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Subject: Custom Faction - Things From The Ice - Occult Destroyers rss

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Peter O'Connor
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Greetings. I have been bit by the MonPoc bug recently, and have thus turned my attentions to making my own factions. Why? Because if no-one else is making new material, I might as well!

Currently, this faction is stored inside a Google Docs that I update with changes to its figures. Behold, the link!

But, for those who do not wish to journey across the obscure corners of the dreaded realm of the Internet, I shall post this faction here for your viewing pleasure.


Agenda - Destroyers
Energy - Occult

“There are things out there beyond even the dreaded Lords of Cthul, and they care for nothing.” - Howard Arkham, Occult Consultant.

The world as we know it is not the only one. The Martians and the Cthulians have proved that beyond doubt. But even long ago, from before the Ice Age, the Earth had dread visitors. Shaggy rampant beasts, these things possessed incredible destructive force. Alien to our reality, they had wormed their way into our world through natural tears through reality, landing in from somewhere else.

Yet, strangely, they vanished, not leaving a trace of themselves nor their rampages behind. The gates were closed by an unknown hand, and the beasts locked in the ice of the Arctic. There they remained for aeons, blind and dumb to the passage of time.

Now, however, the world is heating up. Beyond even pollution, the destruction of monsters creates tremendous damage and blazes of unimaginable sizes. Greenhouse Gasses are being shot into the atmosphere like none before. And if that wasn’t enough danger, the Tritons, in their foolishness, melt the ice caps to flood the world!

With the ice caps depleting rapidly, what was once locked away is now free to wreak havoc. Hairy monsters from millennia ago, covered in horns, are migrating down from the North. Before them, they drive away all others. Behind them, the world weakens and cracks open, letting more horrors spill forth. The Peace Of The World Is Over.

Gnofgus / Things From The Ice (Alpha/Ultra/Mega) (1)
Speed: 5 / 6 / 5
Defense: 6 / 6 / 7
Brawl: 6*2 / 7*3 / 5*4
Blast: 7*2s / 7*2s / 7*2s
Power: 6*1 / 7*2 / 7*2
Health: 6 / 6 / 6
Hyper: no / 5 / 5
Alpha: Power Drain (Brawl), Explosion (Blast), Atomize, Demolition,
Ultra: Lightning Attack (Brawl), Explosion (Blast), Chain Attack (Blast), Overload (Power)
Mega: Follow Through (Brawl), Demolish (Brawl), Berserk (Blue), Jump
The herald of the ice-locked beasts, Gnofgus holds a simple goal; claw everything in its path apart.
(See art. Gnofgus’ shaggy appearance and horn-like growths for teeth and claws is the aesthetic identity of the faction)

Rhantelus / Things From The Ice (Alpha/Ultra/Mega) (2)
Speed: 5 / 6 / 5
Defense: 7 / 6 / 6
Brawl: 6*3 / 8*3 / 7*1
Blast: n/a / 5*1s / 6*3L
Power: 5*1 / 5*1 / 7*3
Health: 5 / 6 / 6
Hyper: no / 4 / 4
Alpha: Pathfinder, Synchronized Move (Brawl), Halt, Reach, Riled
Ultra: Toss (Brawl), Synchronized Move (Brawl), Charge, Power Sink
Mega: Sprint, Riot (Blast), Energy Sap (Blast), Juggernaut
Even more of a beast that its contemporaries, Rhantelus attacks with incredibly strong tusks, and combined with its prodigious strength and long neck, tosses its foes high into the air.
(Rhantelus is an almost-quadrupedal monster with a long-ish neck that has tusks jutting from the lower jaw)

Khiedok / Things From The Ice (Alpha/Ultra/Mega) (3)
Speed: 5 / 5 / 5
Defense: 5 / 5 / 4
Brawl: 7*2 / 8*3 / 6*2
Blast: n/a / n/a / n/a
Power: 6*2 / 6*2 / 5*1
Health: 5 / 5 / 5
Hyper: n/a / 5 / 5
Alpha: Rage, Disrupt (Brawl), Armored, Impervious (New Skill)
Ultra: Follow Through (Brawl), Power Gorge (Brawl), Armored, Impervious (New Skill), Shockwave
Mega: Armored, Negation, Resilience, Tenacious, Impervious (New Skill)
Horns, spikes, and claws all interlock on this formidable behemoth, making it almost impervious to assault.
Impervious - Skill - This Monster cannot take damage from attacks made by units.
(Kheidok resembles Gnofgus a lot, but looks like it's wearing combat armor from the interlocking spines on its back, head, arms, and legs.)

