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Episode 74 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Thursday, November 3rd & Friday, November 4th

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For the I don’t know many a time, switching back to the old, three times a week format. It’s pretty hard figuring out how to do this stuff, but you only learn by doing, right? So it’s back to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday Show. Still taking the Full days though, So here are the games that will end their kickstarter on Thursday, NOvember 3rd and Friday, NOvember 4th.

Oh yeah, still pretty sick so my voice is well… below par.


Super Chibi Round 2 (Relaunch):
First, the Super Chibi Round 2 Reboot. I’m very glad that this got back on its feet! Not only because of the Supercool chibis, but also because of the backstory behind the relaunch. Look it up on twitter! There’s 2 Chibi’s available right now, but it should be possible for a third to be added on! No Matter how much Chibis will be unlocked, the Season 2 set will be 25 USD. If you want the complete season 1 set as well, it will be 50. You can also pledge for a Level that will grant you access for the upcoming fighter game, for which the Chibi’s are designed and I am pretty curious about.

The other miniatures related project is the ‘Rust’ terrain range by Impudent Mortal. The post apocalyptic terrain range that comes with decals to cover the entire model (so you don’t have to paint it) is doing very well raising about 5 times its initial funding target. It does look pretty good, so I suggest you check it out. I am personally a big fan of the poster & graffiti decal set, which you can basically use for any modern skirmisher as well.


To Windward - The Lunar Islands:
Board Games! To Windwards - The Lunar Islands is a boardgame that still needs a little bit of funding, but to me it does look pretty interesting. A competative, euro-style game that’s all about sailing the seas in the Golden Age. Be at the mercy of the winds as you take your fleet to the seas. To Windward - The Lunar Islands is 65 USD.

Roller Derby:
The other board game is the Roller Derby game. There is a big story behind this campaign that I’m not going to bother you with, let’s just say that somebody is glad to get his hands back on his own game. It’s such a shame that the International Shipping costs are ridiculously high, because the game with 2 full teams is only 25 USD.

Card Games:

Valeria Card Kingdoms - Flames and Frost:
The Flames and Frost expansions for Valeria Card Kingdoms (The original Valeria game) is raising nearly 80K, which is pretty darn decent. A boat load of stuff can now be added to the card game in the always very pretty looking Valeria universe (the artwork is always stunning!). It’s 12 USD for ALL the PNP material (including the base game and ALL the extras EVER), the expansion itself (which requires the original game) is 24 for Deluxe and 36 for Deluxe Plus versions or 79 is you want the base game as well, though you should get that at your local store, according to Daily Magic Games!

Medici - The Card Game:
Another Successful card game is Medici, the sister game to the well known board game. Set collection with push your luck elements looking as stylish as it’s big brother. Medici - the card game is 26 AUD.

Band Manager - Backstage Clash:
Band Manager (formerly known as battle of the bands) is still in need of some funding. I do need to apologise to these guys as well, because I promised them a spot on the show, but this appointment somehow seemed cursed. Anyway, Band Manager is well… A Band Manager board game that is played on actual merchandise… The Board is a Shirt! Pretty cool Idea! Band Manager - Backstage Clash is 25 GBP or 35 if you want the first expansion as well!

So what if you combine an indie game studio with a very well-known band with unorthodox game ideas? You get a game that raises over 330K. The Decembrists present: Illimat. It looks very cool even though I still have no clue what it’s about! I do know it’s 45 USD!

Ah Sitake Ha:
And the final project of the day is ‘Ah-Sitake HA! - Animal Ninja Card Battling Game OF DOOM!’ The ninja battlin', card spinnin', flingin' flangin' action game of well, battling ninjas, spinning cards, and flanging flingings. Just loved that too much not to copy it! Throw you cards (like ninja stars) on the table and hope for the best! Ah-Sitake HA! - Animal Ninja Card Battling Game OF DOOM! Is 5 CAD for a PNP and 30 for a physical copy.
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