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Subject: The lamps are going out all over Europe - Annotated through EOT 5 rss

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Max Payne

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After years of lurking on BGG, I’ve finally bit the bullet and decided to post a session report. And, of course, I’ve decided to make it on a long-time favorite of mine, Paths of Glory. After several years in hiatus, I jumped back into a game with a regular opponent of mine using Vassal Mod and the WBC Historical Scenario (2013), which I can comfortably say has made this as close to perfect as I can reasonably expect.

I must first acknowledge GeneSteeler’s “Annotated Report – Full Game Example of Play” in the Paths of Glory (PoG) Session Reports as the impetus behind this. It was greatly beneficial to me while learning, and am hoping to do the best I can in following in his footsteps.

I am not an expert player, with a 50/50 win rate on these type games. As such, don’t expect any masterful moves on either mine or my opponent’s part.

This game was also played using ACTS – Warhorse Simulation’s website. There are no other websites that I can think of that have made it easier to get people into CDGs then this. As a 29 year old at the time of this writing, it can sometimes be difficult to get “millennials” into boardgames in lieu of videogames. Websites such as BGG and ACTS have helped me get several of my peers into gaming that I likely would never have been able to get to even consider dipping into these addictive waters.

A turn will always be written out using the following format:

CP:1 – 3/Guns of August - Event – Player / Round # - Card Played/Usage
(A) Liege -> Brussels -> (A) will signal attack, location attack coming from, and attack destination.
AP – 5 on A – MDR:3 -> Modified Die Roll (MDR) will already include any CC modifiers. Trench shifts will also be factored in.

(M) Antwerp: BEF & BE1 – Amiens -> (M) will signal movement, location movement is coming from, Units moving will be listed, and destination will follow

Pre-Game Strategies
My Mobilization strategy is completely dependent on the first round. If Guns of August goes off, flipping both the BEF and FR armies without play of Withdrawal and only 1 German army flipped, I typically go all out for the next two turns in the West. Occasionally I’ll do this with 2 German armies flipped, but much less so. Typically I’ll just grab Sedan & Brussels and begin the Sitzkrieg.

Turn 1
MOs: AP – French / CP – German

CP:1 – 3/Guns of August - Event
(A) Liege -> Brussels *CP MO Fulfilled*
AP – 5 on A – MDR:4
CP – 9-11 on A – MDR:1
3/3 – BEF flipped, as does GE1. AP player plays Withdrawal to unflip BEF and retreats to Antwerp. No advance from Germans.

(A) Koblenz -> Sedan
AP – 3 on A – MDR:3
CP – 5 on A – MDR:5
3/4 – FR5 and GE3 flip. No retreat required as all attacking units are flipped.

Well balls. Less than stellar Schlieffen plan.

AP:1 – 3/Entrench – OPs
(M) Antwerp: BEF & BE1 – Amiens
(M) Sedan: (FR5) to Chateau-Thierry (CT)
(A) Nancy -> Strasbourg *AP MO Fulfilled*
AP – 5 on A – MDR: 1
CP – 9-11 on A –MDR: 5
2/5 – FR1 flipped, no damages to the Germans

CP:2 – 3/Race to the Sea – Ops
(M) Tarnopol: AH3 – Czernowitz
(M) Liege: (GE1) – Brussels – Ostend – Brussels
GE2 – Sedan – Cambrai – Sedan
(M) Sarajevo: AH6 – Timisvar

I always try to safeguard the exposed AHc within the first few rounds as AH RPs can easily become a precious resource. Exposed AHc, or AH armies, always invited sadness on the part of the CP players

AP:2 – 4/Rape of Belgium – Event

CP:3 – 4/Reichstag Truce – Event

AP:3 – 4/British Reinforcements – RPs

This somewhat surprised me. Curious to see if he throws the Serbs and/or Russians in combat to make the most out of that play.

