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Subject: Foe Hunters FAQ rss

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Larry Lembcke
United States
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There have been a few questions floating around so we wanted to have a place for these FAQ items to live. If you have a question about anything please just make a post and I will try to address it asap

Can you attack the Foe while there are Vassals in play?
Yes! You can choose to attack the foe or vassals, whichever you prefer. The game ends when the foe's HP are reduced to zero, even if there are vassals in play.

Can you use armor before assigning damage to an Ally?
Unfortunately, no. On page 9 under the damage section it gives details.

Do things "attack" each turn?
No. Cards will say when/if they deal damage (such as: "At the beginning of the foe phase, deal 2 melee damage to each hero", or "whenever you play a card, deal 1 melee damage to an enemy target".) Generally you have to play a card or use an ability on a card to deal damage. There are several foe cards/vassals that deal damage each turn, but it details that in the card text.

Do allies have to take damage for you, or is it a choice?
Nearly every ally has a mandatory redirect as the first effect on the card. There are a handful of allies (Dorin's mount Bastion, for example) that say you may redirect damage, in this case you can chose to assign the damage to that specific ally, or your hero. There are a few different wordings for allies and redirects, such as:

*Redirect damage to an ally you control
*You may redirect damage to Xcard (or this card)
*Redirect damage to Xcard (or this card)

Some of the more powerful allies state that you have to redirect damage to that specific card. In this case you would have to assign damage to that ally first.

See page 9 of the rules for more info.

[Pathfinder] Blood Claw says when you use your hero feat. Is that the feat on your hero card?
Yes! When an object refers to a hero feat, it means the feat found on your hero card.

See page 8 under "using a feat" for more info.

When damage is caused by an ability/persistent ability/equipment the foe controls, what is the source of that damage?
Damage dealt from an ability/persistent ability/equipment the foe controls usually has the foe as the source. There are a couple of exceptions, and it depends on the wording of the card. As a general rule, if the foe ability/equipment/persistent ability says “deal 2 fire damage to each hero”, or “deal 4 melee damage to the hero with the highest HP”, the source of the damage is the foe. If the card specifically references this card (or a specific card) such as: “this card deals 2 fire damage to each hero”, the named card is considered the source of the damage.

There aren’t many instances of this in the base game, but the syntax was used to accommodate some future content without requiring much in the way of an errata. An example would be: there is a named vassal in play, and another card the foe controls that gives that vassal an additional ability (E.X. At the beginning of the foe phase, XX card deals 2 spirit damage to each hero.)

[Necromancer] When you have the Rotting Hulk in play, and you redirect damage with the card Dark Concentration, what happens?
This was the one interaction that slipped through the editing net. Originally Dark Concentration was a loss of life, but it was changed late in development to damage in order to make it more relevant for other heroes (so it can be absorbed with armor or redirected to allies.) The final revision of Rotting Hulk failed to make it to the printer.

The wording on Rotting Hulk should read:

“Whenever an ally you control takes damage from an enemy target, Rotting Hulk deals 1 melee damage to the source of that damage.”

[Necromancer] Rotting Hulk Errata
See above item for an example.

The wording on Rotting Hulk should read:

“Whenever an ally you control takes damage from an enemy target, Rotting Hulk deals 1 melee damage to the source of that damage.”

[Paladin] How does the healing work with Vindicator and Blessed Recuperation?
When you use Vindicator to deal 1 damage to each enemy target while you have Blessed Recuperation in play, the game will see you dealing damage once (Pg. 9 of the rules go into more detail with an example), and then trigger once.

Damage is assigned by instance, and in this case the damage event is triggered from the activation of Vindicator resulting in one “instance” of damage (E.X. Vindicator was activated once and as a result dealt one instance of X damage.) Since the damage resolves simultaneously, the game would see you dealing the damage once.
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United States
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I tried the game yesterday and had a couple rules questions come up:

1. If heroes are immune to a damage type and the foe deal that damage, do my allies still get killed? Does the damage immunity kick in first or the damage redirection? Do I get to chose?

2. If my ally is dealing the foe 1 damage and the foe reduces that damage by 1 (so 0 damage is dealt), does it trigger "when an ally deals damage" effects like Corpsedance Dagger? I assume no, but wanted to double check.

3. There is an ally in the city deck (an elemental of some sort) that gives my hero 1 armor. What would that armor ever get used for? If I would take damage, the ally has to take it before the armor and once the ally is destroyed the armor goes with it. Is it in case the ally has 1 health left and I take 2 damage? Can I assign 1 point of damage to the ally and 1 point of damage to the armor, having both go away at the same time? That does not seem very good.

4. In the rule book FAQ, you state that when I play a card, I have to resolve "When you play a card" effects before the effects listed on the card. What about heroic feats? If I am fighting Phase 2 of the Cult, do I take 2 damage before I bring in my ally when I use the Necromancer feat?

5. Do I need to have an ally in play to play a card like Crypt Purge that requires me to sacrifice an ally? If I do, what if "When you play a card" effects kill my last ally?
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