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Subject: DRM for forest road hex. rss

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T. Dauphin
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We're in the thick of one and came up with this situation.
A squad enters a forest road from the forest and is attacked by a squad on the road. No LOS issues, no greenery in the way.
Jamie did the research and found the Q&A for 81.2 and 81.22, which declare (respectively) that infantry on an AFV get +1 for the woods, and that moving infantry only suffer the -2 for moving in the open if using the road movement rate.
The rules declare that forest roads are forests in all respects (except for a few itemized issues).
This statement alone makes me think this is pretty clear and that such fire would be subject to the +1 for woods.
It's one of those times when it doesn't feel quite right. (They're in the 'open'--sort of. Aren't they?) and I want to check with the community. Would this shot call for no mods or the +1?

These are the pertinant rules;
COI Rules wrote:

81.2 A forest road hex is considered a woods hex in every
respect except as amended below:
81.21 Movement into a forest-road hex is done at the
woods movement rate except when the movement is made
via a road hexside.
81.22 Fire may be traced through a forest-road hex only if
unobstructed by green woods symbols or if the firer is
higher than the woods and not firing into a blind hex (and
vice versa) or if the target is adjacent to the firer.

81.2 If passengers on AFVs in a forest-road hex are fired
upon, do they receive the +1 DRM for the woods in
addition to the cover afforded by the AFV ?
A. Yes, even if the LOS does not cross a green woods
symbol. {COI4-70}
81.22 Would a unit moving in a forest-road hex be subject
to the -2 DRM for moving in the open ?
A. Only if the LOS is free of green woods symbols and the
target has moved into the hex utilizing the road movement
rate. {COI4-70}

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Darrell Pavitt
United Kingdom
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I try to avoid squad leader in all its incarnations, but IIRC, if the los between the centre dots doesn't cross the woods it would be movement in the open.
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Scott B
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It is treated as a woods hex unless a specific exception applies. In your case, if Jamie declared 2MF for woods, the TEM is +1 and if he declared 1MF for the road, the TEM is -1 (-2 MIO and +1 Forest-road).

Terrain is still cumulative (11.1) as Q&A 81.2 shows. Its just like a shell-hole, wall, hedge, AFV, or smoke in that respect.
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