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I'm half-Centaur.
That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, Bingo!
It's Halloween, I'm on a short vacation and I felt like playing this old gem of a game from 1981. Played solitaire with all six characters that I've arranged in alphabetical order by counter just because that makes it easier for me to determine the order of play.

Dr Seward
Lord Godalming
Madame Murray
Mr Morris
Van Helsing

Both map images are courtesy of MvRichthofen.

Day 1 Seward fights a wolf in the forest and wins. Mina isn't so lucky and returns to start (Klausenburg).

Day 3 Lord Godalming makes it to Bistritz and finds a Coffin. Mina visits the Witch's Cottage finding nothing. Morris also at the Witch's Cottage draws Dracula Attacks! and is BITTEN. Van Helsing finds nothing at Bistritz.

Day 4 Seward fights a Vampire while camping but wins. Harker at the Old Abbey finds nothing, Godalming loses a fight to a Wolf and returns to start.

Day 5 has Seward find a Knife at the Old Abbey, Mina finds nothing at the Old Abbey and Morris finds nothing at Bistritz.

Day 6 Harker finds a Silver Bullet at the Crypts. Van Helsing wins a fight against a wolf in the mountains.

Day 7 Seward finds a Coffin at the Witch's Cottage. Harker fights a Vampire while camping and gets BITTEN. Van Helsing finds The Host at Borgo Pass.

Day 8 Mina finds a Coffin at the Crypts. Morris at Borgo Pass draws another Dracula Attacks! and receives a second BITE. Van Helsing kills another wolf in the mountains.

Day 9 Harker finds a Coffin at Targoviste while Van Helsing finds the Silver Crucifix at the Ruined Castle.

Day 10 Mina finds a second Coffin at Targoviste, Morris finds nothing at the Ruined Castle, Van Helsing loses a fight to a Bear and returns to start.

Day 11 Lord Godalming finds a Knife at Borgo Pass.

Day 12 Seward finds nothing at Castle Dracula, Harker finds a second Coffin at the Standing Stones.

Day 13 Harker removes his Bite at the Standing Stones, Lord Godalming finds a Gun at the Ruined Castle, Mina find The Host at Castle Dracula and Morris finds a Coffin at Targoviste.

Day 14 Van Helsing finds Holy Water at the Crypt.

Day 15 Lord Godalming finds nothing at Castle Dracula. Mina fights a wolf and wins.

Day 16 Morris finds the last Coffin at the Standing Stones. (The last counter is at the Standing Stones and was a nothing.)

Harker, Mina, and Morris all have 2 Coffins so high roller wins (this is typical in s six player game). Harker rolls a 4, Mina rolls a 2, and Morris rolls a 5. Morris wins but doesn't get either of his Bites removed and selects a Silver Crucifix as reward.

I got really lucky by rolling lots of No Encounters while camping but didn't roll any Strange Occurrence's this game.

The Extended Game will start with Morris and proceed clockwise from there.

Mr Morris - Silver Crucifix, two BITES (+1 vs supernatural)
Van Helsing - The Host, Silver Crucifix, Holy Water (+2 vs supernatural)
Dr Seward - Knife (+1 vs melee)
Harkern - Silver Bullet
Lord Godalming - Knife, Gun (+3 vs melee)
Madame Murray - The Host (+1 vs supernatural)

Also, everyone is +1 vs supernatural in daylight, 6AM to 5PM. Van Helsing shouldn't have any problems against vampires he encounters, even at night. No notations are made when someone spends a turn healing or loses turns because of the Gargoyle or Rats.

Morris, Van Helsing and Seward creeping into the courtyard with low rolls.

4PM Harker makes it to the Abandoned Kennels and loses a fight to a Gargoyle, causing him to miss the next two turns.

5PM Lord Godalming goes to the Old Carriage House and finds the Swarm of Rats, losing his next turn.

9PM Seward makes it to the Catacombs and defeats 1 Gypsy

12 Midnight restocks the castle (Dracula was in the Tower). Mina goes to the Library and loses a fight with a Werewolf.

1AM Morris wins a fight against a Demon in the Dining Room.

2AM Van Helsing beats a Zombie in one of the Guest Rooms.

3AM Seward still in the Catacombs battles the Brides and gets BITTEN.

5AM Godalming still in the Carriage House loses his fight with a Gargoyle, making him miss his next two turns.

7AM Morris fights the Day Guard in the Kitchen and loses.

8AM Van Helsing in the Guest Room gets beat up by 5 Gypsies.

9AM Seward goes to the unnamed room with the skeleton and beats a Zombie.

10AM Harker still in the Kennels is also beat up by 5 Gypsies.

NOON Mina in the Guest Room encounters a Swarm of Rats.

Nothing happens over the next 7 hours as players heal up and lose turns.

8PM Van Helsing goes to the Donjon and is wounded by the Trap.

9PM Seward goes to the room with no name and finds Dracula!. He gets BITTEN again.

No one can reach Dracula before 12 Midnight and everything resets. By now everyone has spread out around the castle and shouldn't have any trouble locating Dracula quickly, unless someone switches sides...

1AM Morris in the Dining Room gets bitten by the Brides, his third Bite, and he becomes NOSFERATU.

2AM Van Helsing (wounded) in the Donjon is stopped by a Swarm of Rats. If it had been a Melee fight then Van Helsing would likely have been killed.

3AM Seward in the no name cave fights a Ghost and wins.

4AM Harker goes to the Gypsies Hut and is again beat up by Gypsies, 6 of them this time.

5AM Godalming setting up permanent residence in the Carriage House fights the Day Guard and wins.

6AM (DAWN) Mina in The Master Bedroom beats a Werewolf.

7AM Nosferatu-Morris attacks Godalming but misses.

9AM Seward returns to the Catacombs and finds Dracula! Gets bitten for a third time and becomes NOSFERATU.

11AM Godalming attacks Nosferatu-Morris but misses.

1PM Nosferatu-Morris attacks Godalming, Biting him and returning to the Tower.

3PM Nosferatu-Seward attacks Mina but rolls a Salvation result, removing him from the game.

4PM Harker (wounded) moves to the Catacombs and attacks Dracula but rolls an N.

5PM Lord Godalming moves to the Catacombs and attacks Dracula but is bitten (his second bite)

6PM (Night) Mina moves to the Catacombs and attacks Dracula right after the sun sets and kills him with The Host, rolling a 6. Madame Murray WINS.

This was my first time taking notes while playing and I was still able to finish in 83 minutes. This was also the first time that I can remember that anyone was turned into a vampire! This game may not stand up to all of the fancy new games that are out but I had fun playing today. It's soloable and I still have plenty of time to play more games.
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Ray Smith
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Stay thirsty my friends.
Thanks so much for the run through! thumbsup

If Vampyre was ever modernized/upgraded in a 2nd edition, it would be a fantastic alternative to Fury of Dracula.
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Matthew Banner
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Thank you for this.

Even after all this time I can't get over how beautiful those two maps are.
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