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Episode 72 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Tuesday, November 1st.

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Alright, I am restoring things to normal. These have been very busy weeks and I apologize for not keeping the work up to par. There’s no foreseeable delays or big events in the future so I should be able to handle it all again. So with that out of the way, here are the games that will end their kickstarter campaign on Tuesday, November 1st.


Die Hard Miniatures:
The first project of the show is the Eur-Kin Expansion set from Die Hard miniatures. These very goodlooking lizard-like miniatures, created by Oldhammer veterans would look good on any-table, honestly. A lot of unlocked other creatures as well, so check it out!

The Devil’s Dungeon - Nightmare Creatures:
Another successful miniatures campaign are the NIghtmare Creatures from Dark Art Studios and they sure look nightmarish. Designed by Boris Woloszyn, these creatures from your nastiest dreams will haunt your RPG or skirmish campaign to the end of times. Pledges start at 6 GBP.

Collision - The Game:
Collision - The Game, for which I owe an apology to the creators, I was going to get them on the show, but the hectic time lately (with Essen, the Gelderland Derby and Halloween weekend) made this fell through. Anyway, Collision is a tabletop skirmisher in a sci-fi galaxy right after the apocalypse. A card-based battle system and very good-looking miniatures make this campaign one to watch for sure. Starter sets for 1 player are 30 EUR, for two players it’s 55 and all three of the starter gangs are 80!

The Daemon Cannon:
And the final miniatures project is Old School Miniatures’ The Daemon Cannon. Dwarf Crew, Captain and a Deamon shooting stuff out of his rear (yes, truly) can be yours for 28 GBP.


Armoured Syndicate:
One boardgame today, and it’s Armoured Syndicate. A miniature board game about Mechs, Mercs and Money in the ruins of what once was Las Vegas. There’s some pretty cool miniatures in the box, I kind of want to have that Giant Rabbit Mech there is amongst the stretchgoals. Anyway, the boxed version of armoured syndicate can be yours for 60GBP.

Card Games:

Dead Cat - A Quantum-Physics Card Game:
Card Games! Dead Cat is a Quantum Physics card game about Schrodinger's cat. Is it dead? Is it alive? Or Both? Take your chances on how long the very cool-looking cat has been dead and beat your friends in Dead Cat. It’s 4 GBP for a PNP and 12 for a physical copy.

Alien Uprising - Zothren Invasion:
Alien Uprising - Zothren Invasion from Mr. B games is a campaign that is still a little short on funding but maybe this could be alright! Draft parts for you giant mech and take out as many bugs as you possibly can on your way to fame and glory! Alien Uprising is 16 USD.

Dead Wasteland:
Dead Wasteland, a game by Mike Finkelstein (which was a guest on the show a while back, you can check that out here: ) is very, VERY close to funding. Survive the mob of zombies heading your way with the few precious bullets that are around or try to hide with food, water & a flashlight. Go help Mike’s campaign out and back Dead Wasteland. It’s 10 USD for a PNP and 20 for a printed game!

And Finally, Broker is a card game about cheating. Really, cheating IS encouraged in this game. Get rid of the cards in your hand by all means possible. Stack em under the table, draw extra cards so you can play those to get rid of it… Just don’t get caught! Broker is 7 USD for a PNP and 17 for a physical copy.

Role Playing Games:

Demon Cults & Secret Societies:
The Demon Cults & Secret Societies campaign is doing very well! The new Kobold Press publishing is all about secret cults for Pathfinder & 5th Edition. The original 5 volumes were very successful and now they are expanded and bound together in a very nice tome for everyone who needs something dark to add to their campaign. 17 USD for a PDF and 29 for printed versions for each of the systems. The 5th Edition version will even come as a hardcover due to social stretch goals!

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

The Walking Bread:
And the final project of the day is The Walking Bread. It’s an expansion to the tower defense game the Gingerdead house, which was on Kickstarter a while ago. The expansion is pay-what-you-want and you can get all the other Zafty Games Games as well, though international backers might want to check out some third party vendors, because Shipping is crazy (this is a suggestion from the creators themselves, not from me).
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