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Having played the game, having read through the stories, and after consulting these forums, there are still some open questions concerning the stories and the missions. I tried to make most questions yes/no questions, but it did not work all the time. Furthermore, I quenched in some questions about Dark Past cards and Apocalypse cards as these are esseentially part of the stories. Finally, I included questions to which I found official answers by Thaigo as well, but I also included the answer I found as it seems useful to have all the stuff concerning stories and missions in one thread. But enough with the rambling, here are the questions:

1. General questions:
I. Is it true that unless otherwise noted, the Sin player executes all instructions on Story boards including stuff like summoning the avatar and so on?
II. Is it possible to interupt the hero's turn with say Wrath's ability to teleport one monster in order to avoid an monster-free space during the hero's turn? If so, what is the timing of "any time" or "any time during a hero's turn"?
III. Is it correct that reaching maximum corruption also entails having maximum corruption (i.e. a hero with maximum corruption that picks up an innocent will automatically kill it)?

2. Terror Stories: Haven in Flames
I. Mission 2A. Is it correct that the heroes may mark districts that have already been marked by this very mission (i.e. stay in one district for [#] turns)?
II. Mission 3. Is it correct that the successes needed for the removal of the altar need to be achieved in one roll? --- Thaigo answered this in another thread: The successes need to be made in one roll.

3. Redemption Stories: Both Stories
I. Start of Round: Is it correct that the Sin player must place these tokens one at a time, face-down, in diffent districts?
II. Start of Round: Is it correct that the clause (if able) refers to the tokens available and that he must even place just two of the three if there are no left from the third type?
III. End of Round: "Raise the Apocalypse track by one if no innocents are revealed": Is it correct that at the end of each round, if no NEW innocents have been revealed during this round, the apocalypse track is raised by one?

4. Corruption Stories:
Both Stories and Dark Past Cards:
I. Is it correct that when the Dark Past Card #7 is revealed, the tainted one hero is dealt with as if it had been killed with the exception that its figure stays on the board and acts like a monster with the stats given on the card without using any of the hero's abilities and equipement?
II. Does resolving the Dark Past Card #7 count killing a hero for the Sin player?
III. Does killing the 'tainted one hero'-monster count as a killed hero for the Sin player?
IV. If the tainted one hero is destroyed, is the Sin player allowed to summon them at the end of the turn?

The Darkness Within:
V. End of Round: "Raise it by one again if 4 or more Districts are corrupt": Is it correct that a district is corrupt if it contains a temporary or permanent corruption token? --- Thaigo answered this one in another thread: Corrupt means containing corruption (permanent and/or temporary).

The Beast We Become:
VI. Mission 2B.: Is the Controller immediately summoned to the board when this mission starts?
V. Mission 3.: Is it correct that the Sin player only uses the traitor hero's figure and the avatar stats (and not the hero's abilities and equipement)?

5. Apocalypse Story: The End Times:
I. Mission 1B.: As there is nothing forcing the Sin player to summon the acolytes, how do the heroes accomplish this mission if only 2 acolytes are remaining on the board in three hero game (or 3 in a four hero game)?

6. Apocalpyse Cards:
All Sets:
I. There are several cards (i.e. Throne of Damnation, Hellfire Curse, Stab in the Dark, Hellfire Mutation) that give each monster of a certain type a certain bonus. Is it correct that all of these cards simply give each monster figure that bonus (i.e. two of the kind in one space means that you get the bonus twice in a fight in that space)?

Terror Story cards:
II. Perpetual Inferno: Is it correct that the placement of this Fire Token follows the rules given in the "Start of Round"-part of the Story?
III. Surrying in the Dark: Is it correct that the extra space for moving is also when monsters are used outside of the Sins reactions (for instancen, moving a monster in ranged combat)?
IV. Nicolas Rises from the Flame:
A) What does 'treat as abombinations' mean?
B) Is it correct that if the tokens are in possession of a hero, s/he drops them immediately in her/his current space?
C) Is it correct that if these tokens are defeated the Sin player may summon them?

Corruption Story cards:
V. Agony of the Unclean: Is it correct that the choice to treat as Fire tokens must be made before any other Fire tokens in the space are resolved?
VI. The Mayor: Is it correct that "any hero wounded by the Mayor" means any amount of wounds (as opposed to per wound taken, taken an additional one)?

Redemption Story cards:
VII. The Mayor: Is it correct that his first ability is also triggered if the major is teleported, summoned, and placed (for instance by his second ability) in a district as these are all instances where he enters a district?

Apocalypse Demon cards:
VIII. Pestilence: Is it correct that the ability of pestilence is simply that in Pestilence's space, when a Corruption check is rolled, instead of taking 1 die per Corruption token, one takes 2 dice per Corruption token for the check?
IX. War: Is it correct that this ability yields one additional dice PER Monster (exlcuding War) for fights in War's space? (this is a similar question to question I. under Apocalypse cards)

Edit: Added the questions concerning the apocalypse cards.
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