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Lots of balancing and updating has been happening behind the scenes here at I Will Never Grow Up Games as we continue to work on Into the Black: Boarding Party.

We are currently aiming for a Kickstarter Relaunch of February 2017. While that is the target date, it may be adjusted with a lot of things in play, such as 3rd party previews, manufacturing quotes, play through videos and such.

Some of the bits that are being adjusted and tested extensively right now;

Slight balance issues with Characters, loot items and objectives. Lots of paste-ups being done on one of the prototypes (seen below) to get these issues worked out (making some things more or less powerful so there is hopefully no runaway combination).

Looting system! The entire looting/search system has been revamped based on the suggestions of many of our play testers. See below for more on this!

Events cards! The events cards can cause a great deal of havoc and dismay. This is, of course, on purpose, however it would be nice to have some positive vibes happen once in a while, right? See below for more on this!

One of the most common things we have heard over the numerous play testing sessions is "Oh my god! Are there no good events? Is it all bad things?!"

Well .. the short answer was always "Yes. Yes, all events on this enemy ship are bad, unless you count the "No Event: You're safe, for now!" cards".

It seems the onslaught of non-stop bad things that happen any time you entered a room was becoming overwhelmingly dreadful and bringing about a defeatist feeling! While I did design the game to be rather difficult, I do realize there needs to be the occasional good vibe to help propel the team to a potential victory!

So, you spoke up, and we listened!

Introducing 3 new Positive Events cards (totaling 5 cards in the deck) to help you along the way when all else seems lost;

An Unexpected Ally - You've encountered an unexpected ally aboard the ship; someone who's goals align with yours and is willing to follow along for the ride. These allies can, essentially, take damage in your place allowing you to better survive combat. They cannot fight or loot for you, but they're still there to help in a great way!

Holonews Bulletin - News of your exploits has made the Intergalactic HoloNews Network! You're reputation is growing as your name spreads among the stars! Gain 2 reputation for drawing this card, while everyone else in your group gains one. Even if this brings you above the maximum of 5 reputation!

New Orders Incoming - You have received a message from the mother ship - They have new orders for you! The players may choose to replace their current primary mission with a new one drawn randomly from the missions deck. Choose wisely. While the current mission may have become impossible to fulfill, who knows what the new mission brings!

Most of the personal missions require some particular combination or set of loot items. Some of the primary missions require them as well. Then there is the good ol', generally useful loot like weapons, armor and single use items that help you get out of a sticky situation.

Until now, getting that loot that you NEEDED was, at times, extremely difficult. There was a limited amount of loot available per room, and once it was gone, there was no reason to return to that part of the ship, ever! Getting what you needed from the loot deck meant looting non-stop to drill down through the deck to find what you need; assuming nobody else discarded what you needed (effectively removing it from the game and destroying your chances of getting a win)!

Some MAJOR looting changes have been made that fix these issues while still keeping some of the luck of the draw involved (because really, you're not always going to be guaranteed to find what you want, when you want it - that's an unrealistic expectation, right?).

Loot available in rooms : Assuming a room has loot available, there is now NO LIMIT to the amount of loot you can find (outside of the limitations of the loot decks of course)!

Loot til your hearts content - Each time you search successfully you can draw three loot cards and keep one, returning the rest to the bottom of the deck

Beware - The longer you stay in a room, the more likely you'll be discovered by enemies! Each turn you spend in a room (beyond your first turn there) you risk enemies arriving!

Some rooms have limitations on what you can find - When this is the case, it will be clearly defined on the room tile

Loot Deck Separation : There used to be ONE loot deck. Finding what you wanted was pure chance and incredibly unsatisfying.

The loot deck has now been divided into two decks : Gear and Valuables

In the Gear deck you will find helpful items like weapons, upgrades, armor, explosives, stim packs and more.

In the Valuables deck you will find gemstones, trinkets, stim packs (yes, they're in both decks), food and fuel.

In addition to this, a couple of the characters now have the special ability to take TWO loot cards on a successful search instead of just one. You can also spend reputation to take a second card or even to redraw all three cards in the hopes of finding something better!

More choices available to you, but be careful; There is a limit to what your character can carry, and once you've discarded an item it is effectively removed the game and potentially destroys another players chances of completing their personal objective!

While there was already a good selection of loot available, even more has been added, while some have been seriously updated!


Elegant and Master Crafted : These weapons of a previous, more sophisticated era, provide both form and function. They provide a combat bonus, as any weapon or upgrade does, but also count as Valuables/Collection items towards some of the personal objectives at games end

Invisicloak : Technology has advanced over the centuries and the Invisicloak is one of the greatest inventions.. for a pirate! This wearable does not take up a wearable slot on your character (can be equipped in addition to any other wearable item) and allows the player to pass enemies during movement without the requirement to stop immediately and fight!

More to be announced!


Hyper Rifle : This weapon previously provided a bonus to damage - nice, but nothing exciting, right? Now it allows you to attack from a distance! A major bonus when trying to clear corridors of enemies!

AutoTargeting and Explosive Munitions : These items have been designated Weapon Upgrades instead of Weapons. You can now equip these upgrades to an existing weapon card in order to add even more bonuses, and it doesn't take up a weapons slot on your character!

Melee Weapons : Some weapons have been designated as Melee. These weapons cannot have any of the weapons upgrades added to them, but do provide decent bonuses of their own!

Many more updates have been made as well for balance and to coincide with the other updates that have been made to the game over the past couple of months.
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