) but there's effect that can take a card back from there, I think it's better to make a fix place for purged cards (for example: mention it on the diagram on the rulebook). My suggestion is below the Stockpile (discard pile/graveyard), horizontally.

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Evan Hunt
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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the thoughtful write-up and the good questions.

1) Yes, the Ability card is counted in the calculation for Weapons, as long as it has the appropriate symbol.
-This gives the player the incentive to hold off on using their Ability Card at the first possible moment.
-This also makes multi-origin deck construction more interesting. Weapon cards and Ability cards are meant to reward you for significantly investing in a single Origin.

2) Basic cards are white-bordered; Ability cards are black-bordered and therefore are not "basic cards." Cards like 'Break Free' which retrieve a Basic card that was purged this game, therefore can't retrieve an Ability Card. However, one day we may also create cards that retrieve Purged Ability Cards

So glad your enjoying the game! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions!

Evan Hunt
Flavor Faction Studio
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