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Subject: Thanksgiving Tournament 2016 rss

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Mike Cook
United States
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We started up another tournament for November.

This time we are going to concentrate on Set-6 teams. The creator took in some requests, and I requested 1963 Texas, and he made them. So now I have 63 Texas! Thanks! I love that team! Strangely, I'm not sure why. I've downloaded them in NCAA 13 and I play them sometimes on the X-Box.

So when people play sports games - they often 'ask' questions. So this time we are 'asking' - who's the best team of Set-6. I want to be an expert on Set-6, maybe one of the very very few! Who else is playing Set-6 Bowlbound?

Also - we ask - how do these teams play? Are they good charts? Are they fun? Can they score? How do they compare with Set's 1, 2, and 3 - the ones you could actually buy from Sports Illustrated or Avalon Hill. How do they compare with Mays' charts.

There will be some critiquing - more charts are being made, perhaps they can be improved.

Some Bowlbound players have gotten ahold of the Nicely formula, and have made a Set-4, Set-5, Set-6, and Set-7, and are working on Set-8. Lots of new teams.

They SAY these are using Set-3 formulas. But the teams don't look like Set-3, and don't play like Set-3, as Set-3 has the 'Killer-E' and the 4 runs being shut down by 4 different defenses on almost all the teams.

So from now on, I will call all Set-4,5,6,7, and beyond, 'Set-4 style', even though I've never actually seen a Set-4 team.

Me and my son again, he's getting better at the game.

There are 20 teams, which is a lot - 19 games for a single elimination tourney. I thought about using just 16 teams, but that means 4 we will never know for sure.

I thought about putting in the best 4 from my last tourney as a baseline, but that ups it to 23 games.

In the end, I went with a 16 team tourney, with 8 teams (my guess at the weakest) playing in for the final 4 spots. The play in games would be played by me, solitaire. They have already been played.

Then 16 teams single elimination. My son and I have played 1 and 1/2 so far.

Here's the list of Set-6 by year. Two teams I love from X-Box - 46 ND, 63 Tex. I will be them! 20 team set:

45 Army (remake from Set-2, has defensive fumbles)
46 Notre Dame
58 LSU (remake from Set-2 extra unreleased team, has defensive fumbles)
63 Tex
63 Ill
64 Ark
65 UCLA (remake from Set-1)
66 Purdue (remake from Set-1)
67 USC (remake from Set-1)
69 Penn State (remake from Set-1)
75 Tex A&M
76 Maryland
80 South Carolina (George Rogers)
88 Oklahoma St. (Barry Sanders)
93 Arizona
08 Oklahoma (700 points scored, one of best passing teams ever)
08 Utah
11 Baylor (RGIII)
13 Michigan St.
14 Mississippi St.

It looks like the older teams are theoretically stronger, maybe 3 of them getting a 200 rating, but I don't think that means much. I think we have to look at 45 Army, 46 ND, 67 USC, and perhaps 69 Penn St. as the favorites.

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Mike Cook
United States
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The 4 play-in games have already been played, but I will do a post below for each game.

I took what I thought should be the worst 8, or least deserving, etc., not just the 8 weakest ratings. Real life win-loss in parenthesis:

1) 66 Purdue (9-2)
8) 80 South Carolina (8-4)

2) 14 Mississippi St. (10-3)
7) 11 Baylor (10-3)

3) 08 Utah (13-0) yes 13-0! Not tough conference though
6) 75 Texas A&M (10-2)

4) 88 Oklahoma St. (10-2)
5) 76 Maryland (11-1)

I'm a bit rusty on the game, nearly a year layoff, so the first game, Purdue vs. South Carolina, I hope I don't cost a team a game by not figuring out their best plays, but I have to start somewhere.
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Mike Cook
United States
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80 South Carolina at 66 Purdue. Purdue is Bob Griese (do people still know him?). Don't think this was a good team in Set 1 originally, but it seems to be a somewhat famous team.

I usually don't keep stats - but for the first game, I went and did stats. I wanted to see how many plays I got, because I don't think I'm getting enough.

South Carolina actually looks pretty good, despite 8-4. They have a decent amount of runs in parenthesis, overruling defensive parenthesis.

Just FYI - when I wanted run stoppage, SC used


For Pass, which I probably mostly used:


Purdue used

Run Pass
1-2-A 1-2-A
3-B 3-C
4-C 4-D
5-6-F 5-E

1Q - Purdue and SC both had 1 first down drives, then punted. On the 3rd drive, Purdue got intercepted, ball on Purdue 22. SC converted this into a 3 yd FG.

Purdue got a First Down then punt, SC a FD then lost a fumble. Another Purdue punt.

2Q - SC lost a Fumble +23, but Purdue went 3 and Out. Passing is hard! But on the first play, SC tried a pass, sacked! Big time, -11, SAFETY!

A good old 3-2 game.

Purdue ran the safety KOR 54 yards to the SC 25. Griese on the Screen, 10 yds, TD! 9-3.