CP:4 – 2/ Landwehr – Event
Flipped GE1 in Brussels and GE7 in Mulhouse.
Great card. Also want it out of my hand first time I draw it

AP:4 – 3/Russian Reinforcements – SR
(1) FRc – RB to Belfort
(2-3) 2x SBc – RB to Belgrade
Well, at least he didn’t SR the BEFc onto the board. That makes my brain hurt. And this way there’s an outside chance I can perm both of the Serbian Armies

CP:5 – 3/German Reinforcements – Ops
(M) Koblenz: GE3 – Brussels
(A) Sedan -> CT
AP – 2 on A – MDR:2
CP – 5 on A – MDR:1
1/2 – No losses.

(A) Mulhouse -> Belfort
AP – 6 on C – MDR:6
CP – 3 on H – MDR:1
3/1. FRc flips, along with GE7.


AP:5 – Free 1 OP
(A) Ivangorod -> Tarnow Pleve CC used by AP
AP – 3 on A +1 – MDR:3
CP – 4 on A – MDR:4
2/3 – RU4 and AH1 flip.

CP:6 – 4/Falkenhayen – RPs
Not pushing in the West, so not going to concern myself with Moltke

AP:6 – Free 1 OP
(A) Belgrade -> Novi Sad Putnik CC used by AP
AP – 4 on A – MDR: 2
CP – 3 on A – MDR: 3
2/2. AH5 and SB1 both flip.

Replacement Points
A:1 -> Flip SB1 in Belgrade
BR:2 -> Flip BRc in Port Said, Cairo, & Basra
FR:2 -> Flip FR1 in Nancy & FR5 in C-T
RU:3 -> Flip RU4 in Ivangorod

GE:3 -> Flip GE3 in Brussels, GE7 in Mulhouse, GEc in Bremen, and GEc in Oppeln
AH:2 -> Flip AH1 in Tarnow and AH5 in Novi Sad.

Turn 1 Summary
Overall, a turn where nothing got accomplished. Definitely going to be on the defensive on the West. Luckily I at least got Sedan, so I need to get a Trench in there sooner rather than later. Balkans and Russian fronts are static.

Turn 2
MOs: AP – British / CP – None

War Status: AP:2 / CP:3
VPs: 14

CP:1 – 4/German Reinforcements – Event
GE10 to Essen, 2x GEc to RB

AP:1 – 4/British Reinforcements – Event
BR2 to London, BRc to RB

CP:2 – 4/Austria-Hungary Reinforcements – Event
AH7 to Budapest, 2x AHc to RB

AP:2 – 3/French Reinforcement – Event
FR10 to Paris

CP:3 – 2/Oberost – Event
[i]CP reaches Limited War

AP:3 – 4/Blockade – Event
AP reaches Limited War

CP:4 – 3/Sud Army – Event
This is really the first time I’ve embraced all the potential of this card. Oh…my…gosh… What have I been missing!

AP:4 – 3/Moltke – Ops
(M) London: BR2 to Ostend
(M) Paris: FR10 to Verdun, (FR6) to CT
(A) Ivangorod -> Tarnow
AP – 3 on A – MDR: 1
CP – 3 on A – MDR: 3
1/2 – Flip RU4

I thought my opponent was prepping an attack against Sedan.

CP:5 – 3/Entrench – SR
Bremen: GEc to Konigsberg
Insterberg: GEc to Novi Sad
RB: GEc to Mulhouse
Oppeln: GEc to Tarnow

I opted to try and threaten the Serbs and Russians in lieu of entrenching, hoping that would distract him from the West. Looking back, this could have gone really wrong if he’d opted to attack with the French. I’d just hoped (and rightly so) he’d be leery of taking too many FR casualties.

AP:5 – 2/Paris Taxis – OPs
(M) Grenoble: FRc to Bar le Duc
(A) Ostend -> Brussels
AP – 4 on A – MDR:2
CP – 9-11 on A – MDR:3
2/4 – BR2 is flipped

CP:6 – 2/Severe Weather - OPs
(AA) Novi Sad & Timisvar -> Belgrade
AP – 5 on A – MDR:1
CP – 9-11 on A – MDR:6
2/7 – Ahc is destroyed. SB1 is permed, SBc is destroyed, (SBc) retreats to Valjevo

I needed a cigarette. It was that good.

