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Subject: End of solo conquest, narrative form... rss

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Donald Walsh
United States
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I buy science fiction/fantasy book collections in MD/DC/VA. GeekMail me.
I buy science fiction/fantasy book collections in MD/DC/VA. GeekMail me.

Goldyx trudged down the hill. The corpse of the Draconum still cooling in the distance behind him.

Ahead, the shining towers of the fabled Blue City of Magic, crown jewel of the Atlantean Empire. From atop the walls, cries of alarm rose up. Before he could get close to the gates, a voice boomed down from the heights:

“Foul Mage Knight, begone! We are the True Masters of the Empire!”

Goldyx gazed upwards. His nemesis, the Delphana Masters, looked down on him with disdain. Alongside the Masters were arrayed the host of defenders: Fire Mages, Swordsmen, Freezers, and Ice Golems. Legend had it that the Blue City was built on a convergence of Ley Lines, imbuing its magical allies with additional arcane powers.

“You weakling of a winged toad! You cannot defeat us; not now,nor ever!” screamed the High Sorceress, First among the Masters. Behind her the others laughed mockingly.

Was she right? Goldyx turned and looked at his companions: White Robed illusionists, a few Utem Guardsmen, a group of thugs who followed his banner when no one else dared, and lastly the silent yet deadly Altem Guardians. He hung his head and wings in defeat and he beckoned to his troops and they began the long march back to his stronghold, the Green City of the Swamps. He heard the laughs of his enemies grow louder. But his thoughts were not of cowardice, they were of glory. He would show them… He would show them once and for all…

Darkness was falling as they reached the magical glade in the shadow of the Green City. At once he felt the Dark magic coursing through his body. He recalled the jeers and taunts yelled as his back as he and his friends made their retreat. Thus inspired, he prepared his most awful magic. At midnight, all was in readiness…

In the center of the glade, beneath the ever-present shimmering lights, the ground started to give way. The hole grew into an entrance to an underground tunnel . He beckoned his companions to follow, the final confrontation was at hand. At the other end of the tunnel, the Palace of the Blue City, and victory! Surely no one would suspect him of such an audacious ploy! As they neared the tunnel exit, Goldyx uttered his next mighty spell: Tremor.

The ground shook with the violence of the Mage Knight’s magic talent. The walls of the city trembled, as did the citizens of the Empire. Into the Great Hall of the Palace Goldyx strode. For now he knew he had the upper hand. The Masters’ wards had failed them, their walls had failed them, and even their armor would fail them. “Let them come now!”, he called to his allies, who braced themselves for the eventual onslaught.

It was not long in arriving. The mages and the golems were the first to arrive. Fools! He was a Mage Knight, the ultimate power that this land; or for that matter, any land, has ever seen. The mages went down to a volley of swift arrows from his bow. The golems he then vaporized with his Fireball. Where the golems had stood a moment ago, nothing remained but a few puddles of slush..

The Freezers and the Swordsmen entered the hall next with the Masters close behind. A poor effort at an organized resistance; but it was much too little, and way too late. Goldyx had already felt the power in the Ley Lines, the legends were true! His spells had all grown in ferocity, and he had saved his most ferocious magic for the Masters. He Focused his Will into a crushing bolt, and brought the whole ceiling down at the far end of the hall, and with that the reign of the Delphana Masters was brought to a deafening and dusty end beneath a pile of stone and rubble.

Not all his enemies had fallen however. The Freezers and the swordsmen had sprung clear of the collapse. His Illusionists went to work using their slight-of-mind magic. Suddenly the freezers were surrounded by a dozen Goldyxes! Ice bolt after Ice bolt sailed through the illusions, harmlessly hitting walls, columns, and floor. Behind the Freezers, several images of Goldyx faded away as the all-too-real forms of the Altem Guardians closed ranks and felled the Freezers one by one.

The Swordsmen, defiant until the very end, came within a few steps of Goldyx, who had fallen into a trance-like state, likely the result of using so much magic energy. Several lesser Mage Knights had burnt themselves out casting less mana than this! But just as the swordsmen got within reach, their way was impeded by the Guardsmen and the Thugs. Despite their questionable loyalty, the Thugs knew their best decision was to keep their current master from harm, especially after all they had just witnessed.

The ringing of steel seemed to break Goldyx from his torpor, and he drew his sword, let out a mighty bellow of Rage, and waded into the melee. None could stand before him. In what seemed only a matter of moments, he faced the final Swordsman remaining. With a final yell, he struck a blow that severed the Swordsman’s head cleanly off his shoulders.

It was over.

Goldyx looked around. Ten paces behind him rose a dais. Atop it sat the Crystal Throne. Bone weary, Goldyx climbed the steps, turned, and collapsed onto the chair.

The mysterious Altem Guardians, who heretofore had never uttered a word in Goldyx’ service, screamed in an ear-piercing shriek:


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