SC hit a 26 yd Drop Back, then a 3 yd End Run for the TD.

Purdue had to start on own 8 with just 30 seconds left, but FUMBLED! SC ball on the 15. Last play of half, 15 yd FG for South Carolina.

3Q SC leads 13-9. SC got the ball, and is pretty much running a lot now. Long drive, ends in 2 yd TD run on Line Plunge.

Purdue gets poor Kick Off return, starts on own 4. They get two first downs, then picked! SC has ball on Purdue 30. They control the drive, 1 yd TD run. 3Q ends 27-9 South Carolina.

4Q - a slight upset in the making. Purdue punts 3 times, SC twice. Then SC loses a fumble.

Last drive, Purdue struggling to pass, calls all screens in desperation. From the SC 14, they fail 4th-6. Ball Game.

27-9, South Carolina wins. South Carolina is pretty decent, I can see them possibly winning a game in the next round.

Stats - South Carolina had 59 plays, 50 runs and 9 passes. Purdue had 54 plays, 30 runs, 24 passes. I think in real life it's like 64 plays per team.

Not enough plays! I will add 60 seconds to each qtr, maybe getting 10 more plays, it's a start.

South Carolina passing - 3 for 9, 59 yds, 1 fumble.
Purdue passing - 9 for 24, 76 yds, maybe 2 picks.

SC rushing - 50 carries, 195 yds.
Purdue rushing - 30 carries, 79 yds.

Well, fun solo game, Purdue does not look that strong, and passing may be tough in bowl bound.

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Mike Cook
United States
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Game 2

75 Tex A&M
08 Utah

Originally I thought the Tex A&M defense would be way too good. Didn't play out that way. Utah 13-0, but chart doesn't look that strong.

2nd play-in game, played solitaire.

1Q - Tex A&M had 20 yd Breakaway run negated by Offsides, then lost a fumble, but that was negated by a Def 5 penalty. They had to punt.

Uth had a drive with a 19 yd Screen, a 4 yd Screen, and a 12 yd Screen, and would eventually make a 3 yd FG.

2Q - TAM is struggling to move the ball. They did get a 20 yd Screen off the defense. On 4th-2 on the enemy 2, they lost a fumble .

Uth started on own 2, but hit a 12 yd Sprint Out to escape danger. Later they hit a 28 yd Drop Back, minus 10 for TAM defense, 18 yds. Utah would have to punt, downed at the TAM 2!

TAM - a 9 yd Draw gets them out of danger. Soon they hit an End Run Breakaway, 40 yds! To about mid field. This they followed with a 14 yd Breakaway End Run. They got to the 21, and missed a FG.

Uth would hit three 20+ yd Drop Backs, but have one zapped to an INC and another changed to an interception, no scoring in the half.

3Q - 3 to 0 Utah. Utah is trying Screens and Drop Backs to crack the stingy TAM defense.

Uth punt, TAM punt, Utah punt, retuned 29 yds to TAM 37.

TAM gets a 36 yd End Run, but has it changed to a 12 yd gain off the defense. On the next play they lost a fumble.

On the next play, Uth hits a 23 yd bomb. Then they roll a 33 yd bomb on next play, but defense makes it a 9 yd sack. Utah gets an 11 yd Screen, and then tries the Drop Back one more time . . . 51 yds TD!

4Q starts Uth 10-0 over TAM. Uth recovered their own fumble, then lost a fumble.

TAM had 3 straight 3 and outs. The Utah defense is just OK, but Texas A&M cant get much from their own offense.

TAM got the ball back, had to try 4th-4 from their own 41, lost 2!

Uth - made a 4th-1 to keep drive going. On 3rd-9, they hit a 19 yd Screen Pass. Game almost over, Utah powers a Line Plunge for an 8 yd TD run.

Game ends, 17-0 Utah.

3 turnovers to 1 for Utah. They look decent.

These charts are playing pretty good so far. I thought it would be near impossible to score on Texas A&M, but I guess Utah saw the TAM defense being a bit weaker on the Screen, and went with a lot of those and Drop Backs.
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Mike Cook
United States
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Game 3

11 Baylor
14 Mississippi State

Two colleges not found in the published 3 sets. Miss St. has a weak defense. Baylor has an atrocious defense!

Baylor, with RG3, and Bryce Petty as one of the backups, had one of the greatest statistical passing offenses ever.

Their defense is just terrible! No reds on runs, just greens. No brown INCs on Sprint-Out or Boot-leg. They can shut down the screen, though! MSU wont be throwing any screens.

This is gonna be high scoring! Who can stop who!

1Q - Baylor moved down the field, but eventually failed a 4th-9. Any failed drive can cost ya the game!

MSU moved the ball easily, until a -7 on a QR forced them to punt.

Next drive Baylor got a 20 yd ER, made a 4th-1, and got a 17 yd Sprint Out Pass. They punched it in with a 3 yd Line Plunge.

2Q - MSU does a long drive, running mostly End Reverses (3 call). ER's are definitely good in Set 6. I let a team call a play 3 times in a row max. They get a touchdown on a 4 yd ER Breakaway.

