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Less than 24 hours left in the crowd sale at the Game Crafter for Ibyron. This is not the last day it is available, as it will continue to be published/printed at TGC after the sale, but like all sales, at this time, it is cheaper.

The crowd sale will make it cheaper the more that buy copies. Right now, as it stands, it is in the 55 dollar range, not including shipping.

"A new land has emerged from the ashes of the old empire. Factions have risen to compete for the throne. Can you be the first to lay claim to the island of Ibyron?

Develop your land from farm to city, and be the first to build your civilization from the resources the island of Ibyron offers... Come, discover a new world...!"


"Inspired by the depth and gameplay of the great Splotter games Roads and Boats and Antiquity, Ibyron: Island of Discovery is a game wherein 2-4 players all work the land of a newly-discovered island to build their city the biggest before the other players. Using building, resource management and movement mechanisms for the Wilderness phase, combined with a unique worker placement Village phase, each player will design their own city.

There is a race to the end game, but getting there will support many strategies, with a choice of 25 unique buildings. The first player to build a complete working city, wins."

All seen here (middle of a 4 player game):


4 player mats 10"x10"
1 village mat 10"x16"
1 English Rule Book
18 island tiles "explorer tiles"
1 starting Player maker
4 shipbuilding markers
18 marketplace markers
48 black wooden cubes "technology marker"
24 wooden cubes: 6 each Blue, Green, Red, Yellow "resource markers"
16 orange wooden cubes "horses"
88 wooden discs: 22 each Blue, Green, Red, Yellow "colonist workers"
17 white wooden discs "scouts"
4 wooden pawns: 1 each Blue, Green, Red, Yellow "leaders"
8 wooden people: 2 each Blue, Green, Red, Yellow "overseers"
4 yellow rings "castle marker"
4 blue wooden cylinders "home well markers"
4 yellow wooden cylinders "gold mine markers"

Artwork provided by Wayne Dorrington

If you want to know how Ibyron came to exist read:Designer Diary: The many faces of Ibyron: Island of Discovery
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