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Subject: Our first try at Star Shield: It Was Epic! rss

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Today was our first play with the Star Shield expansion:

Legend particulars:
It was a 3-player game, with Chada, Eara, and Thorn (yours truly) in play
We were up against the Catapult Threat, manned by two beefy looking Trolls
As our Prince’s Task, we had to repair the damaged gate of Rietburg: ha!, no prob, we can handle that!
The good people of Andor had gifted us the Super Falcon and the Hadrian Hourglass as tokens of their gratitude.
Being beginners, we placed the Wolf Token on space B on the Legend Track at setup and removed Card E from the deck

By around mid-game (Narrator was on the F Space), we were quite happy with the progress we were making and felt confident we could pull things off. There was plenty of time left, it seemed, to deal with the main Threat and go retrieve the Star Shield from Ken Dorr before the Dark Mage got his evil clutches on it.

By now, Thorn had wisely invested gold in boosting his Strength (up to a 5, allowing him to haul a value 4 log), Eara was wielding her Black die and was now a Wizard not to be messed with, while Chada had her trusty Horned Falcon by her side (affectionately named "Cornelius")

There was a crowd of Creatures dangerously close to the Castle and we sensed it was time to act. Our game plan: Thorn would tramp off to the Watchful Forest on his own to collect logs and carry them back to Rietburg, focussing on the Prince's Task. While Eara, who was escorting some dearly-needed Farmers (1 token) to safety, and Chada would take care of Castle defence. They could easily handle the monster clean-up around Rietburg, we foolishly thought, armed with the Runestones, Cornelius, and the aid of 1 Grey + the Alpha Wolf (which Eara had courageously tamed earlier)

And then, all hell broke loose! At the next Sunrise, there was a rush of Creatures into the Castle: a Troll and a Gore got in and before we knew it we were down from 2 to 0 Golden Shields (a lone grey Wolf had slipped in earlier).
To make things worse, there was an imminent volley of 2 rubble (on H) from that Catapult next turn, and 2 more Creatures at the foot of the Castle about to get in (a Troll and a Wardrak). That amounted to 4 hits to the Castle, yet we could counter only 2 at best! (with 1 use left to Eara’s shield, plus an extra golden shield thanks to the Farmers, if we could get them back in time).

No luck: it happened by chance that a couple of creatures and the Trolls manning the Catapult created a wall between Chada-Eara and the Castle: not enough hours left for them to safely escort the farmers around the wall back to the Castle and take out the Troll and Wardrak.

At that point, we decided we had to concede defeat. Where was Thorn? While all hell was breaking loose back home, our Warrior was cheerily lugging lumber in the sun-dappled forest, with a flower behind his ear and the birds chirping above. Geez.


What had gone wrong? There was plenty of time left on the Legend track (the Narrator was only on the G space!). Although we had played a solid game, carefully optimizing our every action, we realized that a single poor decision had cost us the game: the Warrior should have joined the Wizard and Archer to fend off the Creatures assailing the Castle; that Prince’s Task could have waited. We’ll know better next time!

But no matter, it was EPIC! We often found ourselves narrating and commenting upon the story of the Legend as it unfolded and took shape. It really felt like we were making it our adventure. Clearly, this game is largely what players and their imagination make of it. We had a great time!

Thank you Mr. Menzel!
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Dmitriy Razumov
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That's fun!

Our first play also was repairing the gates and the catapult!

And we barely won
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