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Subject: Solo play: At least 60 in 17 rounds, beat your own record rss

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Henrik Johansson
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I suggest this variant for solo play of the expansion. See the standard game solo play for the formal description, but the score is higher, now 60, and the turns are fewer, now 17. A successful annotated sample game can be found as a reply below.

1. The goal is to beat your own best score, or at least 60 VP, according to the RAW minus a turn delay deduction, by emptying a 15 token harvest VP pool, in a limited number of turns.

2. Set up the game with 8 Level 1 Advancements. (The RAW says 12, 15, 18 for 2, 3, 4 players). 3 on display, 5 in a draw pile.

3. There is only one player, you.

4. Count the number of turns you play until all the 15 harvest pool VP runs out. Currently my suggested cut-off value for nominal number of turns is 17 turns. You will have a deduction of VP based on this. For each extra turn, you lose more and more VP like this:
Turns Deduction (at end of game)
16, 15,... 0
17 0
18 1
19 3
20 6
21 10
22 15
23 21
24 28
25 36
26 45

Optional rules: I also suggest randomly removing half of the 1-dot advancement cards from the base set, and half of the 2-dot, and half of the 3-dot, before shuffling together the standard decks and the expansion decks. This makes it more Vale of Magic, less Mystic Vale. For the level I vale cards and the level II vale cards, do the same, but do not remove the standard Vale cards from the game, just put them at the bottom of the decks.

Edit: Made the last part optional
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Does the higher score objective and lesser number of turns imply that the expansion adds cards which are much more powerful than those found in the base game?
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Henrik Johansson
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Razoupaf wrote:
Does the higher score objective and lesser number of turns imply that the expansion adds cards which are much more powerful than those found in the base game?

Yes, the Advancements are absolutely more powerful, in a pleasant way. The Vale cards do not differ that much.
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Henrik Johansson
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Current best ever reported result
Available Advancements (3X3): WoSpr (Wood Sprite, see list below), Toad, Toad, LLOve, HeHea, DrSon, WoWar, SpRec, MaSee.
Available Vale cards (2X4): Roost, WoTre, TaDen, AeTre, ShBro, StVig, Pool, CoEnt.
Your field: 2CL (Two Cursed Land, drawn from deck and put into the field), 4 blank, (CL) (The on-deck card that stopped the drawing was a Cursed Land).

Turn 1
Plant: Push CL (FS) (Successful push, on-deck card is now Fertile Soil).
Harvest: WoSpr->Blank (ArOve) (Buy a Wood Sprite, put it into a blank, replace it with an ArOve in the displayed grid).
Prep: 2FS, 3blank, 2CL (CL).
Turn 2
Harvest: DeHar->Blank (Wayf). Circulate Toad (ArOve) (The solo play rules allow you to use a buy to circulate a card from the display, at a cost of 1 mana, and replace it with a random draw, in this case with an Arbor Overseer).
Prep: 2CL, FS (CL).
Turn 3
Harvest: FS->FS, circulate Toad ( Limb).
Prep: 2CL, Blank, Shuffle (the draw deck run out, shuffle your discarded cards), (CL).
Turn 4
Plant: Push CL (Blank).
Harvest: Limb->Blank (PeDru).
Prep: 5Blank, 2CL, 2FS, DeHar, discard CL (When Deadwood Harvester is played, you may discard a card from your field, and you select the CL), FS+FS (a card consisting of 2 FS and an empty slot), CL (CL).
Turn 5
Harvest: DrSon->Blank (GoGry), PeDru->DrSon (Seedl).
Prep: 2CL (CL).
Turn 6
Plant: Push CL (WoSpr).
Harvest: Seedl->CL (Rain), circulate ArOve (EaCho).
Prep: WoSpr,Shuffle, FS+FS, 3Blank, 2CL, Limb, DrSon+PeDru (CL).
Turn 7
Harvest: Roost (Lake) (use Star Sprite and Animal Sprite to buy a Roost Level I Vale card, replace it with Azure Lake), TaDen (WoTre), Wayf->Blank (Bear), EaCho->Blank (SuCus).
Prep: 2CL (CL).
Turn 8
Plant: Push CL (Blank).
Harvest: Rain->CL (HeHea), circulate AeTre (BlArb).
Prep: Blank, 2CL, FS (CL).
Turn 9
Harvest: Circulate WoTre (DiBur), FS->FS, circulate SuCus (Wolf).
Prep: CL, DeHar, discard CL, FS, Seed+CL, Shuffle, CL (CL).
Turn 10
Harvest: Wolf->CL (LiOra).
Prep: 2CL, FS+FS, DrSon+PeDru, Limb, FS+FS, Wayf (CL).
Turn 11
Harvest: Lake (SuAer), Bear->CL (FeChi).
Prep: CL, Blank, CL+Rain, discard CL, EaCho, Blank, Shuffle (CL).
Turn 12
Harvest: SuAer (SuAer), Bear->CL (FeChi).
Prep: CL, 2Blank, CL+Rain, discard CL, EaCho, Shuffle (CL).
Turn 13
Harvest: Circulate SuAer (LLNex), HeHea->Blank (Wolf), FS->EaCho.
Prep: 2CL (FS+LLOve+FS).
Turn 14
Harvest: HeHea->CL (Wolf).
Prep: FS+LLOve+FS, Limb, DeHar, Wayf, CL, FS, CL+Bear, DrSon+PeDru, FS+FS (Seedl+CL).
Turn 15
Harvest: StVig (WSHoa), DiBur (ShRoo) (+mana token), WoWar->Limb (ChWyv), SpRec->Limb+WoWar (EnEld), buy 2 mana->1VP.
Prep: Seedl+CL, CL (CL+Wolf).
Turn 16
Harvest: WoTre (Roost), GoGry->WoSpr (LLOve), buy 2mana->1VP.
Prep: CL+Wolf, Shuffle, CL, HeHea+CL, FS+FS, Wayf (CL).
Turn 17
Harvest: Roost (Lake), EnEld->Wayf (WoWar), buy 2mana -> 1VP.
Prep: CL, GoGry+WoSpr, DrSon+PeDru, CL+Rain, discard CL (Seedl+CL).
Turn 18 (-1 VP)
Harvest: ShBro (SuTem), Lake (SuAer), FeChi->GoGry+WoSpr (Bear).
Prep: Seed+CL, Blank, FS+LLOve+FS, FS, Limb+WoWar+SpRec, HeHea, DeHar, discard Seed+CL, CL, CL+Bear, EaCho+FS, Shuffle.
Prep cont.: CL+Rain, discard CL, Wayf+EnEld, DrSon+PeDru, HeHea+CL (CL).
Turn 19 (-2 VP)
Harvest: 4VP (from WoWar), SuTem (SuTem), draw CaFal (due to SuTem "When Bought" ability), WsHoa (CoEnt), discard CL.
Harvest, cont.: Buy 4mana->2VP, WoWar->Blank (Gaia), ChWyv->FS (MaSee), Wolf->DrSon+PeDru (LiOra).
Prep: CL, FeChi+GoGry+WoSpr, FS+FS, CL+Wolf (Seed+CL).
Turn 20 (-3 VP)
Harvest: SuTem (FeGro), draw AeTre, 1VP, Gaia->CL+Wolf (Hive), buy 4mana->2VP.
Prep: Seedl+CL, Shuffle, CL, HeHea+CL (CL).
Turn 21 (-4 VP)
Harvest: Buy 4mana->2VP, ShRoo (RaPin), Wolf->HeHea+CL (Grove).
Prep: CL, CL+Rain, discard CL (Gaia+CL+Wolf).
Turn 22 (-5 VP)
Plant: Push Gaia+CL+Wolf (DeHar), push DeHar, discard CL, Limb+WoWar+SpRec (automatic push since you are now up in Life/Decay), FS+FS, HeHea, CL+Bear, ChWyv+FS (FS+LLOve+FS).
Harvest: 5VP, FeGro, buy 4mana->2VP, Swarm->CL+Rain.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Harvest Pool + VP: 21
Deduction 22 turns: -15
Vale cards: 25
Guardians(SpRec): 10
Advancement cards: 29
Total: 70 VP