AP:6 – 2/Russian Reinforcements
2x RUc to RB

Siege Phase: DR4 – Belgrade falls.

Turn 2 Summary
Not a bad turn at all. Sedan is still exposed, but the AP not playing a RP still leads me to believe he will not risk attacking too much with the French. Only British army on the continent is flipped. Serbs have just been plastered, and Russians are no better off then they started the turn. A good turn. Now let’s hope for something besides a Turn 3 Italy.

Turn 3
MOs: AP – British / CP – None

War Status: AP:5 / CP:4
VPs: 14

CP:1 – 2/Stavka Timidity - OPs
[M] Essen: GE10 to Sedan
(A) Mulhouse -> Belfort – CP plays Flamethrower
AP – 6 on C – MDR:4
CP – 4 on A – MDR:3
2/3 – GEc, FRc, and (FRc) are eliminated. FRc is flipped to void retreat.

Just trying to bleed the French and shore up Sedan

AP:1 – 2/Cloak & Dagger – Event
(M) Bar le Duc: (FR9) and FRc to Belfort
(A) Kamenets-Podolski [KP] -> Czernowitz
AP – 3 on A – MDR:4
CP – 4 on A – MDR:4
3/3 – RU8, AH3, and AHc are all flipped

CP:2 – 2/Liman Von Sanders – OPs
(M) Czernowitz – (AH3) to Uzghorod, (AHc) to Munkacs
(A) Belgrade -> Valjevo – AP plays Putnik, CP player reuses Flamethrowers
AP – 2 on H – MDR:6
CP – 4 on H – MDR:3
3/3 – SB2, AH6, and GEc are flipped. (SBc) is eliminated.

Not great, but I’ll take it

AP:2 – 3/Russian Reinforcements – Event
RU9 and RU10 to Kharkov

CP:3 – 3/Russian Reinforcements – Event
GE11 to Breslau, GEc to RB

AP:3 – 3/Great Retreat – RPs

CP:4 – 3/Turk Determination – RPs
As I noted to my opponent in our ACTS log at the end of this night of moves, “WWI is starting out relatively bloodless unless you’re Serbian.”

AP:4 – 3/Russian Cavalry – OPs
(M) Karkhov: RU9 and RU10 – Dubno
(AA) Verdun & CT -> Sedan – No (FR6) in this attack. AP plays Air Superiority
AP – 12-14 on A – DMR:6
CP – 9-11 on A – DMR:4
5/7 – FR5 flips in CT. GE2 is destroyed. (GEc) retreats to Koblenz, GE10 retreats to Liege. No advance.

Yea, I make that comment about bloodless then get this thrown into my face next move. Kharma.

CP:5 – 2/Severe Weather – SR
RB: GEc to Belgrade
Villach: AHc to Trent

AP:5 – 2/Russian Reinforcements – RPs

CP:6 – 2/Chlorine Gas – OPs
(A) Belgrade -> Valjevo
AP – 1 on A – MDR:4
CP – 3 on A – MDR:1
1/1 – GEc flips.

(A) Insterberg -> Grodno
AP – 2 on C – MDR:3
CP – 5 on A – MDR:3
1/3 – RUc and Fort Destroyed.

AP:6 – 3/Entrench – Event
L1 Trench in CT

Replacement Points
BR:2 – Flip BR2 in Ostend
FR:2 – Flip FR9 in Belfort and FR6 in CT
RU:3 – Flip RU4 in Ivangorod, RU8 in KP, and RUc to RB

GE:2 – GE2 to Essen
AH:1 – Flip AH2 in Munkacs

Turn 3 Summary
Those plucky Serbs are hanging on, but not for much longer. West is pretty stablizied. Nothing exciting going on, especially with the Trench Race about to start. The Russians are coming in the south though.