Werdagia / Things From The Ice (Alpha/Ultra/Mega) (4)
Speed: 7 / 6 / 8
Defense: 6 / 6 / 5
Brawl: 7*3 / 8*4 / 8*4
Blast: 5*1s / 5*1s / 5*1s
Power: 6*1 / 6*2 / 5*2
Health: 5 / 5 / 5
Hyper: n/a / 4 / 4
Alpha: Demolish (Brawl), Power Drain (Brawl), Flight, Hasten (Blue)
Ultra: Sprint, Blitz (Brawl), Crunch (Brawl), Flight, Hasten (Blue), Quick
Mega: Beat Back (Brawl), Hit & Run (Brawl), Flight, Hasten (Blue)
Defying expectations, Werdagia takes to the skies on its long wings, and plunges its claws through anything standing tall.
(Werdagia is an owl-like monster with long, thin wings, like that of an albatross. It has claws on its wings, and its legs are multi-jointed)

Yskalnaa / Things From The Ice Morpher (5)
Alpha Form (1 / 2 / 3 / 4) (names below)
Speed: 6 / 6 / 6 / 6
Defense: 5 / 5 / 5 / 5
Brawl: 3*1 / 2*1 / 3*1 / 2*1
Blast: 2*1s / 3*1s / 2*1s / 3*1s
Health: 5
-Frost-Biting Serpent: Crunch (Brawl), Power Drain (Brawl), Burrow, Terrify (Red)
--Hoarfrost Wurm: Telekinesis (Red), Fling (Blast), Energy Drain (Blast), Burrow
---Iceworld Dweller: Extinguish, Burrow, Penetrator (Red), Sabotage
----Freezing Rope-thing: Energy Cycle, Burrow, Distract, Power Sink (Red)
Yskalnaa (Ultra/Mega Metamorph)
Speed: 6 / 7
Defense: 6 / 5
Brawl: 7*3 / 7*2
Blast: 8*1s / 7*2
Power: 8*2 / 8*3
Health: 6 / 6
Hyper: 5 / 4
Ultra: Power Gorge (Brawl, Blue), Power Drain (Blast), Siphon (Power), Jump, Annihilate
Mega: Sacrifice, Adaptable, Climb, Drain Life (Blue)
Yskalnaa is a sickening beast. Somehow, it has learned how to divide itself into four worm-like creatures that combine with each other to form its gigantic mass. Though weak divided, each portion is still powerful, and together, cities crumble under its assault.
(Morphers: Each section is a curling worm-beast with a small head and a large tail-blade; these tail blades help form the jaws of the combined form. In addition, they each have small spikes like legs on a caterpillar)
Metamorph: Humanoid, but its head is split into 4 mandibles, each slightly different and arranged to form a set of jaws. Arms split into two at the elbow, but otherwise short pincer-claws.)

Ice Slug / Things From The Ice (g/e unit) (1)
Speed: 5
Defense: 3
Brawl: 1*1 (1*2e)
Blast: n/a
Cost: 1 (2e)
Abilities: Mire, Burrow, Leadership (Elite)
Some of the things that helped hibernate the ancient monsters long in the past, these hairy things exude an aura of numbing cold that makes movement difficult.

Ripper Wurm / Things From The Ice (g/e unit) (2)
Speed: 6
Defense: 2
Brawl: 2*1 (2*2e)
Blast: n/a
Cost: 1 (2e)
Abilities: Burrow, Reach, Leadership (Elite)
Incredibly fast and deceptively long, Ripper Worms burst out from under the water and under the ground alike to snatch at foes with their razor-sharp jaws.

Wasteland Howler / Things From The Ice (support unit) (3)
Speed: 5
Defense: 3
Brawl: 2*0
Blast: n/a
Cost: 1
Abilities: Jump, Sabotage
Ape-like in stature, occultists have seen these behemoths wandering in distant alien wastelands. It is only now that they have learned who cause such desolation.

Trundler / Things From The Ice (unit) (4)
Speed: 4
Defense: 3
Brawl: 1*0
Blast: n/a
Cost: 1
Abilities: Energy Sap (Brawl, Red), All-Terrain, Power Freeze (New Reaction)
Trundlers are beings still locked in ice, as if they drain the heat from their surroundings. Destroying one causes a burst of cold that freezes the attacker’s system.
Power Freeze - Reaction - If this figure is hit by an attack made by a monster, the attacker loses 1 Power Die.

