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Episode 80 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Monday, October 31st (since Friday, October 28th).

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Leagues of CThulhu by Triple Ace Games. Explore the mind-bending world of Ubiquity-powered Victorian Cthulhu! On Kickstarter until 11-14 so check it out!

Alright! As said in the Final Roll earlier, I am trying to pick things up again and do the shows as normal. My apologies to any and all projects I missed, Interviews that are late and stuff like that.

Anyway, Here are the games new on kickstarter since I believe it was saturday when I checked last.


Mushimen Attack:
The first Miniatures campaign is ‘Mushimen Attack’ by Toad King Castings. A series of Mushroom Men & Fungi Creatures ready for Battle as well as some toadstool related scenery pieces. Pick whatever you want, all pledges start at 1 GBP.
Ends 11-20

La Haye Sainte:
The other miniatures related campaign is La Haye Sainte. A 3d printable model of the farm that was smack in the middle of the battle of Waterloo (where napoleon got defeated). It can be printed to several standard scales. The files for the farm are 20 SGD!
Ends 11-30


Tiny Epic Quest:
Gamelyn Games is back with a new ‘Tiny Epic’ game and it’s called Tiny Epic Quest. An homage to the likes of Zelda, you find yourself in a sandbox adventure of Limited actions, grid movement & press your luck mechanics. TEQ also introduces the first ever Item holding meeples for this game. Pretty much a no-brainer this one! Tiny Epic Quest is 20 USD for tha Standard edition and 24 for the Deluxe edition that will never see retail.
Ends 11-27

Card Games:

Card Games! First Tamps: a card based party game for teams. Try to get a card with the same symbol in five different colours. This is done by drawing and discarding cards until you can get what you want. It looks way cooler than I just described it.. Sorry for that! Tamps is 15 EUR or 10 if you can pick it up in the Netherlands!
Ends 11-25

The Tam Cuc:
Next, The Tam Cuc is a Remixed version of a Vietnamese card game that allows you to discover the history, culture and traditions of the Asian Nation. No idea what the game is about but it sure does look pretty! It’s 29 SFR.
Ends 11-29

Apocalypse Frenzy:
In Apocalypse Frenzy, aliens have come to destroy the world. You can either take part in its destruction or be tasked to prevent it. Keep your agenda secret and complete your mission by playing cards and scoring points, but remember: no one can be trusted. Apocalypse Frenzy 3 EUR for a PNP and 19 for the boxed version.
Ends 12-01

And the final card games is Knowledge: a pretty goodlooking fantasy deck builder game with dice based combat system. Build your deck with Spell Casters, Beasts, Castles, and more to try and strategically win the game. Knowledge cards are your victory cards but they also are unique and give you special abilities to use during the game. Knowledge is 40 USD or 55 if you want the Kickstarter Exclusives as well.
Ends 11-30

Role Playing Games:

Dimgaard Vol XIII
RPGs! Dimgaard is bringing Volume 13! It took a while since the 12th edition but the creator is redoing the way the modules are created. The rest I quoted: TL; DR; 12 total titles: 4 modules in one story arc for 13th level PCs, 6 in a different story arc going from 1st to 20th level, and two supplements. Players know what that means! There’s combination pledges so check out for yourself!
Ends 11-14

Quests for Heroes:
Arcadian Games is bringing you Quests for Heroes. A Set of adventures and maps to take your newly created characters through the early stages of their adventurer’s career. The Quests for Heroes booklet is 8 GBP.
Ends 11-28

This Defiant Earth:
And the final project of the day is This Defiant Earth. A 1950s sci-fi RPG where you must Defend 1950s America from subterranean monsters, alien invaders, and the horrific results of science gone mad! Designed for the Lucky 6 system, You will test-pilot rockets, fight monsters, challenge unknown landscapes, and make the world safe for freedom and democracy. You will stand a champion of…THIS DEFIANT EARTH! It’s 15 USD for the PDF and 30 for Printed copies.
Ends 11-30
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