Turn 4
MOs: AP – British / CP –German

War Status: AP:5 / CP:4
VPs: 15

CP:1 – 3/Austria-Hungary Reinforcements – Event
AH10 to Budapest

AP:1 – 3/British Reinforcements – Event
BR3 to London, 2x BRc to RB

CP:2 – 4/High Seas Fleet – RPs

AP:2 – 3/French Reinforcements – Event
FR7 to London

CP:3 – 2/Mata Hari – Event
This showed me my opponent was holding both Salonika and MEF. No Bulgaria yet.
(M) Brussels – Entrenches – MDR:2 (Success – Level 1)
(M) Essen – GE2 to Brussels

AP:3 – 3/Italian Reinforcements – OPs
(M) London – BR3 to Ostend
(M) Verdun – Entrench – MDR: 3 (Success – Level 2)
(M) Dubno – RU9 to Lublin, RU10 to Ivangorod, RU3 to Tarnopol via Czernowitz

CP:4 – 3/Race to the Sea – OPs
(M) Budapest – AH10 to Villach, AH7 to Uzghorod
(M) Breslau – GE11 to Czestchowa
(M) Novi Sad – AH5 to Trieste
Early removal of the Serbs is letting me get my Italian Front line set up.

AP:4 – 3/Czech Legion – OPs
(M) Nancy – Entrench – MDR: 4 (Failure)
(A) Ostend -> Brussels *AP MO Fulfilled*
AP – 5 on A – MDR:5
CP – 16 on H – MDR:6
4/7 – GE1 is flipped, BR3 is destroyed and replacement BRc is flipped.
(A) Lublin -> Przemsyl
AP – 6 on A – MDR:2
CP – 6 on A – MDR:4
3/4 – AH4 is flipped, RU5 and RU9 are flipped.

CP:5 – 2/Alpenkorps – OPs
(AA) – Tarnow & Czeschtowa  Ivangorod
AP – 6-8 on A – MDR: 2
CP – 9-11 on A – MDR:4 – CP plays Von Francois as CC
3/5 – GE11 is flipped. RU4 is destroyed, and replacement RUc is flipped. (RUc) and RU10) retreat to Brest Litovsk. AH1 and GEc advance to siege Ivangorod.

Sooner I can clear out Poland, the sooner I can concentrate on either the northern or southern fronts in Russia. I like to pick one and hammer away.

AP:5 – 3/Lusitania – Event

[b]CP:6 – 4/Kemal – RPs

[b]AP:6 – 4/Salonika – RPs

Yep, missed my MO. Forgot it had to be on the Western Front with the Germans. Still happy with my success in the East.

Replacement Points
A:1 – Flip SB2 in Valjevo
BR:2 – BR3 to London
FR:2 – Flip FR5 in CT, FRc in Belfort, and (FRc) to RB
RU:3 – Flip RU5 and RU9 in Lublin. Recreate (RU4) in Kharkov.

AH:3 – Flip AH3 in Uzghorod, AH4 in Przemsyl, and AH6 in Belgrade.
GE:5 – Flip GE11 in Czestochowa, 2x GEc in Belgrade, GE2 in Brussels, Flip GEc in Koblenz. Germans at full strength.

Siege Phase: DR6 – Ivangorod falls.

VPs - 11
CP – Brussels, Cambrai, Sedan, Belgrade, and Reichstag Truce.
AP – Rape of Belgium, Lusitania, Missed GE MO, and Czernowitz

Turn 4 Summary
Making headway against the Russians. Only have 2 British Armies in the West assures me I won’t have too much pressure there on Turn 5. With the stack in Belgrade, hopefully I can polish of the Serbs and get that third A-H Army to the Italian border.

Turn 4
MOs: AP – French / CP – None

War Status: AP:7 / CP:4
VPs - 11
CP – Brussels, Cambrai, Sedan, Belgrade, and Reichstag Truce.
AP – Rape of Belgium, Lusitania, Missed GE MO, and Czernowitz

CP:1 – 5/Bulgaria – Event
Buc to Philippoli, Strumitsa, Plevna, and Varna.

