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Episode 73 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Wednesday, November 2nd.

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Ok, I’m not even sure if you’ll ever hear me read this text, because I am pretty much sick. My throat has caved, my nose is either blocked or runny at any given time, but I’ll try stumbling through. I’ll keep everything short and sweet today because of this.

Anyway, the games ending kickstarter on Wednesday, November 2nd.


Fantasy Ogre Minis:
One miniature projects and it is the ‘Fantasy Ogre Miniatures’ by Black Gate Minis. Pretty good looking Ogre Warriors in 10mm Scale, Regular Warriors, Armoured Warriors & The deadly Ogre Cannoneers, the choice is yours. 9GBP per unit of 9 models and they get cheaper if you want more units.


Deathbot Derby:
One Boardgame today, and it’s Deathbot Derby! Its creator Zach Conelly from Royal N Games was on the show a while ago and I’m very glad this project is going to make it! You can listen to the interview Here: This game can be summarized really quick: It’s Battlebots in a boardgame! It’s just not called battlebots because of IP issues (of course). A fast and furious robot blowout until the last drop of oil has been spilled. Deathbot Derby is 18 USD.

Card Games:

Card Games! First Up Nuked: A game that pits your post apocalyptic settlement against the one of your friends. For as long as they are your friends, that is… I mean, survival does strange things to people. Big consequences in a very tiny box. 5 USD for the PNP and 12 for a physical copy.

The Other Card game is Croopo, a two player trading card game with quite pretty artwork featuring an epic battle to the end! Play creatures, Power ups and terrain cards from your deck onto the battlefield and be victorious, the two player game is 45 USD but you can also get an environmentally friendly version for 30.

Role Playing Games:

Age Past:
There are quite a few successful RPG’s today, starting off with ‘Ages Past’. This RPG set in a dark world of magic politics and beasts is getting a revised core rulebook. I thought when I first wrote about it that the campaign was a little bit confusing and still think it is, with different names being thrown around the page, but since it’s getting funded, I’m not complaining. 15 USD for a PDF and 50 for a Hardback.

Project Biomodus:
The Next RPG is Project Biomodius from my man Bear and his TAPM Systems! A very interesting Concept about powerful transhuman hunters try to survive the biomechanical horrors of a dying, adapted world. He was a guest on my show as well and we had a lovely chat (you can listen to it here: about his awesome project, because I think it really is (one of the few RPGs I ever backed, since I’m not a player). It’s still a little short on funding so go check this out! It’s 15 USD for a PDF, 35 for softcover and 45 for the hardcover.

Era - The Consortium Expansions:
Another one of my dear guests (and patron of this show), Ed Jowett is also ending a very successful campaign for his Era - The Consortium expansions. His highly acclaimed RPG is being expanded with more content than I could ever describe in such a short piece. I don’t know exactly how many of the 18 (yes… 18!) expansion have been unlocked but you should take a look at this! There’s a lot of different pledge levels available so check it out! (You can also listen to the interview about Era - The Consortium here: ).

Hudson and Brand - Inquiry Agents of the Obscure:
And the final RPG and final project of the day is ‘Hudson & Brand - Inquiry Agents of the Obscure’. A Call of Cthulhu book for the Gaslight era and details a ready-made anti-Cthulhu Mythos Victorian organisation. Taking its inspirational cues from Sherlock Holmes, Ripper Street, Auguste Dupin, The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, and The Incendiary's Trail, the book takes a mature look at the horror of Mythos machinations and the many dark corners in the seat of empire. 10 GBP for Digital and 20 for Physical Versions. And Sorry I just copy-pasted that, but my forehead is dying.
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