Thermal Mites / Things From The Ice (g/e unit) (5)
Speed: 5
Defense: 3
Brawl: 2*0 (2*1e)
Blast: n/a
Cost: 1 (2e)
Abilities: Extinguish, Ignite, Leadership (Elite)
Thermal Mites display the incredible power of controlling heat energy, either sucking it up and obliterating hazardous threats to the force, or releasing it and setting fragile cities ablaze.

Shaggy Creeper / Things From The Ice (unit) (6)
Speed: 5
Defense: 3
Brawl: 1*0 (1*1e)
Blast: n/a
Cost: 1 (2e)
Abilities: Climb, Infiltrate, Leadership (Elite)
The extra-long hair of these monsters worm their way into the sides of a building, where they can weaken the internal structure of it.

Chilling Breathers / Things From The Ice (g/e unit) (7)
Speed: 5
Defense: 3
Brawl: 1*0 (1*1e)
Blast: 2*1s (2*2s-e)
Cost: 1 (2e)
Abilities: Energy Sap (Blast), Burrow, Leadership (Elite)
Though similar to the Ice Slugs, Chilling Breathers spit out shards of ice that grow on their targets.

Landlocker / Things From The Ice (support unit) (8)
Speed: 4
Defense: 4
Brawl: n/a
Blast: n/a
Cost: 1
Abilities: All-Terrain, Satellite Support, No-Fly Zone
Squat, elephantine creatures, Landlockers are too cold to approach.

Otherworldly Glacier / Things From The Ice Installation
Defense: 4
Energy: 5
Abilities: Meltdown (New Ability), Spire, Hellfront
These tremendous blocks of ice are formed around the husks of destroyed buildings, but the real terror lies inside, for once they are destroyed, the hole that had been gnawed into bizarre worlds is revealed.
Meltdown - Action - Destroy this building and activate any reactions it may have. Do not gain any power dice for destroying it.

Gnofgus has art associated with it! Behold, the link to it!
I only have thumbnail sketches for the units, and a general idea of what the other figures of this faction look like.

You can help the further development of this faction! Though I have play-tested it, I have only play-tested Gnofgus' alpha form along with a few of the units. If any kind souls are willing to help this endeavor, they can print/copy the document for use in their games as well as give feedback on the faction itself. Your time is appreciated!

<The Personal Thoughts Section>
Whew. I don't think I have spent as much time on any other fan-made thing that I've come up with ever! I did this as a serious attempt to observe the game mechanics and balance. The approach, or angle, I had with this faction was to make a destroyer faction that was more based around destroying the city. Alpha Gnofgus can, of course, charge up really easily with Atomize, and the Shaggy Creepers weaken buildings around them. Combined with a dedicated Sabotage unit, and you have a force that 'gently suggests' that your foe invests in the pink spaces. Though ironically, for a building-breaking force, they have a unit with Satellite Support.

The inspirations for this faction are the expanded works of Lovecraftian Horror. The Things From The Ice are evocative of Ithaqua the Wind Walker, and their names are sinsterly corrupted versions of Gnoph-Keh, Rhan Tegoth, Wendigo, and Ithaqua. Kheidak is corrupted from Khador, the Soviet Russia of Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms world.

Fun fact: The Things From The Ice are composed entirely of hair, or a hair-like material, as their claws, teeth, spikes, et cetera, are made of horn, which is more or less hardened hair. They are eyeless, ear-less, and even nose-less, but that does not stop them from purposefully targeting foes.

I've reworked a few of the units and the monsters several times, and the installation was a lot more boring before. This faction has three new abilities as well; Impervious, Power Freeze, and Meltdown.

Impervious is a lot like Armored, in that it removes a pretty major way damage can be taken. This, when coupled with Armored or other damage-preventing abilities, creates a tricky balancing act, and its first monster, Kheidak, is incredibly weak without its invincibility.

Power Freeze is, as of yet, untested, and is meant to be a 'Reverse Riled', making a unit that isn't such a good idea to attack because you won't get a power die from destroying it via monster. I'm just now realizing the wordiness of this ability. It could've simply been a skill that said, "This unit doesn't give a p-die out to its destroyer". However, Power Freeze can be placed on a monster for more annoyance.

Finally, Meltdown came about during playtesting. As you can't attack your own installations, the Otherworldly Glacier could just be ignored. With Meltdown able to trigger an on-demand hellfront, it now has a use! But you could also keep it for its spire.... Hmm, decisions, decisions.

We would like to thank you for your time. This post is a doozy.
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Jeremiah H
United States
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Once I knock the rust off I will give these guys a try!
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Peter O'Connor
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Xerobull wrote:

Once I knock the rust off I will give these guys a try!

Awesome! Let me know how it goes!
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