Baylor started moving, made a 4th-1, but had to punt. A Def 5 penalty, still they punted, and pinned MSU on their own 6 after a hold on the return.

But MSU ER'd them, and moved. Dak Prescott did try a few passes, and hit a 24 yd Sprint Out. A 2 yd Line Plunge gave MSU their second touchdown.

3Q - 14 to 7, MSU.

These teams have good FG kickers! They don't use them much, though.

Baylor's moving, and get a 44 yd ER Breakaway. A 2 yd Line Plunge gets it in, tied, 14-14.

Next drive MSU fumbles +8, but recovers. Baylor defense gets tough, MSU has to go for it 4th-3, and they make it! They get an 8 yd TD run on Counter. 21-14.

Baylor moves. 12 yd QR, 15 yd ER. They get stuck on 3rd-9, but make it with 10 yd Sprint Out, RGIII. A 9 yd ER, 9 yd ER, and 6 yd ER TD. 21-21.

4Q - MSU moves deep, gets to 3rd-3, Counter! Runner stumbles! Have to kick a FG, they make it, 8 yds. 24-21. That stumble could cost them the game!

Baylor drives for the lead! But 2 weak ER's and a -3 QR, 3 and OUT!

MSU - Long drive, all runs, finally a 4 yd Line Plunge TD, 31-21.

Baylor's desperate, and eventually the MSU defense gets a 26 yd pick and returns it 22 yds.

Running out the clock, MSU moves it down and on last play get a 4 yd TD run. Final 38-21.

It's hard to score 40 points! Baylor had a lot of long drives themselves.

Baylor just 1 turnover, Dak and gang none. A whole bunch of runs! In real life, Miss ST. gave up 4.2 yds per attempt on the ground and ran for 5.2 themselves. Baylor gave up 5.2 ypa and ran for 5.3.

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Mike Cook
United States
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Game 4

88 Oklahoma St
76 Maryland

Oklahoma St has the great Barry Sanders, and they can run. Lots of good runs in ()'s overriding defensive (). They can pass some too!

Maryland was 11-1 and they have a pretty good defense! With lineman Randy White, they allowed 2.8 yds per rush and 40.5% defensive pass completion.

But this is gonna be a high scoring game, Oklahoma State's run defense is bad. They ran for 6.2, but gave up 5.3. Maryland's run chart is surprisingly solid for a 4.4 yds per rush team.

One failed drive can cost ya the game!

1Q - Maryland is mixing up the run. They get 2 FD's, then go for it 4th-2 and make it. Later they go 4th-5, 6 yds! Eventually a 3 yd TD run on the Plunge.

OSU - runs some, then Sanders breaks a 51 yd ER, TD!

2Q - Maryland would recover their own fumble on a run. Later they go for it 4th-3, 6 yds. An 11 yd B ER finishes the drive, TD, 14-7.

OSU drives, has to try 4th-2, makes it! Yikes, they get stuck with 3rd-13. They try a Boot-leg, and get 16 yds! Their passing is pretty good too.

After a 21 yd breakaway, they get a 10 yd breakaway TD. 14-14.

Maryland drives, gets a 42 yd breakaway ER to the 28. A few plays later, fumble! Maryland loses it. This could be big!

OSU - not much time left, has a 21 yd breakaway zapped to -2, then fails 4th-5 to end the half.

3Q - Tied 14-14.

Maryland has decided to ONLY run. They have not, and will not pass unless desperate. OSU mostly runs, but their passing is pretty good, too.

OSU - 3 and out, punt!

Maryland loses a F+0 on next play, on own 34!

OSU used Sanders as a decoy, and hits 11 and 17 yd Boot-legs. A 2 yd Counter puts it in, OSU leads 21-14.

Maryland moves, has to go for it 4th-3 on OSU 3, they get 3! They run it in from 1 yd. 21-21.

OSU - 3 and out! The Maryland defense comes up with another big stop.

Can OSU come up with a stop?

Maryland long drive!

4Q - Maryland eventually scores on an 8 yd ER. 28-21 Maryland.

OSU gets 2 first downs on Boot-legs. They go for it on 4th-4, stuffed for 1 yd! Huge defensive stop.

Maryland will not pass! Long drive, 55 yards, TD on 2 yd Counter. Missed XP! 34-21.

The clock is OSU's enemy. OSU - 17, 11 yd Sprint-outs. 17, 14 yd breakaway runs. Ball on enemy 3, TD, zapped to -2 yd loss. Then a -4 yd loss.

Time is very short, 3rd - 9, Sanders around end, 9 yds, TD! 34-28.

Onside kick fails. Maryland wins.

Oklahoma St., along with Baylor, will have a tough time stopping good running teams. They gave it a try.

Maryland had only 7 drives - 5 TDs and 2 lost fumbles. NO pass attempts. Oklahoma State has no turnovers, but get stopped 4 times, and score TDs on 4 drives.

Play-in round is over. All the next games will be head to head.

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