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Subject: A game of branching paths and taking chances rss

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Mike Hill
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I played a 2P match last night on the first mission in the campaign set.
Played Blue and Green heroes.

Some co op games let you get away with "rebuilding turns" where players take cover, heal up, have a chance to catch their breath or ready something for a turn where they will be performing something in a more powerful way. I feel like AC doesn't let you do this. It feels like every die that gets placed (and in a lot of ways every time the dice are rolled) directly dictates the path the game will take. And this is strange, considering the enemy's only random factor is the draw - their actions are set, so the whole game rides on what path you set yourself down - as it seems like we were ALWAYS considering what we did last round and what we were about to do, and how that affected the grand order of events that transpired for the match.

I say all this because the last two rounds were the most impressing on me (this is the second time I've played this game multiplayer, and the first was a learning match) We had set ourselves up under the tower, absorbing hits by shielding (which I'm convinced is a required element to your strategy on the first campaign mission, as the sheer volume of enemies that amass after round 2 can easily cripple the tower unless you use yourself as a lightening rod) and taking pot shots by taking quick moves, giving my teammate gun rolls and healing us along the way. It helped tremendously that the room at the base of the tower was the SPECIAL for 1 SHEILD room, easier to commit dice to defense.

The penultimate turn was a serious mental burn for us, weighing where we had put ourselves in relation to health and the tower. The options were, broken down to the two more prominent choices were to start moving to place stars on the top of the tower this round, since we knew we'd be able to get at least a little closer and complete the move on the last turn, or bear down and protect the tower - hoping that the final turn's roll allotted us enough movement or stars to both reach the roof & place enough stars. We reasoned for a while - leaving would incur some hits on the tower, but we would ALSO need to protect the tower for the next round, because we need to reach the beginning of the following round to incur an ASSAULT (when there are no enemies to be drawn and the enemy starts bombing us.)

We split the difference - the choice depended on a very specific dice trade, with the stipulation that my teammate, who didn't have enough speed to reach the tower top efficiently, stay behind and take some hits in favor of supplying me with the stars needed to place on the relevant turn. So we stayed put for the time being, did our best to avoid taking too much damage, reached the final turn and, aided by some gear that let my teammate flip one die to the star side as long as he was on the ground, set the signal and won the match upon the first assault.

It was wicked!
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Fay Florian
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Thank you for your review.
I'm glad my game gives you some chills and cold sweats!

Have fun !
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