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Episode 81 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Tuesday, November 1st (since Monday, November 1st).

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Alright, I hope that by the time I get to recording this there is still something of my voice left, but if you’re hearing this it is. I decided to do all the writing for today in one go and then record it all. Basically because I am watching some stuff in the background which I didn’t want to break down but I thought let’s do something useful in the meantime.

On a household note, I dropped the Expansions, reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades category. I will just integrate those with the other projects… it seemed a bit superfluous to me, so out it went.

Anyway, the Games that are new on kickstarter since Yesterday: Monday, October 31st. I will do a LOT of copy-pasting today, because well… Sick… deal with it


One miniatures related project today called Shatterlands. A character driven skirmish warfare set in the Banakur Forest. It combines the best elements of both black powder frontier skirmish games, and fantasy roleplaying. It offers the tactical problem-solving challenges of tabletop war-games and the character building aspects of RPGs. The rulebook is 5 USD for PDF, 15 in Print and a two player starter set is 80. There are a lot of other pledge levels in between though.
Ends 11-22


Cryptic Explorers:
In Cryptic Explorers, 1 to 3 players take on the role of Cryptonauts (explorers of the unknown), tasked with entering the Realms of Death to steal occult knowledge, and escape back to Earth. The game is completely black and white, which makes for an eerie looking game. Cryptic Explorers is 59 USD.
Ends 11-30

Shadows of Brimstone - Forbidden Fortress:
Next, Shadows of Brimstone - Forbidden Fortress. A Game that combines two of my favorite things: minaitures and Japan. It’s a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in Feudal Japan, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror! Samurais, Monks, Ninjas and a boatload of evil coming your way. The Base game is 90 USD.
Ends 12-01

Destiny Aurora - Renegades:
Another miniatures board game is Destiny Aurora - Renegades. A uniquely immersive sci-fi game where players control both dogfights in space while their Away Team performs a mission on the planet’s surface. Discover a universe of alien races and indigenous creatures and even board enemy ships as the story unfolds. Destiny Aurora - Renegades is 75 USD.
Ends 12-08

Craft Beer - The Board Game:
The final Boardgame is Craft Beer. ROLL, FLIP, MOVE and COLLECT the ingredients needed to brew your favorite Craft Beer! Craft Beer is 40 USD.
Ends 12-01

Card Games:

Remarkable Rhymes of the Traveller’s Times:
Cardgames Then! Remarkable Rhymes of the Traveller’s Times is a social card game where players fill in omitted words to complete short stories, creating funny, charming and imaginative scenes. Simple enough for children aged 8+ to be able to play and has some tricky words to expand a young mind’s vocabulary and keep an old one’s sharp. It’s also very colourful. Oh.. And 5 AUD for a PNP and 25 for a boxed copy.
Ends 11-30

The Damned Children:
Next, The Damned Children. A 6-18 player card game of lies, deception and trust, based on the classic party game Werewolf. You and your companions take on the role of innocent children in a 19th century boarding school, where a sinister possession has taken ahold of your classmates and turned them into murderous villains. Poor Things… The Damned Children is 10 GBP for a PNP and 18 for a physical copy.
Ends 12-02

Les Miserables - Eve of Rebellion:
In Les Miserables - Eve of Rebellion you can Experience the trials and triumphs of your favorite characters in this strategic card game based on the classic novel by Victor Hugo! Each turn, players will choose a character to act with, manipulating cards in their hand, on the table, or in another player’s hand. Each character features a unique goal tied to their motivations and can be scored when certain conditions are met. Or, perhaps they will be sacrificed to satisfy the goals of another… Les Miserables is 6 USD for a PNP, 9 for a Standard edition that is available in the USA only and 14 for a deluxe one that you can get worldwide.
Ends 11-23

Hoard it!
And the final cardgame is Hoard it! The first card game to bring the strategy and emotion of hoarding to life. Because well… Hoarding is packed with so many emotions. There is the sheer joy of adding to your hoard, and the crushing defeat at the prospect of someone taking what is yours away from you. Do you have what it takes to become a hoarder? Hoard it! Is 12 USD.
Ends 12-02

Role Playing Games:

Finally, RPG’s Then! First: Contact! Alien madness, mystery and high-tech in the 21st Century of Planet Earth: A beautiful, all-new UFO defense-themed science fiction RPG. Your duty is to stand firm between a menacing UFO armada and the survival of mankind, fulfilling your mission by any means necessary, yet no one can even know you exist. Contact is 25 EUR for a PDF and 40 for a full-color physical copy.
Ends 12-03

Monsterhearts 2:
And the final Project of the day is Monsterhearts 2. It lets you and your friends create stories about sexy monsters, teenage angst, personal horror, and secret love triangles. You're all teenagers in a dark and stormy world, hiding the fact that you are secretly a monster. When you play, you explore the terror and confusion of having a body that is changing without your permission. Monsterhearts 2 is 13 CAD for PDF and 33 for a Print version. There’s pledges for poor people available as well! How Awesome!
Ends 12-01
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