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Episode 82 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Thursday, November 3rd (since Tuesday, November 1st).

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Alright, So I was planning on doing this episode last night, but my throat caved. I hope it will survive this. Slept like hell again, nightmares all over the night. Don’t know what’s up with that. So I’m sitting here writing with a head that doesn’t work and a throat that’s not co-operating. Therefore some of the items will be very short and unoriginal, Sorry about that.

Here are the games that are new on Kickstarter since Tuesday, November 1st. Darn, I wanted a perfect week this week, but I guess the gods are not happy with me or something.


Earth Brewery:
Dicey Ventures Studios is back with their 3d-printable terrain! The last campaign, which was about very good-looking fantasy villages was cancelled, but they’re back (and funded) this time with a new centerpiece: An Earth Brewery. Sort of a lively tree with a brewery pot built inside of it… The aforementioned village scenery can be added on as well so check it out! Digital STL pledges start at 10 USD and physical pledges start at 20.
Ends 12-01

Heir’s Cousin Riders:
And the other miniatures campaign are the Heir’s Cousin riders by Davale Miniatures. Three highly detailed horsemen to accompany their latest model (which you can also add to your pledge I believe). In any case there is a good looking spearman, archer and swordwielder available, all mounted on their trusty steeds! The three horsemen (and two other added mounts to be added) can be yours for 55 EUR.
Ends 12-01

Caveman Vs. Wild:
Next, Cavemen Vs. Wild. A miniature skirmishers set in the stone age and this one just made me laugh. It looks so funny! Take control of your cavemen tribe and go out on a hunting adventure to get your cavewives some food! Just take a look at the minis and tell me you didn’t at least crack a smile! Combination pledges so check it out for yourself!
Ends 11-23

European Missionaries:
AW Miniatures is back with a new chapter in the French & Indian war series and this one is about the European Missionaries (Jolly Good Fellas those). Boatloads of add-ons as per usual so check it out!
Ends 11-22

Terrain 4 Print:
Some terrain ranges then! Terrain 4 Print brings you.. Guess what? Terrain to be printed! The campaign brings you a complete viking village and sci0fi barracks for your 3d printer. It’s modular as well, so you can build all kinds of buildings with just some STL files! Building pledges start at 200 SEK.
Ends 12-02

Hex Terrain Toolkit:
And the final Miniatures related project is the Hex Terrain Toolkit, and I quote: The Hex Terrain Toolkit is a set of configurable laser-cut jigs designed for making beautiful interlocking modular hexes from expanded polystyrene. Ideal for RPGs and wargames, you won’t find a more versatile modular system for natural terrain anywhere in the world. So there! It looks pretty good though!
Ends 12-03


La Corsa Grand Prix (Relaunch)
Boardgames! The La Corsa Grand Prix game is back! A very stylish racing / strategy game that captures the beauty of speed in a timeless way, and by timeless they mean in a retro wooden finish. Use your tactics to finish first in this game suitable for poker night with your friends as well as family night with.. Well, your family. La Corsa is 50 USD for a standard and 64 for a limited Deluxe edition.
Ends 12-02

Mythic Battles - Pantheon:
Next, Mythic Battles Pantheon by Monolith Board Games. It has already raised over 350K in a day and take you back to Old Greece where you take on the role of a Greek God and fight besides Well-known heroes in truly epic battles in a beautiful miniatures board game. I’m just gonna click this away before I again spent too much money though it is a campaign without addons. It’s 99 USD.

The Shared Dream:
Another miniatures board game is ‘The Shared Dream’ set in the world of ODAm publishing’s RPG ‘Of Dreams and Magic’. It sees a group of characters wake up from the exact same terrible dream, only to discover it's coming to life in the real world, which sounds bad… very bad! With 4 Shared Dream scenarios to choose from, 6 unique player characters, and a modular city that changes with every playthrough, The Shared Dream combines the strategy and replayability of a board game with the mood, theme, and storyline of a RPG.
Ends 12-01

Alien Uprising - Zothren Invasion (Relaunch):
Alien Uprising by Mr. B Games is getting into OVERTIME! A Very short campaign to get this game to the tables after the one before this Barely missed getting funded, which is a shame. Quote: In Zothren Invasion, players take turns drafting parts for their giant mech - a robot-like suit of armor they will pilot to defeat the hoards of invading Zothren "bugs". Each player will have access to a small hand of Items that can help them (or hurt others) in their quest for the most fame via bug kills! Just go Back it! It’s 16 USD.
Ends 11-07

Tales from the Taverns:
Talking about ‘Just Back it’... Could someone PLEASE make ‘Tales from the Taverns’ a success! I really like the idea behind this game (even though it’s not exactly my cup of tea) and it’s such a shame that it has to go through so many campaigns to get funded. It’s a competitive story telling game about goblins coming to the pub and telling about their wonderful adventures of that day (whether they’re true or not)! Tales from the Taverns is 30 USD for a standard and 45 for a Deluxe version.
Ends 12-01