Whoop whoop. No Italians this turn

AP:1 – 3/Russian Reinforcements – Event
RU6 and RU7 to Kharkov.

CP:2 – 4/Falkenhayn – Event

AP:2 – 4/British Reinforcements – Event
BR1 to London, BRc to RB

CP:3 – 3/Kaisertreu – SR
RB: GEc to Strasbourg
RB: GEc to Metz
RB: GEc to Ivangorod
RB: GEc to Czestochowa

AP:3 – 3/Russian Reinforcements – OPs
(M)Kharkov – RU6, RU7, & (RU4) to Dubno
(AA) Metz & Verdun -> Metz -*AP MO fulfilled*
AP – 12 on A +1 – MDR:6 AP plays Phosgene Gas
CP – 16 on A – MDR:4
7/7 – FR10 in Verdun is destroyed, and replacement FRc is flipped. GE4, GE5, and GEc in Metz are all flipped.

CP:4 – 4/Zeppelin Raids – RPs

AP:4 – 4/Yudenitch – RPs

CP:5 – 3/Austria-Hungary Reinforcements
AH11 to Budapest.

AP:5 – 4/MEF
(M)Lublin: RU9 to Grodno, Entrench – MDR:1 (Success – Trench 1)
(M)Dubno: RU6, RU7 to Lublin, (RU4) to Tarnopol
(M)London: BR1 to Ostend, BR3 to Amiens
(M)Nancy: Entrench – MDR:2 (Success – Trench 2)

That Lublin trench was going to be a headache. However, my opponent wasted an opportunity. A follow up attack against Verdun I think would’ve made some headway.

CP:6 – 4/Place of Execution
(M)Czestchowa: GE11 to Warsaw (Besiege), GEc to Lodz via Plock
(M)Budapest: AH11 to Przemsyl
(M) Sofia : Buc to Nis via Skopje, Buc to Monastir
(A) Belgrade -> Valjevo

AP – 2 on A – MDR:5
CP – 5 on A – MDR:5
3/4 – SB2 is permed. Flip AH6 and GEc.

AP:6 – Grand Fleet
(AA) Lomza & Brest-Litovsk (BL) Flank Warsaw – MDR 4 – Success.
AP – 6 on A – MDR: 4 – 4 LF / GE11 flips.
CP – 3 on A – MDR:6 – 4 LF / RU2 and RU10 both flip.

Siege Phase: DR2 – Warsaw Holds.

Replacement Points
A:1 – SBc to RB
BR:2 – Flip BRc in Ostend.
FR:2 – Flip FR10 in Paris
RU:3 – Flip RU2 in Lomza, RU10 in Brest-Litovsk, and RU4 in Tarnopol

GE:3 – Flip GE4 and GE5 in Metz, and GE11 in Warsaw.
AH:2 – Flip AH6 in Belgrade and AHC from Eliminated to RB.

My goal is to have start of turn pictures uploaded by end of week. Bit more of a project then I initially had thought. At 10 pages right now in Word. No worries though, I'll finish this session.

Any advice/comments on how I can make this more user friendly don't hesitate to chime in.
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Jim Williams
United States
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Re: The lamps are going out all over Europe - Annotated Full Game (I hope)
I like your format for recording play. I am coincidentally playing my first game of Paths of Glory (solo) and taking notes as I go. My annotations look similar to yours but I think I will make adjustments based on your format.

Great first post!
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Steven Cameron
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Looking good so far. Just quickly though, Flamethrowers is an asterisked event from memory, so you can't reuse it even if you win.
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Aaron Day
United States
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This game felt a lot like a good chess game. Even without a blunder, the impact of too many second-best moves or not-so-efficient moves stacks up and sinks your game in the end. My RP play in the first turn is a good example. Wasted too many ops that were needed later.
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