The Cards:

AeTre: Aether Tree
AnLif: Ancient Liferoots
AnLif: Ancient Liferoots
Amber: Amberwood
ArOve: Arbor Overseer
Auro: Aurora
Bear: Bear Totem
BlArb: Blooming Arbor
BlSav: Blessed Savanna
Brook: Shimmering Brook
CaExp: Canopy Explorer
CaFal: Cascading Falls
Calm: Calm Weather
ChWyv: Chromatic Wyvern
CL: Cursed Land
CoEnt: Conclave of Ents
Dawns: Dawnsinger
DeHar: Deadwood Harvester
DiBur: Direwolf Burrow
Cobra: Dreadcoil Cobra
DrSon: Druid's Song
EaCho: Eartchant Chorus
EaCra: Earth Cradle
EntEl: Ent Elder
FaHol: Fauna Hollow
FeChi: Feral Chieftain
FeGro: Feral Groove
FiFlo: Field of Flowers
FS: Fertile Soil
FuFor: Fungal Forest
Gaia: Gaia's Chosen
GoGry: Goldenwing Gryphon
Grass: Grassland
GrGua: Grove Guardian
Grove: Grovetender
Hatch: Hatchery
HeHea: Heartwood Healer
HeSan: Heartwood Sanctuary
Hive: Hive Swarm
HuTho: Hulking Thornhide
Lake: Azure Lake
LiOra: Lifetap Oracle
LiOrc: Lifebloom Orchids
LiSee: Lifebringer Seed
Limb: Limbthresher
LLNex: Ley Line Nexus
LLOve: Ley Line Overflow
MaMea: Manadew Meadow
MaSee: Magic Seed
Mold: Creeping Mold
Overg: Overgrowth
Owl: Mindful Owl
PeDru: Peacekeeper Druid
Pool: Pool of Light
Podl: Podlings
Rain: Cleansing Rain
RaPin: Radiant Pinnacle
Road: Exodus Road
Seedl: Seedling
Sent: Sentry
ShRoo: Shimmercliff Rookery
Skyha: Skyhaven
SpRec: Sporeling Reclaimer
StVig: Stream of Vigor
SuAer: Sunstone Aerie
SuCus: Sunchard Custodian
SuSav: Sunshard Savanna
SuTem: Sunwell Temple
TaDen: Talonthorn Den
Toad: Giant Toad
Vale: Vale of Magic
VeVal: Verdant Valley
WaWea: Water Weaver
WoTre: World Tree
Wayfi: Wayfinder
WeCan: Webwood Canopy
Wells: Wellspring
WeGla: Wellspring Glade
Willo: Will-o'-the-wisp
Wolf: Moon Wolf
WoSpr: Wood Sprite
WoWar: Woodland Warden
WSHoa: Wood Sprite Hoard
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