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Subject: Mille Bornes meets Crazy Eights rss

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Bruce Baskir
United States
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Introduction: Road Hog is a children's game by Milton Bradley that is not so trivial that it can't also be enjoyed by adults. You move your car along a ten space track by playing cards, while trying to avoid obstacles played on you by your opponents. Two to four can play, and the game is recommended for ages five and above.
Components: Cardboard board folded along the middle depicting a ten space four-lane road; cardboard car counters with plastic stands, cardboard obstacles (red light, pig) also on plastic stands, and deck of sixty cards.
Game Play: Every player is dealt a hand of five cards. During your turn you play a card, then draw a card, either from the top of the deck or the top of the discard pile. You move by playing mileage cards in your play pile. Mileage cards are numbered one to four and come in one of four colors. The catch is that you may only play a mileage card on yourself that matches the previous mileage card on your play pile in either number or color. If you are unable or unwilling to play, you discard instead.
You may also play obstacle cards on other players' play piles. Obstacles vary from break downs and red lights to the infamous slowpoke pig. Obstacles can be circumvented by playing ambulance cards, green lights, and tow trucks.
The winner is the first player to reach the tenth space at the end of the track.
Rules: The rules are laid out in a peculiar manner. The body of the rules describes the basic mechanic of play a card, pick a card, but the effects of the cards, where they may be played, and which cards may be played on them are listed in a separate matrix. It took a couple of read-throughs to make sure that we were playing correctly, which is odd because the game itself is rather simple.
Game Play: Road Hog plays a bit like a cross between Crazy Eights and Mille Bornes. You try to make sure that you play cards in the proper order to continue to advance your car. Discards must be made carefully, as you don't want to discard cards that other players can use to advance.
Glitches: The slowpoke pig card is played on another player to make that player miss a turn. It didn't make sense to spend your whole turn making another player miss his or her turn, so we added the house rule that playing the slowpoke pig entitles you to another turn. Since only one red light and pig markers are provided with the game, we also added the rule that you cannot play a red light or a pig if one is already on the board.
Rating: Although billed as a board game and a card game, Road Hog is really just a card game, with the board used for keeping score. It is simple enough for kids to understand, while still offering enough opportunities for strategy that adults shouldn't get too bored. Not a deep game, but an acceptable filler for younger players which I would rate a 6.
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