Payoff Pitch Baseball - 2016 Season:
Payoff Picth Baseball is bringing a new play set - this time the 2016 Season. The set is 44 USD.
Ends 11-15

And the final Boardgame is Goodwill! A game set in the 50s where you must take full advantage of the dark days of WWII being over and the economic boom that followed it. Buy or sell stocks, elect a boss in regards of upcoming events you know, and increase your capital! All dripped in a pretty cool artwork style! Goodwill is 10 EUR for a PNP and 28 for the physical game.
Ends 12-02


Universal Rule:
If you know Kickstarter and I tell you that ‘Universal Rule’ is a 4x game in just 18 cards, you know that ther’s a new Buttonshy game! Deep in the Pocket Universe, the balance of power is shifting. Seventeen newly discovered planets are being colonized and tapped for crucial resources. Shifting alliances and stacks of galactic credits influence battles for control. Can you claim Universal Rule in this 4x wallet game from Button Shy? 3 USD for a PNP and 10 for a physical copy.
Ends 11-12

5 Minute Dungeon:
Next, 5 Minute Dungeon has already raised over 100K (Canadian, but still). It’s the most fun you can have in 5 minutes flat according to the creators and it sort of looks that way to me as well. Love the artwork style and concept. A chaotic, cooperative, real-time card game. Battle the clock to defeat each dungeon in less than 5 minutes! It’s 35 CAD for the standard edition or 40 for the KS exclusive Dungeon Master edition.
Ends 12-02

Synesthesia Too:
Synesthesia Too is a card game where you must make words with the cards you're dealt but in a way that I haven’t seen before. Use the letters that you can ‘extract’ for lack of a better term from the cards. It looks very, very slick though! Synesthesia Too is 3 GBP for a PNP or 10 for a physical deck.
Ends 11-26

Mushing - The Game:
Next, Mushing - The game. A shedding-type card game for 2-6 players. A shedding-type card game is won by being the first to discard all your cards. This can be analogous to mushing, where you win by being the first to mush all your miles. Also a Very stylish looking game! It’s 20 USD.
Ends 12-07

Nothing to Declare:
And Finally, Nothing to declare is a game where you must smuggle and hide the most ridiculous items and sabotage your opponents while trying to avoid inspections. It’s 14 GBP!
Ends 12-01

Dice Games:

Dice games are kind of rare on Kickstarter, mainly because of the high prices of custom dice. But there’s Glyph: A Dice building strategy game for 2 players where you must choose your champions, master the mysterious glyphs and defeat your foes in an exciting dice-building and manipulation game. Glyph is 59 USD.
Ends 12-07

Role Playing Games:

Age of Awakening:
Finally, we arrived at RPGs. First: Age of Awakening. Long ago humanity attempted to kill their gods. Now, hundreds of years later they are finally returning and are seeking revenge. Explore the ancient ruins and forgotten magic of the old gods once great civilization. Live in a world where magic is as common as breathing. Fight off the wrath of the old gods, or create alliances among those who wish to reunite with humanity. Find your place and embrace your destiny in the Age of Awakening! 10 USD for PDF and 19 for a softcover version.
Ends 12-02

Next, Cabal (not the video game). It’s a role-playing game where the players create and control an organisation dedicated to its own agenda and mysterious goals. It works in reverse to the way RPG’s usually work: as a collective, you create just ONE entity which is this organistaion I just mentioned. You all decide on which aspect of the organistion improves throughout the story and go from there! Mystery galore in Cabal. It’s 3 GBP for PDF and 8 for a Print on Demand ticket.
Ends 12-01

Of Drow Origin:
Of Drow Origin is a tale of intrigue and shifting loyalty. The module is written for nine players and has an emphasis on roleplay. Each of the main characters has a background that provides just enough ambiguity to allow players to put themselves into the heads of their character while still making decisions that make each play-through different. It’s written for 5th Edition and pledges start at 10 USD.
Ends 12-02

The Folio Digital Quarterly #1:
New Folio Content! This time it’s the Digital Quarterly #1. A fully 1E & 5E compatible adventure and gazetteer set in the steampunk Gun Kingdoms timeline of the Nameless Realms. I’m no expert, but since all the Folio campaigns I’ve seen since i’ve been doing this podcast are quite successful, It’s probably quality as usual.
Ends 11-09

And the Final RPG and final project of this Humongous episode is Farflung. A tabletop role-playing game powered by the apocalypse and driven by your hopes and desires. It is a tabletop game about the ends of the universe, where nothing has been undone and everything is permitted. The images intrigue me, shame I’m not a RPG player. Farflung is 13 USD for a PDF and 29 for print options.
Ends 12-01
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