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Skipping over the 1st few wars and starting later, using 1st Ed. rules.

I think that players may sometimes want to skip the 1st few wars and start with a bigger income and force.

My thought here is that by adding equal numbers of Worlds and OP and increasing the Imp. budget the right amount, I'm giving both players about the same increase in income. That letting both players buy equal value of additional forces I'm again being equal. And by letting the Terrans have Agidda I'm being fair. The Imp. can and should block the Terrans from grabbing any systems beyond Sirius.

1] Both players start with the original units, OPs, and Worlds. Agidda & Procyon are in Terran space and off limits to the Imperials placing OP at the start. The 3 Terran OP are still unplaced.

2] Both players get 1 more World and 4 more OP to be placed, alternating, Terrans 1st. These must be placed adjacent to a friendly system. Sirius is friendly to both for this process only. Additional Worlds are not automatic, the OP remains an OP.

3] The Imp. Budget is set at $15. Calculate the new incomes after all OP are placed.
. . . a] Terran income = 4x8 +7x1 (+3x1) = $39 ($42)
. . . b] Imperial income = $15 +20x1 = $35

4] The Imp. payer should make 2 rolls asking the Emperor for permission to buy larger ships. He gets what he gets.
. . . a] Optionally, let the Imp. buy CR right off and replace CR on the table with CA, so he may be able to buy CA sometime after all.
. . . b] If the “Any 3 ships granted” means what it says, then it seems very unfair to the Terrans, 3 free BB would be hard to fight. Optionally, change this result into “Permission to buy any 3 ships is granted”.

5] Both players get $50 to buy additional forces and OP.
. . . a] Terran spends $10.
. . . b] Imp. spends $20.
. . . a] Terran spends $20.
. . . b] Imp. spends $20.
. . . a] Terran spends $20.
. . . b] Imp. spends $10.

6]You might want to try my Imperium IV – The Mainstays of the Fleet rules. Or just use the new Maint. rules that double the incomes but make you pay $1 for all units and then use the original Maint. rules, except that paying for Maint. costs M#-1 (not M#).

7] To re-balance the game adjust the Imperial budget up or down as required.

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